Darkest Days: The Unraveling of Town Secrets

Ever since we were young, tons of spine-chilling stories were often told by elderly people in our community. In the end, the real mystery is if all of them were true. 

However, imagine yourself growing up, having one unforgettable dark story from your town, and thinking it was all for scare. Suddenly, you discovered it was true, and there was more horrendous information about it than only your town knows. 

1. Death Wish

We had a crazy rich guy from the 1600s-1700s who saw people robbing a grave one night and decided that when he died, he would be laid to rest on the roof of a barn behind his house.

He believed he'd only be dead for 30 years, so he requested that they lock the barn and put the key in his coffin so he could get out, but nobody could get in. 

He requested that whoever inherited his house, fortune, and belongings would have to give them back to him when he was resurrected.

He did actually get his wish, but of course, he was never resurrected. People stole his bones, and his house is a dentist now. This is also the town where that lady went viral, going ham in the alcohol aisle in Aldi a few weeks ago.


2. Fire House

This is more comical than dark. A house burned down in this small town of 600 population. One block from the fire station. 

It being a volunteer fire department, nobody was at the station. They tried to get the pumper truck out, but one of the volunteers had run it into a brick building the week before, and it was still at the shop.

We're still undecided whether the house owner burned it down for the insurance. Strange that there was nothing valuable inside.


3. Big Mystery

Fifteen years ago, the local District Attorney called his longtime girlfriend and told her he was taking the day off from work and that he loved her. 

He parked his car in town and strolled past the local shops. He hasn't been seen since. His car was found where he had parked it the next day - he had left his cellphone in the car, but his keys and wallet were missing. 

Later that year, his laptop, sans its hard drive, was found under a bridge at a nearby river. The hard drive was eventually discovered by a local woman walking along the bank of the river, but it was too damaged to recover any data from.

Interestingly, investigators discovered that someone had done a search on his home computer for "how to wreck a hard drive."

Did he jump from a local bridge, did he encounter someone whom he had prosecuted who did him harm, or did he escape his life to start a new one?


4. The Kids

This is a sad one for me. There was an older couple here who ran a halfway house for troubled kids who’d recently gotten out of juvenile detention. 

They fostered a few as well. They were loved in the community and wonderful people. One of them had an older brother who was a gangbanger in the nearest big city.

 During a visit, he snuck his 15-year-old younger bro a handgun. Younger bro ended up holding up a local gas station and ended three people. One of them was my friend’s cousin. 

 The foster parents lost whatever credentials they needed to do what they did, the kids went back into the system, and the giant house has been abandoned since around 2009.


5. Danger Of Curiosity

There's a half-submerged submarine from the war in the bay where I live, and you can walk out to it when the tide is out. Some people were always intrigued about it.

In the late 80s, somebody cut open the hatch (one of the only visible parts left sticking out the sand), climbed in, and was having a look around.

The tide came in, and he drowned. If I remember rightly, the whole hatch was filled with cement and then welded shut to stop it from happening again.


6. Two Cases

A neighboring town had a young high school girl ended by a train. She was walking home from school and went across the railroad tracks. 

There was no warning indication as the indicators didn’t trigger at the time (a malfunction was to blame). The girl was run over. Years later, there is a memorial still in place by the railroad tracks.

There is also a man in our town who claims to run a disposal business. What ended up happening was that when the townspeople paid this man to haul out their garbage or unwanted materials.

Turns out, he dumped them around abandoned buildings, on the sides of the road, and even behind a local mechanic shop. 

He was then quickly banned from posting about his “business,” and he still tries to pull this stuff out to this day. He’s been banned on all the forms after this incident.


7. Stop Stealing

Not really ‘dark’ but there was an old man who would cut, chop, and stack his own firewood all summer and fall to heat his house during the winter. 

One year, someone started stealing wood from his pile at night. Which was really unnecessary because if they had just asked him, he probably would have given them whatever they needed.

