Boy And Dad Go On Hunting Trip, See “Help” Scratched Into Dirt


The kid and his dad almost drove over the one-word message that someone had scratched into the dirt. It was a lost road in the middle of nature, heading to a forest nearby. The message said “HELP.”

Instantly, a chill went down their spines. They didn’t expect anyone else to be there, just wild animals. Little did they know they were about to have an encounter that would change their lives forever.

They Heard It

After some minutes of reflecting on what to do, the pair got out of the car and inspected their surroundings. Everything was absolutely quiet: only a few birds sang here and there. There were no houses, farms, cars, or any sign of human activity around that area.

But that’s when they heard the voice. They started walking in the direction where it came from, making their way through the wild vegetation. Then, they saw what was going on. The father instantly felt his stomach drop to his knees.

Chris And Ryan

Chris Gordon shared a bond with his son Ryan that many fathers would be jealous of. Ever since he was a toddler, the dad had always made an effort to be in his son’s life.

The two of them shared hobbies, activities, and conversations. Chris’ biggest goal in life, the thing around which everything he did circled, was this: he wanted to be a man that his son could look up to and be proud of. But that wasn’t all.

An Example

He wanted to be a good example, someone who would inspire and guide his son through the avenues of life. He firmly believed that his main role as a father was to teach his son how to be a good, reliable, and dependable man. 

That included regarding his son as an equal, being attuned to his thoughts, desires, and doubts, and sharing his knowledge and experience with him. There was a reason why this was so important to Chris.

A Troubled Past

Chris didn’t have the privilege of having such a present father figure growing up. His parents divorced when he was just a kid: Dominic, Chris’ father, had a series of bad habits and never paid much attention to his family.

It had been decades since Chris had last talked to his father. Growing up, Dominic’s absence in his life had serious consequences on his personality; even years later, he still struggled with those.

No Guidance

Growing up and in his transition to adulthood, Chris often felt directionless. He surrounded himself with the wrong people and got into trouble sometimes. He was even close to being incarcerated due to his involvement in some events that he refused to discuss even years later.

But everything changed after he met Alice, his wife and the mother of his son. Since then, he made the decision to clean up his act, and his life had been mostly free of trouble. However, something was about to happen that would put him to the test.

Hunting Day

Hunting was one of the hobbies Chris and Ryan shared. It was one of their favorite things to do. Nothing could beat the sense of adventure and thrill, but also calm that they got from spending a day in the forest, on the lookout for wild animals.

When it happened, they were in Chris’ car, on their way to their favorite spot in the forest. They were talking about what sort of animals they would find at that time of the year when suddenly, Chris stopped the car dead.

What Was Wrong?

Ryan’s first reaction was to look at his dad. Chris had frozen and had his eyes set on the road, with an alarmed expression on his face.

“What’s wrong, dad?” the kid asked. Chris didn’t say anything. He just pointed at the road ahead of them. Ryan tried to get a grasp of what had made his dad spot, thinking that it may be an animal crossing the road. That’s when he saw it.

It Was There

They could have easily missed it: the sign was roughly scratched into the dirt in thin lines and in a rushed manner, like the person who had made it was escaping from something or someone.

But once one could take a closer look at it, it was unmistakable: someone had written “HELP” in the middle of the road. Quickly, father and son got out of the car to see what was going on and think of what they could do.

It Was Recent

Taking a closer look, Chris realized that the lines on the dirt looked recent; no one had stepped over them, and no car seemed to have driven over. That could only mean one thing.

They were probably the first people who had seen that message. But who could be its author? Was it someone in trouble, or could it be just some twisted joke? In the middle of all these questions, they suddenly heard something. It sounded like a human voice.


The two of them heard something sounding like human screams coming from the forest. A chill went down her spine. Things were getting scarier by the minute.

“Maybe it’s a fox?” the kid asked his dad, trying to hide the fear in his voice. He knew that foxes in heat can shriek in a manner that is uncannily remindful of human screams, but he also wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. After a few seconds, his father replied.

Gordon’s Decision

“Maybe, but maybe not. We have to go there and make sure,” Chris sentenced. The pair started walking towards the depths of the forest, where the chilling sound came from.

They did their best to make their way through the bushes, watching out for any hidden animal that may give them a nasty surprise. Ryan had never been more scared in his life, yet he followed his dad. What would they find in the heart of the forest?


The kid didn’t know it, but Gordon was scared as well. However, he felt it was his duty to do the right thing and ensure whoever was in trouble could get some help. 

After walking for a while, they finally saw it: a woman was sitting deep in a small ravine in the middle of the woods. There was no way to reach her, as the terrain was too slopy. She probably had fallen in there. What could they do now?

She Couldn’t Get Out

The woman couldn’t get out, so they wouldn’t be able to do so by themselves either. Quickly, Chris took out his phone and called a rescue team.

In a matter of minutes, they were there. With the help of ropes, they managed to get the woman out of the hollow. But when he could look at her from a closer distance, Chris realized something: he recognized that woman.

Amanda Ogle

Her name was Amanda Ogle, and Chris had seen her face before. It was in the news and the papers. Apparently, the woman, who was mentally challenged, had gone missing just a few days ago.

Luckily enough, she was in a decent physical state. However, there was still one question in the air: how did she end up in the middle of the forest? What was her story? In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.