20 Craziest Pumpkin Carving Designs Ever Made

20. Where The Wild Things Are

Pumpkin carving may seem like an easy task, but those of us who have actually attempted it know better. Creating the perfect pumpkin masterpiece takes some serious skill— skill these 20 pumpkin carvers definitely have.

You’ll be ready to create your own work of art this Halloween after seeing these great pumpkin carving designs.

19. Carousel

This design goes into great detail when re-creating this popular book scene.

Achieving those thinner carving areas is no easy task.

18. Mona Lisa

This carver must have been extremely patient while creating their pumpkin carousel.

Talk about a true artist!

17. Little Mermaid

This pumpkin design nailed the famous Mona Lisa painting perfectly.

16. Harry Potter

This Disney princess made for an adorable pumpkin design that definitely took a steady hand to complete.

The resemblance is remarkable! Not all pumpkin carving techniques involve actual carving.

15. The Joker

You can scrape away the pumpkin skin to allow the light to shine through the design as this Harry Potter carver did.

14. Child's Play

Not only is this an amazing Joker, but the fact you can tell it's Heath Ledger makes it even more amazing.

13. Sugar Skull

This creepy pumpkin designer nailed the Chucky doll look.

A fun and non-scary option is a sugar skull.

12. Tiger

They always make beautiful and intriguing designs.

11. Nightmare Before Christmas

The attention to detail on this tiger is astounding!

10. Witches Brew

Always a favorite, The Nightmare Before Christmas makes for great pumpkin carving.

9. Skeleton

It may look simple and straightforward, but creating this witch must have taken some time.

8. Yoda

This skeleton's veil took not only a stead hand, but a lot of patience as those thin details are closer and closer together.

7. Haunted House

This fan favorite looks amazing as a pumpkin design.

6. Zombie Snow White

Achieving an entire scene and making it look as eerie as this is no small feat.

5. Headless Horseman

This design is doing double duty as an intricate Disney princess with zombie qualities.

It's crazy how this designer managed to make the scene look foggy.

4. Howling Wolf

I'm sure they've had plenty of practice.

3. Black Cat

Including small details, such as the wolves' hair, is one of the most difficult things about pumpkin carving.

2. Frankenstein

A little easier design, this cat carving is clean and makes for good inspiration.

This pumpkin design brought Frankenstein back to life.