It went on for a few weeks, and the local cop couldn’t really do anything about it. So the old man bored holes into a few logs, filled them with black powder, and plugged the bores. 

In a house on the other side of town, the fireplace blew out like a week later. No one said anything at all. We pretty much all agreed they deserved it.


8. The Creep

There was a famous wanted man in my hometown who was never caught in the 70’s. We always believed it was one of our neighbors who was extremely creepy and met the age timeline, but there was no confirmation. 

The neighbor kept wolves on leashes he had purchased and bred so nobody could come near his house. He always gave my dad the creeps and came and snuck in our yard.

He tried to talk to me and my kid sister when we were 5/7 playing outside, and my dad had to run him out of our yard at gunpoint. 

Well, the man died without ever being convicted, but he passed on to his son a sick obsession with John Wayne Gacy, and his son ended his mother.

He is still in prison, and we still believe his father was that wanted guy from the 70s, especially since he passed that on to his son, who became a wanted guy.


9. Vanished In Thin Air

A few years ago, a boy who was around my age (He would be 23 by now if he was still around) was up at his family cabin in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. 

He was from Alberta and was living there to work at the ski resort during the winter holiday. One night, he went to a party at a house, and he only lived a 5-minute walk from there. 

He was walking home with some friends, and when one of his friends looked back, he was gone. There was a search for him, but he wasn’t found. 

There was no struggle or footprints in the snow. The police asked the people who were at the party, but a lot refused to answer what had happened or said they didn’t know.

He’s been missing for three years now, I think. His mom hasn’t stopped looking for him, and she goes to their cabin once a month for a few days looking for him. 

She is aware at this point he is most likely dead, but she wants to find him so that she can be at peace. It is in a town where I grew up going to for the winter holiday.

People think that the people who were at the party know exactly what happened to the kid, so there could possibly be a secret we don’t know about.


10. Wife’s Nightmare

From my wife, not me (so, more like a summary. My life hasn't been eventful): When she was younger, authorities found the body of one of her friend's older brothers in the canal.

As far as she told me, nobody exactly knows whether it was a blatant execution by a friend or personal intent. It was still a mystery up until this day.

Either way, the bridge by the canal is not high enough to finish you off if you fall from it, but there's no easy way out of the water.


11. Daddy’s Princess

A young teenager went missing where I live. She was my older brother's age (she would be in her mid-40s by now). My home town is a very small one on the coast of Australia with plenty of bushland that meets dense creeks and mangroves. 

I was playing football for the local team when I was around 13, and my friends and I would always explore the bush behind the footy fields before training after school. 

Once, we found a burnt tent with a burnt wallet, some cards, and a burnt purse. We told our coach, and after that, the police showed up, and we were not allowed to go back down there again.

Years later, I got a job with the local council with a friend who played football with me, and we got assigned a crew with an older man in it. 

He was very particular with his job and constantly made sure his hands were clean and everything was perfect. He was always so grumpy and would fly off the handle at the smallest imperfections.

My friend and I thought he was just some grumpy, weird old guy. I came home and told my brother about him, and my brother knew who he was and explained he was the father of the girl who went missing all those years ago. 

He told me that a skate park was being built back then (one I would go to some weekends years later), and before the cement trucks came to unload, the father was there trying to pull the tarps up because he was sure his daughter was buried under there. 

Still, to this day, I don't think they have found out what happened to her. Someone became a suspect, but I don't remember hearing about it going any further. 

I felt horrible for him. The work I was doing for the council only lasted a few months, so when the time came to move on, I shook his hand and left it at that. 

Looking back now, he would have to be one of the hardest-working men there. Also, having daughters of my own now, I can understand the struggles he faced every day.


12. Writer of Exposure

So, a woman in the 1960s wrote what was essentially a tell-all bodice ripper about the doctor-patient stories going on in my small town. 

I believe she had recently moved there and was disgusted when she heard about it, whereas all the residents were either in on it or totally dedicated to maintaining the fiction of the "pure" town. 

