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Guests Who Had Horrific Experiences When They Visited Someone

By Ashleigh / Jan 17, 2023

1. Grandma Is Still With Us

Once I went to have dinner at my friend Brian’s house and noticed that his mom set four places at the table. One for Brian, one for me, and another for herself.

The last one, however, is set for a doll that has a cut-out photograph taped on it of Brian’s grandmother, who passed away. That is very creepy.

Pexels / Pixabay

2. No Accidents In This House

My friends and I often had sleepovers at our one friend’s house while growing up. He wore diapers to bed since he was a bedwetter, but we never cared. We never even teased him or anything.

It was strange that his mother demanded all of us wear diapers to bed while sleeping over, but we assumed it made our friend feel more comfortable about his situation. The poor guy would constantly apologize to us for having to wear them too.

Pexels / RODNAE Productions

3. Helping The Burglar Out

Once I went to hang out at a friend’s house, and as I stepped inside his house, I noticed knives on the wall. 

That made no sense. If a burglar broke in, he’d have easy access to a weapon the minute he came through the door.

Unsplash / Danilo Rios

4. Mother And Son Bonding Time

In sixth grade, I slept over at a friend’s house. He and his mom lived alone since his dad wasn’t in the picture anymore, and he didn’t have any siblings. So, they formed a close relationship.

Our night was going well until his mom called him for a bath with her. I mean, like they would be bathing together. They even kept the door open like it was no big deal.

Pexels / Curtis Adams

5. A Strange Room

A few years ago, a couple of friends and I rented a house together. We found a room in the attic that we went on to call the “Angry Room.”

Some stairs led up to the completed part of the attic, and a heavy wooden door led to the unfinished part with no window or lights.

A narrow hallway lined with a carpet that snaked off into the darkness ended in a rough door that only latched from the outside.

A pull chain hung next to the door, which turned on the single light bulb in the small room on the other side of the door. The room was stripped of any detail aside from several metal brackets on two walls and the ceiling.

There were scratches inside the door and a few dents in the wall. At least the rent was cheap, and the house was close to campus.


6. A Casual Mental Breakdown

One night while I was at my friend’s house, his dad had a complete nervous breakdown during dinner.

He was having a relatively minor disagreement with his wife when out of the blue, he lost it and started crying uncontrollably. He stood up and started pacing back and forth in the kitchen.

I don’t know what happened after that because my friend’s mom rushed us to his room and told us to lock the door. I was around nine or ten years old at the time. The next day, I told my dad what had happened, and he just pulled a face and left it at that.

I asked my dad about it again a few years ago, and he explained that he and my mom put an end to my hanging out at my friend’s house after that night. I still have no idea what happened.

Pexels / RODNAE Productions

7. So Many Mirrors

My neighbor once asked me if I could feed his cat while he was out of town. He was a nice guy in his mid 30’s. He also lived alone and managed his own landscaping business.

Sometimes when he was out cutting his grass on his gigantic landscaping mower, he would cut ours too. So it was only polite that I pay back the favor by feeding his cat for a few days.

Not only did he have a strange amount of mirrors in his house, but every inch of each mirror was covered in Bible verses written in red marker.

Several full-length mirrors in his living room were completely covered in tiny red Bible verses. I could not look at him the same after I saw that.

Pexels / Luis Quintero

8. That’s Crossing The Line

When I was about 15 or 16, I got a summer babysitting job. Once, I got yelled at for mixing Cheetos, Doritos, and Pretzels into one bowl. They were snack-sized bags, and I managed to eat the whole bowl, but there must have been some crumbs left over.

The mom must have been some Sherlock Holmes detective because she said, “We don’t mix food in this house.” She fired me soon after that and explained that she wasn’t comfortable with me doing stuff like that in front of her children.

