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Dad goes to extreme lengths to make sure his daughter graduates

Rich holds his daughter Laura close in his arms as she sobs into his chest. He pats her head and a feeling of deja vu creeps up his spine. He had done this far too many times before. When she came second at their local talent competition, when their childhood dog Frank ran away, and when he sat her down when she was just 5 years old and told her that her mom had sadly passed. But this time was different. 

This was her graduation she was so upset about. It was her moment, her stepping stone to the real world. Suddenly, Rich’s paternal instinct kicked in and he knew what to do. Nothing or nobody was going to stop his daughter from graduating.

Laura Smith had always strived to be the best. Whether it was coming first place in her school’s sports day, being top of the class in her English class, or even being the most followed on Instagram in her friendship group. Yes, Laura Smith was competitive, to say the least. Despite her forceful attitude, her dad Rich was super proud of her. 

But nobody knew just how much this devoted dad would risk to ensure his daughter was happy. Until now. 

Laura had a rough childhood, her mother, unfortunately, passed away so it was just her and her dad, Rich. He idolized his daughter, he was super proud of the woman she had become. But all throughout Laura’s life, Rich ensured Laura got her way and got exactly what she wanted. 

And he did this by doing whatever means necessary.

Laura had been at university for four years so when 2020 finally came around, she was excited at the thought of graduating. But in her last year, her work and her attitude slipped. Whether it was the partying or lack of motivation, her grades plummeted and she even had a few letters sent home. 

But Laura had no idea her world was about to get turned upside down.

Laura’s dad Rich found a few of these intimidating letters from the university – giving Laura a warning for her behavior – and the devoted dad immediately pulled his daughter aside. He was furious but he was understanding of the situation. He didn’t raise his voice once and he spoke with a calming tone. After all, she was still his little girl. 

And nothing or nobody was going to stop his little girl from graduating.

The father and daughter duo sat down and discussed what to do. Rich had to make sure his daughter would graduate, and Laura, although she felt guilty and disappointed in herself, was willing to do whatever she could to ensure she was able to walk on her graduation stage with her friends. 

But little did they know things were only going to get worse. 

Due to the worldwide pandemic caused by coronavirus, Laura’s graduation was ultimately canceled and Laura had to move back home. In floods of tears, she arrived at her dad’s house not knowing what to do. 

But luckily for Laura, her dad would soon conjure up a plan that would leave everybody lost for words.

Laura had been back home with her dad Rich for a few weeks when Rich noticed how down his daughter seemed. She hardly ate, and the majority of the time she spent her days in her room. Rich had to do something. 

Then, in the middle of the night, Rich’s paternal instinct kicked in and he knew exactly what to do.

The following morning Rich rang around for a few favors. He had spent The majority of the night hatching up a plan and he had planned everything so precisely and so secretly, that his daughter Laura would be none the wiser. 

But the truth was soon about to be revealed, and Laura had no idea what was coming. 

It was a warm Saturday when the sunlight crept in through Laura’s blinds. She woke up and rubbed her eyes before making her way to downstairs to get some breakfast. But just as she walked into her kitchen to grab the orange juice, she saw something she never expected to find. 

Especially first thing in the morning.

Laura’s mouth drops as she walks into her garden. Where a perfectly trimmed lawn and greenhouse once stood, now was replaced by a gigantic stage. What was going on here? Where was her dad? Questions ran through Laura’s mind like an Olympian going for gold. Then she saw a banner above the stage with some text printed on it. And with each word she read on the banner, her heartbeat pounded. 

This couldn’t be? Could it? 

It turned out Rich had decided to throw his daughter her very own graduation ceremony! There right in her garden was a full stage, presenters, speakers, and neighbors watching in the street. Laura couldn’t believe it! How did her dad pull this off so quickly? But more news was to come. 

And it would hit Laura hard. 

Rich hugs his daughter before giving her a letter. It was from the university. She grabbed the letter and held it close to her heart while conjuring up a wish in her mind. A few seconds passed and she ripped open the letter, her entire future bursting from the inside. She discards the envelope and holds the letter, her hands trembling. 

Then she looks up at her dad, and Rich has a terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Thankfully Laura did in fact pass her final year at university meaning she would be officially graduating! Laura pulls in her dad and hugs him close before taking a look at the stage before her. 

She smiles to herself. At least she was going to be able to walk on a stage, her diploma in her hand. And with her dad waiting in the wings, nothing could have been better.


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