She was sued for libel (I'm not sure what the result was). She was also berated quite substantially, and her house was vandalized -- the police chief at the time had warned her that it would happen but, of course, did nothing to prevent it.

The original printing run of the book was about 200,000~ copies -- most of which have now vanished. When it pops up, it usually sells for around $500. 

If you find a copy, odds are you'll find notes in the margins trying to piece together who was who. I won't name the town, but BOY, do I have more stories about growing up there.


13. Two Roles

In my mom’s hometown, a very small town, one main street with one stoplight, and back then, I don’t know if they even had a stoplight.

Anyway, there was a string of burglaries at the nicer houses. By the time the police arrived each time, the burglars and expensive items (like TVs) were gone.

It turns out it was the police who were stealing. They would steal from houses when they knew the owners were out of town and then call themselves up so they could show up at their crime scenes and act bamboozled that the burglars got away again.


14. Transition of Travelers

My hometown has a lot of travelers. Like, recently shouted out on a TV show as having one of the highest numbers of traveler sites in our area in the UK.

A few years ago, the police did a raid on a site and found 24 people being kept as slaves. They think some of them may have been slaves for over 15 years.

The travelers preyed on the vulnerable, often approaching people at soup kitchens or benefits offices and offering them cash in hand for a day's work. 

But when they arrived at the site, their hair was shaved off and kept in old horse boxes and dog kennels. A few newspapers have described the conditions as like a concentration camp.


15. Lost Souls

Lots of mentally challenged people go missing around here, frequently enough for me to notice and think it’s a little odd. 

It is a small town, so I know most of them, and it is weird seeing their families/people I know so desperate to find them. Up until this day, I thought the same.

It’s kind of creepy, especially since our cops aren’t the most upstanding people. They used to handcuff and beat people. A couple of my family members had that happen)


16. Other Motives

This might get lost, but there was (and I think there still is; I don’t live there) a small local charity society that met at a local restaurant. 

One of the biggest things they did was a clothes and food drive, usually around the holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

They would take donations throughout the year, but this was the only time they advertised it or had members actively collecting clothes/canned food.

There were stories that some members would use these donations to lure in homeless people in a large adjacent city and finish them off. 

There was an investigation by the police, but it went nowhere. There is, however, a small spike in missing person reports around that time of year in that city.


17. Look Back

This is my sister's story. I was 5, and she was 11 at the time. I lived in Georgia for a few months while my parents were deployed there.

We stayed on base in a relatively small area. In our neighborhood, everyone knew everyone, and since ours was connected to a civilian neighborhood, we would all play together. 

I was on a walk with my older sister, and apparently, this old man started following us. We didn't notice at first, but he started walking faster.

When he got too close, my sister turned around, and he walked up to a house and went up to the door. My sister started to freak out, and we hurried home. 

She told our Mom, and she asked around. No one knew who that guy was. She contacted the other neighborhood's HOA president, and he said the same thing. 

Later, we found out he had tried to capture another kid who lived a few houses down from us. There was a police investigation, and my sister had to give a statement. I'll never stop being grateful to my sister cause we could have gotten taken that day.


18. Back of The Mask

About 20 years ago, some guy lost his mind one night and drove his car with his family inside it off a 40-foot bridge, ending all of them.

Multiple people witnessed it. They said he was driving normally, then suddenly veered off to the left and hit the gas, plowing the car through the protective wall.

What’s scary is the fact that he was a really good guy. He was on the town council and was loved by everyone in our community.

His wife and two kids were also well known, and nobody had any problems with them. It just goes to show that no matter how good it looks like someone has it, you never know how they actually are inside.


19. Buried Cemetery

The high school I went to in the Philippines is really, really old (founded 1902). Stories say it is very haunted, and there are catacombs underneath with bones and stuff that connect to another old university right across the street. 

The main building has an underground section used for classrooms, and it used to be a prison and chamber used by the Japanese during WWII.

It's very haunting, and tons and tons of horror stories about our school come from teachers, staff, and students. Triple that number for the main chamber building. 