Pexels / Tim Samuel

9. Who Even Did That?

My wife and I were visiting a house we were considering buying. It was an old house, and you could tell it had been vacant for a while. It was a bit of a fixer-upper but had lots of potential. We couldn’t ignore the smell that followed us through the house, though.

The smell got worse as we went upstairs. We opened the door, and sure enough, there were strategically placed human feces covering the whole floor.

The older ones were in the far corner, and the fresher ones were closer to the door. Needless to say, we didn’t buy the house.


10. A Bit Big For Diapers

I once saw a five-year-old wearing a diaper. I went to this couple’s trailer as an adult literacy volunteer. A child walks in without a shirt and wearing a diaper. I assumed it was a joke.

Then the thought crossed my mind that it might be developmental issues. The mother said, “It’s about time to change your diaper.” And the boy defiantly said, “You’re not changing my diaper.”


11. The Sound of Silence

Went to a friend’s house. Well-to-do kind of family, straight laced, all that. The Dad came home and started practicing saxophone in the front room.

When I asked a question, my friend told me to shut up, and that nobody is allowed to make any noise while his dad practiced saxophone.

Just as this short conversation was exchanged, his dad burst through the door and told us all to shut up because whispering really put him off his saxophone playing.

His son/my friend started to cry. His dad played for 3 more hours. We just sat in silence because this was before mobile phones and I couldn’t get collected until later that afternoon.

I was asked not to tell anyone else at school, but enough people had been and experienced what I had experienced, so everyone knew not to disturb this kids’ dad when he’s playing his saxophone.

Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

12. A Real Horrorshow

Ohhhh boy OK. This happened a couple years ago. Hopefully I can remember all the details. So, my mom and I stopped at what was advertised as a garage sale in my neighborhood.

They had a bunch of kids’ stuff in the front yard, and we were looking for stuff for my son, so we decided to check it out, but when we got close it was all in really bad shape.

No big deal, we think, let’s go inside. As we are walking in, we’re greeted by a person we assume to be the owner of the house. He’s wearing black pants and a tiny leather vest with no shirt underneath.

I see this now for the red flag that it was. He welcomes us and tells us everything in the house is for sale. Everything. Look anywhere you want, he says. Open all the drawers. Look in all the closets. OK cool.

He definitely DOESN’T say anything about there being anything weird in the house. First things first, the house is kind of trashed, but it still looks relatively normal.

The only obviously weird thing is that they have a giant TV playing a crazy-looking horror movie. Super scary and gory. He says the TV is for sale too, so maybe they’re just playing whatever is on to show it works.

We look around and don’t find anything good and decide to go upstairs. Once upstairs, we proceed into the first bedroom. Looks pretty normal. Kind of small and furnished for a kid. Nothing we want? OK, move on.

The next bedroom looks like someone is sleeping in the bed. Oops—sorry! But no, it is a full-sized human horror prop of a very realistic zombie woman, and oh god, in the corner is a very realistic prop of half a human crawling across the floor.

These things looked so real, guys. We’re like, “Man, these people are serious about Halloween.” We go to the next room, and it is set up like a full-on dungeon with torture equipment and fake humans and piles of Barbie heads for some reason.

We are seriously freaked out, and decide to leave as quickly and quietly as possible. As we’re walking out of the dungeon room, a woman comes out of the other creepy room. We look at each other, wide eyed and silent, and all proceed out the front door to separately process our trauma.

Pexels / cottonbro studio

13. Hey Mike

I dated a girl who had a life-size Michael Myers statue in her living room, year round. She really liked Michael Myers. 

Needless to say…I screamed like a girl the first few times I stayed there overnight, and had to get up for any reason.

Public Domain

14. Sister in the Mirror

I used to install Dish Network for a living. I was installing for an elderly lady, who complained that her “sister’s” TV always showed the same thing hers did. I had a two TV installation order so I figured that would be OK.

I finished the installation and was demonstrating the system when she looked at the full length mirror and complained that her sister’s TV was still showing the same thing.

