Customer Dumps Hot Soup On Manager, Then Publicly Apologizes Next Day

Jannelle Broland worked at the Sol De Jalisco Mexican restaurant as a manager. She didn't like her job that much, but it paid the bills. 

She had encountered different people throughout her time at the restaurant. But the worst customer she would ever meet was about to walk in and humiliate her in front of everyone.

Angry Customer

One day, as Jannelle was loading the dishwasher in the bar area, she heard the store phone ring. 

The woman on the other end immediately started to yell at her and call her names. 

On Hold

Jannelle was forced to put her on hold as she had a massive lineup of other customers waiting to get their orders.

"You're going to regret this!" the angry woman shouted. It was a decision Jannelle would live to regret.

Inappropriate Behavior 

About fifteen minutes later, the angry woman burst through the doors. "You!" she pointed at Janelle. "I need to speak with you!"

The woman pointed at the soup container in her hand and yelled: “It was so hot it melted the lid!”


Janelle quickly realized that this was the same woman who had called her earlier. But this time, she was much more aggressive. 

She looked like she had been crying for hours. So what had happened to her?

She Apologized 

Fortunately, the woman didn't suffer any burns from the hot soup. Janelle apologized for the inconvenience and offered her a refund, a replacement soup, or another item on the menu free of charge. 

But her offer made the woman even angrier. 


"I want to speak with the owner of this place!" she yelled. “It’s just me today,” Janelle responded. She smiled at the woman and apologized again. 

But the woman understood her smile as mockery, and what she did next shocked Janelle to the core.

In Pain

The woman picked up the soup container and threw it in Janelle's face. 

She screamed and jumped back. "What the hell?!" she shouted. "Why would you do that?"

Calling For Help

With tears in her eyes, Janelle reached for her phone and called 911. 

Her coworker directed her to a sink and helped her wash off the hot soup from her face that was still burning her eyes.


When Janelle finally had the courage to look in the mirror, she could barely recognize herself. Her face was red like a tomato. 

Fortunately, the soup wasn't hot enough to really burn her. But what about the angry woman?

Running Away

The woman escaped before anyone had the chance to process what had just happened. 

But she failed to notice that her actions had been recorded on camera by several patrons. Soon, karma would get her back. 


The security cameras in the store had also captured her throwing the hot soup in Janelle's face. 

Everything she did to the poor woman was caught on tape. But would the police find her?


When the cops arrived, Janelle handed them the security footage and confirmed that she wanted to press charges against her. 

The authorities located the woman and brought her to the police station in handcuffs the next day. 

Amanda Martinez

Her name was Amanda Martinez. She is facing up to a year in jail for aggravated assault and bodily harm and a permanent ban from the restaurant.  

 “I’m definitely pressing charges,” Janelle said. Her boss, however, did something that shocked her. 

The Sign

He put a sign that read: “Our workers are human too. We do not condone any mistreatment of our employees."

"Matters will be dealt with civilly and politely – if not, you’ll be asked to dine elsewhere.”