Teachers who stay later than 6 pm would hear crying and chains rattling/dragging. Some of the doors were the same metal bars of prisons. Even the layout seems pretty prison-y.


20. The Delicacy

I used to live in Mexico as a kid, and this is one I knew from my mom. I was three years old when this happened, so I'll say what my mom said: a few houses away from ours lived this older couple, a husband and wife. 

The husband would come out during the mornings with homemade donuts to sell, whereas the wife would come during the night with tamales for sale as well. 

Everyone in the neighborhood knew them and liked them. One day, the husband died. He had a massive heart attack, as old people do.

Everyone came to give their condolences to the wife; she was destroyed, and she claimed that he had already been cremated. 

She kept on selling tamales, and some people complained that they tasted different. I believe what happened that same night is pretty obvious. Some people stormed into her house and found something there. 

My mom won't tell me what was found, but we were informed that the wife used her husband's body to make tamales after he died.


21. Frozen Life

There was this guy who worked at a No Frills Grocery Store, who, after running away, went and hid behind a freezer in the store. 

  He got stuck in the back of the freezer, and nobody ever found him. The store closed after about 20 years, and I remember my mom saying the store always smelled weird.

After the store shut down, they were going to remodel it, and they found the body. I think they made an infographic show about it. (Council Bluffs, Iowa. Next to Omaha, Nebraska)


22. Abandoned Souls

It’s not actually a dark secret. It’s something a lot of people know, but the younger generation does know. In my area, we had a mental hospital that was shut down 10 or 15 years ago.

But at the time, a lot of people were finished off by the way they tried to “treat” the patients. I know around 150 patients died Either from trying to end themselves or getting harmed by the treatments.

Some of the treatments were electrocution to the Brain, removing a part of the brain; there were a lot more types of treatments, but these are the only ones I remember being told.


23. Something Only They Know

Not exactly a small town, but kinda of close. The whole town is only 8 miles in area, with a population of around 40,000 people. 

A lot of those people are homeless, on illegal substances, and mentally disadvantaged (mostly schizophrenia). This really old house was built in 1904, all but abandoned. 

The owner no longer lived there, and when they died, they went to clean out/claim the house. It had become a homeless camp, with about 40 people living in a house that was under 2000 square feet. 

They found ten dead bodies, the walls were covered in a literal dump, and they had hoarded so much garbage upstairs that the floor was collapsing.

Because it's historical, they are currently restoring it to its former glory. So far, they've cleaned what they can and removed and destroyed what they couldn't. 

They replaced the roof and repaired the collapsing structure, but COVID has slowed it down tremendously. Best part? It never made the news. It lives on in the residents of my town now.


24. All Animals Broke Loose

This one isn't quite "dark" per se, but it's pretty sad. My high school had a farm on campus. We had an Agricultural Science program and everything, so the farm was a natural fit. 

There were horses, cows, pigs, chickens, alpacas, etc., at any given time (mostly donated to the school). The year or two before I started there (2012, transferred from another school), the seniors decided to play a prank and release the farm animals in the school one night. 

In my mind, it's not a bad prank. Kinda funny overall if planned right. Except our school is three stories tall, and they didn't think to close the doors to the staircases.

IDK if you've ever seen a horse on a slick surface (aka the well-waxed school floors), but it isn't a pretty sight. Combined with the fact that they can't really go downstairs.

I'm sure you can see where this is going. Unfortunately, the horse broke its leg and had to be PTS. Of course, the school was looking to press charges on whoever had a hand in it, but nobody said anything. 

People DEFINITELY knew who did it, and it was the talk of the school just about up until I graduated. But no one said a word, and now it's just a dark secret that someone's carrying around with them. Shoulder shrug


25. The Basement

2 houses down from my granny. A couple lived there with their 5-year-old autistic son. The husband goes missing. The wife says he just walked out. His family files a missing person report because that’s not like him.

