Deepweb Users Reveal The Weirdest Things They've Seen

"A friend of mine claims he was snooping around where he didn't belong (black market forums and hacking forums) when someone private messaged him, basically saying, "I've looked into you because I see you in here a lot, and I know you're not here to buy or use the services because you're just a kid. I don't mind, but others will, and you haven't protected yourself well enough to be here.

Get off if you know what's good for you." -Reddit user ernyc3777

"I guess I never really went onto anything too 'dark," if you will, but I did find a black market site.

I was shocked at how cheap it was to buy weapons in the states, although I'll never know if the sites I was on were legit or not." -Reddit user Skyguy21

"I don't know how real it was, but I was asking for trouble roaming around random sites.

I stumbled on a discussion about how to hide that you have AIDS in order to hook up with people and spread it to them." -Reddit user T1GERSEYE

"The scariest thing I saw was stolen credit cards or other identity theft items.

Stuff that made it very easy to assume another person's identity." -Reddit user TheAnteatr

"There was a german man selling pretzels, just pretzels." -Reddit user electricumbrella

"I found someone selling a "wish pill" online. Basically, you take the pill, make a wish, and it's supposed to make it come true.

It just made me laugh how much they were trying to sell it off as something real. They made up fake elements that were supposedly found in nature and showed videos of them "making the pill" (Which was really just a bunch of blue lights being flashed at the screen). They were selling it for $100 a pill, sad thing is there were probably a few idiots who actually bought it." -Reddit user arrow452

"I was 19 and wanted to buy a fake ID but found out that you had to buy bitcoins, and I didn't feel like figuring it out, so I gave up. This was maybe a year or so before bitcoins blew up.

I could be living on the moon right now, but I didn't feel like it." -Reddit user GoingtoHail

"Found a guy selling carrots. It wasn't coded for anything.

He was literally just selling carrots for bitcoin. 10/10 would visit again." -Reddit user not_enough-character

"I once found a forum dedicated to sharing recordings of the automated messages that tell you the next stop on trains. People would post the recordings that they presumably made themselves, and then they would discuss them.

It haunts me to this day. I have so many questions." -Reddit user Tehan

"A full box set of the Muppet Show, when everything for sale around it is some form of illegal substance or weapon, was pretty strange to me." -Reddit user deleted

"I once went on there to just see what kind of links they had, not to actually view the sites. But I noticed one that caught my interest that I did end up going to. It was a site dedicated to Cat Facts.

I clicked it, and sure enough, it gave me a fact. Something about the site said, "Cat Facts, because what other uses would there be for the deep web?" -Reddit user MoombaWTF

"I found wallets made of human skin, I thought it was kinda creepy neat." -Reddit user deleted

"A Russian guy begging for Robux to feed his family." -Reddit user Schmalette

"Watched a couple of guys order a clown off of the dark web. The clown turned up at about 1 in the morning, walked around, and acted weird.

They then left him downstairs, and the clown went into the basement and wasn't seen again until the next one when they did it again, and it was the same guy in a different outfit." -Reddit user teadrinker_101

"Not me, but a friend.

He discovered a web that was about drinking goat milk for Satan." -Reddit user deleted