Daughter Goes Missing, Mom Records Mother-In-Law And Uncovers A Dark Secret

Nancy needed to move away as far as possible from her mother-in-law. She was making her life a living hell. 

She almost ruined her marriage once, and Nancy wasn't going to let that happen again. But when her mother-in-law found out that she wanted to move to another city with her granddaughter, she did something that would leave Nancy in tears...


One day, her daughter didn't come home from school. "Where is Cindy?" Nancy asked her husband. "I thought you were picking her up from school?"

"What?" Her husband looked confused. "Cindy's teacher said you picked her up."

Searching For Cindy

The couple immediately called the school. 

No one had any idea what had happened to the little girl. The worried parents then called the authorities, and they started searching for Cindy. Sadly, this nightmare would only get worst from there. 

In Grief

Weeks passed, and Cindy was still missing. Nancy and her husband felt like the world was ending. 

Then, one day, Nancy's phone rang. It was her mother-in-law. "I need to speak to my son!" she demanded. 


“What was that?… No, in the background… No, it’s not nothing! Do you have her?!” Her husband was furious. 

Nancy couldn't believe what she was hearing. Had her mother-in-law kidnapped their daughter?

Finally Found

Nancy and her husband called 911 and rushed to get Cindy from her grandmother's house. 

When they arrived at her place, they saw two police cars and their little girl standing next to one of the officers. So what had happened?

The Truth

Nancy's mother-law was yelling at the officers and calling them all kinds of names. "Nancy is a horrible mother!" she shouted. "Cindy is better off with me!"

It turns out that the mother-in-law picked Cindy up from school and said that Nancy had sent her.  

"I Had Every Right!"

Little Cindy had no idea what was going on. She thought that grandma was there to take her home. 

"You ruined my son's life!" she yelled at Nancy. "I had every right to take my granddaughter for visits!" But what about Nancy and her husband?

Emotional Moment 

Nancy hugged her daughter for the first time in weeks and burst into tears. Her mother-in-law had lied right to their faces and accused her of being a bad mother. 

The authorities also discovered that Cindy's grandmother had a copy of their house key. Apparently, the mother-in-law had also searched for new schools for Cindy that were close to her house. 


Nancy's father-in-law later revealed that his wife said Cindy would be staying with them from now on because their son and his wife "just couldn't cope."

According to him, they were "rescuing" their granddaughter from incompetent parents. 

In Disbelief 

Nancy and her husband were in disbelief. How could they do something like this to their own son?

The couple, however, claimed that Nancy and her husband told them they could visit any time, which was clearly a lie. But when Cindy was asked what she had seen or heard, the entire courtroom was at a loss for words. 

In The Courtroom 

“Why did grandma say you had to stay with them?" the judge asked her.  

With tears in her eyes, Cindy looked at her parents and then at her grandparents. “Grandma said mom and dad didn’t want me.”

In Shock

That was the final nail in the grandparents' coffin. "What!?" Nancy screamed. 

How could they be so evil? They had kidnapped their daughter and lied to her!


The judge didn't give his personal comments on the matter, but his face said it all. He was just as shocked as Cindy's parents were. 

He was disgusted with the parents-in-law. But what would be the final outcome?

The End 

The teacher who let Cindy leave with her grandmother was suspended, and the crazy mother-in-law will spend the next few years in jail. 

Cindy's parents also installed security cameras around the house just in case the father-in-law would ever try to enter their home again.