The police show up to investigate, and the wife tells them not to go into the basement because there was just a water leak. The police say ok and don’t look down there.

Turns out, she was keeping his body down there. She was cutting off pieces and burning them at her parent's house in the country. The messed up part is the kid was in the house the whole time but couldn’t say anything because he’s non-verbal.

The police messed up big time. The guy's parents ended up hiring a private investigator to figure out what happened.


26. Silent Town No More

Maybe not as dark as others, but the street I grew up playing on with all the other neighborhood kids. It has significantly less traffic, so it became our road hockey, big group games street.

Well, it turned out to be the location of a MASSIVE collection of homemaker high explosives and a huge collection of illegal firearms. 

This was discovered when police were looking for the owner's son, who was wanted for a horrendous crime. The number of explosives would have leveled the entire neighborhood.

When I first heard about the story, I was overseas. When I came home, people asked me if I had heard the news, and I was pretty calm with my reaction. 

Then they told me the address. It was five houses away from mine and directly across the street from my best friend. 

We most definitely played hide and seek on this dude's property many times. Both the old man and the son are still behind bars.


27. Innocent Guy

A well-known African man in our town went missing a while ago... Everyone loves him, and he volunteered at the local homeless shelter. 

I’ve never met another person with a heart as big as his. They think the KKK group from a couple of towns over got him. It was all, according to a witness.

Well, there were a couple of members who were seen berating him the night before he was reported missing. Nothing has ever been done about it, and it makes me so angry.


28. Tragic Love Story

In my town, we have a story that we like to tell over the campfire, but I soon found out that it was real.

In the 1850s, the richest family in town was the Jessups, who were slave owners. The owner's daughter, Annie (who was white), fell in love with one of the slaves named Dominick. 

They eventually started meeting in secret by the riverbank on the plantation property at night, and one of them would light a candle to signal that they were waiting for the other. 

One night, while a storm was raging and the tide on the river was high, Annie was trying to light a candle and meet Dominick, but after lighting the candle, she slipped and fell into the river, drowning.

Dominick went to the river and saw the light. When he went to meet Annie, he saw her corpse caught up against some rocks. 

Something in Dominick snapped like a cheap lock that night. Afterward, he silently went to the shed on the property and ended himself. I thought it was just a story until I saw Annie's grave.


29. Naughty Guy

The pastor was sleeping with a number of married women that he was supposedly counseling. Amazing what women will sleep with, as he was no prize. 

The best part - it all came undone because one of the housewives he was shagging found out about another housewife he had banged, and she was jealous.

So she showed up at the other lady's house... Massive crap show that was only funnier when the pastor confessed to the congregation on a Sunday. Half the crowd wanted to go across the street to the other church.


30. Creepy Guy

My town has a pretty large ongoing case about the death of a young man named Dylan. Dylan went missing like 7 or 8 years ago and there was a huge search for him.

It resulted in finding his scattered remains in the mountains around our town. Father was the main suspect, and police found some horrific freaking things.

Like, I’m talking pictures of the father eating dump and wearing diapers. People pretty much have come to the conclusion that the wack job ended his kid after he found the pictures of his dad eating dump out of diapers. 

 The case is still ongoing and really, really messed up. Messed up our town quite a bit and anyone close to him. Dylan Redwine case for anyone interested in reading about it. Hope this jerkward goes to prison for what he did.


31. Hidden Treasure

Where I live, beneath the football field of the city park, is told to be a cave used by the Japanese in WW2 to store some of the cultural treasures they stole, among other things such as weapons and ammunition. 

Worth quite a fortune, supposedly. It's a small city, suburban in nature but not very developed. The city government knows where the entrance is but has not made any progress in entering further.

Because the cave is said to be laced with deadly traps and enough explosives to cause major damage to the surface. To deter any construction from accidentally stumbling onto it or possibly setting off the explosives, the above area was made the park.

And the football field is supposedly directly above the main cavern. The entrance location is thereby made classified and possibly sealed off. 