Noped out of there as quick as I could, and left notes on the account in case she called in.

Pexels / Anna Shvets

15. Reduce, Reuse, Retch

I was probably 10 or 11, stayed all night with a new friend for the first time. Her family seemed normal, we had fun. Got up the next morning, they’re all 4 in the kitchen at the table eating cereal together.

So wholesome. Her mom gets up, prepares a bowl for me, super nice of her. I eat it, then try to be nice in return and pour my leftover milk down the sink.

Mom stops me and hands me a partially full gallon jug, “No need to waste! pour it in the cereal milk jug.” I vividly recall how nauseated I was when I realized the milk I had just consumed was recycled. Never went back. They were not poor.

Pexels / Saad Osama Malik

16. Vending Machine House

Went to my friend’s dad’s house last month to help pack her belongings, and spotted a Blue Bunny Ice Cream vending machine in her living room.

One of the selections was Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pockets.


17. Clean up, Clean up, Everybody Clean up!

I was visiting at a friend’s house when their mom stopped the movie we were watching to make all the kids clean the house. I sat awkwardly on the couch until she suggested I’d get to hang out with my friend sooner if I helped.

I vacuumed the carpet and the mom picked up a tiny piece of popcorn and literally said: “You missed this.” My friend and I were 19 at the time.

Pexels / Liliana Drew

18. No Funny Business

I once had a sleepover party at a Christian girl’s house in elementary school. They had random pieces of duct tape on the floor in the hallway, and if I remember correctly we had to jump/step over them because that’s where knives were dropped, kinda like a superstition. Except I didn’t get it and it still makes no sense to me to this day.

I forgot to mention when watching a movie such as Veggie Tales, we weren’t allowed to laugh at a character’s misfortune even though it was clearly a comical joke in the movie. That poor girl tried to laugh at it, but her mom shushed her.

Pexels Andrea Piacquadio

19. Giving Your Cousin a Sugar High

My cousin lives a few hours away from me and one time, through begging and pleading, he got to stay the weekend with me. When he arrived I poured a glass of Pepsi and his eyes lit up like it was Christmas Day.

He said: “You’re allowed Pepsi? I thought that was for adults only! Are you gonna get in trouble?”

The dude had two liters of Pepsi in one night! He also wasn’t supposed to play video games or ride bikes…Sadly, I think I gave my cousin the best weekend of his life.

Pexels Ron Lach

20. Living in the Past

I went to an estate sale, where the homeowners were definitely into Medieval decor. It was a normal, small, two-story house in a decent neighborhood. That was decorated like a castle inside.

There were even two “throne” chairs, that had the most detailed, fancy wood carvings on them that I’ve ever seen.

There were tapestries on the wall, swords hanging on the wall, very detailed chess sets, etc. Their house was so strange and not normal at all. I was in awe that someone would decorate their home like that.

Pexels Mike B

21. Uh, What Are We Doing?

I work in catering. The only time I felt weirded out was when we were setting up in the garage of this house and three kids get home from school with their nanny.

They are shuffled upstairs for only a half an hour or so and then back down and leave for the rest of the night. The weird part was there was no evidence in the garage nor the first floor of the house that any children lived there.

No toys, no bikes, no shoes and zero family photos anywhere. And then the house party took a weird turn when it turned out to be some sort of fundraiser form, as they put it during the toast, “the poor unfortunate colored children.” They did not tip.


22. Breaking Point

Any time I was over at their house and we would go outside and play, I would have to knock on the door each time to come back in, even if I had been there for a while or if I had just walked in with their kid.

Their mother kept tabs on exactly how much I ate or drank while I was there and expected me to work for whatever they had given me.

I had accidentally left something by the door and I realized after I got a few steps away from their porch, so I just opened the door and reached in to grab it.

Her mother grabbed my arm and jerked me back into the house and screamed how I was a guest at their house and that I was to always knock before entering, how I was a rude child, she didn’t care that I was just there and what I grabbed was mine, etc.

