David Harbour Teases He "Knows Everything" About Stranger Things’ Final Chapter

David Harbour, who played Jim Hopper on all of the seasons of 'Stranger Things', teases that he knows everything about the show's final ending. However, he joked that the creators Matt and Ross Duffer might still surprise him with the ending of the Netflix drama.

"It's so funny I say this, I've said this in interviews before," he told Jimmy Kimmel. "Immediately after, I get a text from Matt and Ross Duffer saying, 'Oh, so you know everything, huh?'" Kimmel, who is curious like all of the viewers, asked, "Have they not written everything yet?" Harbour answered, "We sort of arched out a thing like years ago, once a show got a second season, the first season was just a thing, and once we got a second season, we kind of figured out like what the arch would be of this guy and where it would go. That's what I'm working with."