Anyone not of the government who attempted to locate the entrance had either gone missing or had "found" fortune elsewhere, never to speak of the treasure and dismiss the rumors.


32. Fire Incident

Not my small town. But the small town next to mine. About 3 o’clock in the morning, a barn burnt down in that town. The fire got so bad that they had to call my town’s fire department to help.

Turns out that the barn was used as a lab that was run by a couple who decided to test their latest batch. The fire started because the wife thought it was too dark at night.

Well, because of that, she started a fire in the middle of the barn, which quickly spread. This was four years ago, and the couple are still in jail.


33. Deep And Dark Plan

Sometime in the early '90s, my brother died in a car crash, and for years, I grew up idolizing him. My family, too, held him in very high esteem.

He was going to be a lawyer, and this was seen as a tragedy. When I was 16, I discovered a box hidden in a compartment in his closet.

Inside, I found journals, sketches, and essentially a plan to capture and end a girl in his school. Whether this would have ever come to fruition or was just a fantasy, I’ll never know, but it messed me up for a good few years.


34. Clay Pots Of Entity

This will get buried in the comments section, but my dad's village in Borneo used to bury wealthy and important individuals in giant clay pots called "tajau." 

During a very bad outbreak of smallpox in the late 1890s and the Spanish Flu of 1918, some victims were hurriedly put into these clay pots and supposedly still alive, but barely.

The villagers were scared and did not bother to check whether those dying were truly dead. Deep in the jungles between Sarawak and Kalimantan, these clay pots are now lost and possibly still contain traces of the smallpox virus and the deadly 1918 flu.


35. For A Woman

I don't live in this town anymore, but it was where I grew up. However, this happened way before my time. 1929, to be exact.

A man named Eije Wijkstra had a small farm. He also hunted and was very proficient with a carbine (rifle). He started an affair with a woman (whose husband was in prison). After a couple of weeks, she abandoned her children, all six of them. To live with Eije.

Because Aaltje (the woman) left her children, the police wanted to talk with her (and make sure she went back to her children). 

In the winter, freezing at 18 degrees (Celsius), the police go to the farm's door. However, to prevent the police from taking the woman, he shoots and finishes off them. 

In total, four police officers from the towns in the area tried to take her, and all of them lost their lives. (From shooting, and I think from one, the throat was slit).

This happened in a small town in The Netherlands, and there's a Dutch movie about the whole ordeal, which is called "Het teken van het beest" (The Mark of the Beast).

In the end, he got hurt as well, fled to a hospital, and got captured there. Originally sentenced to life in prison, which was later reduced to 20 years. He never, however, saw life outside of prison again since he died of TBC in the 1940's.


36. The Pizza Guy

Our local pizza guy was a freaking legend. Tom Tano. He was affiliated with the mob years back and didn’t snitch. After he did his time, they set him up with a nice little pizzeria in upstate New York. 

It was fine for a while. But I guess he missed the fast life. Ended up hooking up with the waitress, who was a young cute thing, and they ran off to Florida.

Next, we hear he’s robbing a bank on live TV fully armed, and police snipers take him out on live TV.


37. Scary Park

In my city, there is an amusement park that was built on top of a retired cemetery. They said it was free of coffins, but it was not true. 

They found a hand at the bottom of a pool. He also had a cross next to the corpse's hand. That was days after the inauguration. 

When the park closed, everything was forgotten there. Several urban explorers found strange marks on walls, and screams seemed to be heard at some ends of the park.

The most terrifying thing is that there is a statue of Snow White that is blinking and turning its head according to them. 

And as if that were not enough, it is believed that a trapped child cry for help is heard in a water well. Yeah, it's pretty spooky. People believe it more than Covid.


38. Uncanny Kid

There was a kid at my high school who would occasionally get into fights or get sent to the principal's office, etc. He was a really big kid and mostly was just picked on a lot. 

He sat behind me in study hall during my freshman year of high school. 

One day, as I walked into school in the morning, I noticed a local news van next to that FBI vehicle.

