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Dad Dumps 80,000 Pennies On Exs Lawn For Child Support

Nothing is more painful than letting frustrations get the best of you and end up ruining what you thought you could fix. We would like to believe that our parents are all-knowing and mature but sometimes the things they do end up causing their kids greater pain than intended.

When two elephants fight, the grass sufferers and Avery Sanford was the unfortunate casualty in an ongoing child support battle.

Avery Sanford had not seen her father in years. Just days after her 18th birthday, her estranged father decided to pull the ultimate revenge and gift Avery’s mother with something he thought would better his frustrations.

Instead, the gift turned out to be something he would later regret and pay for. Avery decided, in turn, to teach her father about maturity.

Avery was in the middle of her class when she got a message from her mom that day. The incident at her family house was far from amused by the call that confirmed the incident.

Like most children, Avery is very protective of her mother and could not understand why her father assumed this gesture was a good idea. Significantly when it also affected her and her sister.

Avery was a senior in high school and, just like any other senior, was looking forward to graduating and attending Virginia Tech in the fall. Avery had her entire life planned out and, like most teenagers, did not want to be in the middle of parental disputes.

However, on that fateful day, she found herself in the middle of a situation that left nobody satisfied or happy.

Avery’s said that she had not spoken to her father in years, and this incident proved that she made the tough but correct decision to stay clear.

She said that after what he did, she has no interest in having a relationship with someone who disrespects her mother. No father would ever do something so hurtful at the expense of just hurting one person.

In Virginia, child support obligations last until the child turns 19, but in some instances, payment can continue past that age if the child is still in high school or has certain physical or mental conditions.

As black and white as the law is, some parents opt to be visitors who choose when to pay or when to be parents.

Avery’s father had his final child support to pay and decided to let his frustrations get the best of him. He was fueled by so much anger that he forgot to be a parent.

Instead of sending a cheque like he usually does, he decided to make a dramatic entrance at his ex-wife’s house in the hopes of teaching her a lesson and being even. His plan ended up being his demise.

The man operating the trailer made sure to get close to Sanford’s lawn, prompting the man to come out of her house and investigate. 

She asked the man ‘what he was dropping in her yard? The man replied it’s your last child-support payment’ almost sounding satisfied and proud of himself for what he had just done.

On May 21st home-security footage showed a man in an SUV driving up to the Sanford home with a trailer attached to the vehicle.

The man driving the car could not be identified at first, making us wonder how many years had passed since the estranged exes had seen one another. The father was also moving like a thief in the night, trying to strike and leave.

The father decided to dump 80.000 pennies on his ex-wife’s front lawn as child support payment, hoping this could be the ultimate petty win for him.

He then jumped into his van and drove off without saying a word. The mother proceeded to call the police, who were shocked to find the pennies on the front lawn scattered like that.

Avery had this to say about her father’s actions when asked about how she felt regarding the situation. ‘It is really hurtful and damaging to your kids when you do things like that, and it does not matter how old your kids are.

It does not matter if they are young children or adults. The actions of your parents will always have some effect on you’. This was one incident that was going to live a lasting impression.

The police were responding to a ‘domestic-related incident’ when they arrived at the house and were in utter shock to find a large number of pennies on the roadway.

Aver’s mother explained that her ex-husband was responsible for dumping the pennies. The police documented the incident, but no arrest was made because no charges were filed.

Avery says that she and her mom decided not to let this moment damper their spirits, so she helped her mom by shoveling the coins out of the street and lawn and placing every single one into a container. 

They both decided to donate every penny to a charity close to their heart. So they placed the money into cash and sent it off.

The family took the money and donated it all to a charity named Safe Harbor. A domestic abuse center for women and children in need. They turned a moment meant to embarrass them into something hopeful and promising.

Avery says, ‘giving that money to moms and children in need feels like turning the situation into a positive one. You can learn a lesson from it as well.

Their actions triggered a domino effect of kindness, with donations pouring into non-profit organizations worldwide. Says Mary Maupai, the Safe Harbor director.

The contributions have made both of them very emotional as well, the reach has been tremendous, and the kind gestures have been beyond anything they expected; Sanford said they wanted to turn this around, and that is what they did.


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