I had known this woman my entire life. We lived in the same neighborhood, she knew all of my extended family and treated me like I was some stranger. That was my last day playing over there.

Kindergarten Readiness

23. Confused About a Lack of Stuff

My mom is a hoarder. When I first visited a couple of friends’ houses, I was seriously shocked at the fact that there was space for all of their stuff. Little bit of standard clutter, but there were no overflowing boxes of stuff.

They didn’t have to spend ten minutes shifting boxes, clothes, and papers just to get to the washing machine. Their closets held all their clothes. We actually SAT at the dining table. I swear I asked someone once, “Where’s all your stuff?”

Pexels Andrea Piacquadio

24. Not Suitable For All Bottoms

My step-grandmother does not let anyone under 16 (what she considers children) sit on her furniture. They have to sit on the floor.

 It should be noted that this rule didn’t apply to her biological grandchildren.

Pexels Polesie Toys

25. Being Watched Over by Porcelain Dolls

Former door-to-door salesman checking in. Sold subscriptions for TV and Internet. Once tried to sell to a lady (read: probably serial killer) whose house was filled with literally THOUSANDS of porcelain dolls of all shapes, sizes, styles, and degrees of scariness.

She had everything from pristine dolls that looked like they’d never been touched to Annabelle-tier filthy monstrosities that honest to god looked straight out of a horror movie.

And these dolls were EVERYWHERE. Also, her floors and (what I could see of the) walls were painted red. Super creepy. 10/10, would almost get murdered again.


26. Putting the ‘Fun’ in Funeral Home

My parents bought a home that used to be a funeral parlor almost 100 years ago.

Dad had never questioned why there was a second wall that went nowhere—until the day a pipe burst and they finally had to cut it open. 

 Inside, we found a small walled off room that contained hundreds of old bottles, odd equipment, chemicals, perfumed salts, stained glass windows from the original building, and a few old ledgers and accounting books.

My parents had no use for this stuff and a local antique shop owner/town historian happily took it when offered.


27. A Delicate Dental Balance

I had a good friend whose family didn’t drink anything while eating meals.

They were convinced drinking something right after chewing food would crack their teeth. So I’d always be the only one with a beverage at dinner.


28. Shoe Polish Wake up

I once had to stay over at my cousins’, who we were never close with, and only ever saw them once every two years at family gatherings or special occasions.

So I got woken up at 6 AM the next morning, which was a Sunday, and got called to the living room. 

As I walked into the living room, eyes half closed, I see the whole family… sat on the floor, with all the pairs of black shoes lined up in front of them. Task? Polish the shoes.

I was told to join them. It was my first and last sleepover at their place.

Pexels SHVETS production

29. Elvis Lives

One of the weirdest things I’ve seen at someone house a collection of Elvis paintings… the owner of them still thinks he’s alive somewhere.

So strange. Thankfully not all in the same house but: A full knight in shining armor set, a giant cat castle that took up more than half of the living room, a collection of vases, and some paintings of “things that your underwear covers,” male and female.

A room that was completely carpeted with purple shaggy carpet—the floor, walls, doors, ceiling, even the door knob had a carpet cover on it. Again, thankfully not in the same house.

Public Domain Pictures

30. Power Play

I was yelled at for quickly blurting out the question to a $200 Jeopardy! answer. Apparently, they played the game quietly, individually tallying scores.

No problem, I was handed a pen and paper and I played their game. I think I am doing pretty well after Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy, eyeing everyone else…I wanted to impress them with my vast knowledge and high score.

I wager all of my money in Final Jeopardy because it’s a category I am familiar in. Back from commercial, soon as Trebek finished answer, they all yell out what they thought was the question.

Apparently, it’s only the first person to yell out the correct question in Final Jeopardy who gets his/her wager to count. Psychos. I would have disowned them if they weren’t family.



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