I thought it was pretty unusual. Turns out they were arresting said kid. The man who sat behind me in class was the Craigslist slayer!!


39. Mining Space

The "Downtown" part of my tiny boro is built over an abandoned zinc mining complex, and much of that part of town is at risk of being swallowed by the earth.

Because parts of the mine collapsed and caused massive sinkholes. There's already a large part of undeveloped land fenced off because of the amount of subsidence already taking place.

The town's pond has been completely dredged at least once a decade due to the amount of heavy metals still present from the mining operations that ceased half a century ago.

Besides that, our town is known for having the most unique fluorescent minerals/ glow rocks in the world, and that's nice!


40. Mysterious Witch

The town I lived in during middle school had a lot of PennaDutch influence and stories: hex signs, witches, curses, you get the idea. 

They were clearing woods to make room for a new library and some playing fields when they found an old house. The developers just cut a straight line up and wouldn't get close to the house. 

The story started among the kids that it was a witch's house, that she was responsible for the little boy who went missing earlier that year, and for the attempted capture from a playground a few years before.

One of my friend's older brothers and a few of his friends decided to investigate "Blair witch style" and found a bunch of neo nazi crap, swastikas, confederate banners, leaflets.

I remember it being super tense among adults for a while, and I know more than a few people tried to blame my mom because she has family who lives in the South. 

As far as I know, the place is still standing, though the police have had to run people away from it multiple times. The other story about that house is that after a major substance bust in one of the rich neighborhoods nearby, the people supposedly moved to the witch house to continue taking substances.


41. Ashamed Family

A really amazing, loving, intelligent, and beautiful person passed away in my town due to a severe eating disorder, and her family made up a lie that she had some bacterial infection that ended her. 

Everyone knows she died because there was a football-sized mass of clay and cotton balls in her stomach and not an infection, but they refuse to acknowledge it. 

It makes me sad because her story could be really meaningful to future perfectionist sorority girls (the town where I grew up has a really intense social order). Still, instead, everyone hides it because they are ashamed of her illness or something.


42. Bothered Boy

I go to school in a small town, and about three years ago, during my 2nd week at the school, some kid threatened to shoot up the school. 

The same kid couldn't get a gun thanks to the gun laws here, so he filled a pipe with concrete, got himself a shiv, and would have beaten a teacher if it weren't for the school resource officers.

They were pulling their weapons on him and forcing him to surrender his weapons. He got arrested shortly after. The story went around that he was being berated by either his mom or dad.

And he wanted the officers to shoot him so he wouldn't have to go through the pain anymore. Last I heard, the kid recently got out of a mental hospital and is doing much better than he was before.


43. Book Of Revelation

When I was growing up in Hamilton County, Indiana, someone was digging through the courthouse basement and discovered an old membership list from the local chapter of the KKK. 

They donated the list and other documents to the local historical society, which wanted to put them on display. Many people learned things about their parents and grandparents they’d rather not know.

And they didn’t want to be associated with that. Local business owners, teachers, and others fought hard to prevent the historical society from displaying the list. Ultimately, they succeeded.


44. Wrong Encouragement

People rarely talk about it today, and if they do, it’s usually about how it contributed to the fall of MySpace’s popularity.

But 14 years ago, a parent joined the site to pretend to be someone else and to pick on and successfully encourage a 13-year-old neighbor to end everything.

The parent and others who were involved with the fake account ultimately got away with their actions since the internet was still young and state and federal courts didn’t have anything in the books for cyberstalking and cyberbullying.


45. For Sale

Back in the 1950s and 60s, there was a woman who ran a “home for unwed mothers.” The women went in, had their babies at home, and were then given a tranquilizer to “heal.”

When the mothers woke up, the woman who ran the home had sold their babies out of the back door of the home without the mother’s permission.

Hundreds of babies were sold off to married couples. People would drive for miles to buy a baby. She was shut down by the city in the 70s, but the house still remains. I think of those poor mothers every time I drive by it.