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Get An Insight Into Any Relationship By Looking Out For These Behaviors

Whether you’re in one, looking at a past one, or observing someone else’s, relationships are hard to understand. Every relationship is so different which is why you may find yourself spending too long wondering how your partner or others really feel. 

Well, look no further. Here’s a list of body language behaviors that can give you a real insight into his or her thoughts and feelings!

This one might seem intuitive but if your partner or partner-to-be turns their body towards you, especially when speaking, it’s a strong indicator that they really like you and are very interested in you. 

Also, check out their toe cap. If that’s pointing towards you too, you can be sure of it. However, if everything’s turning away from you, it’s not a good sign. 

Another tell-tale sign that a partner is really into you is if they speak or tell a joke, and then look directly at you to sneak a peek at your reaction.

Firstly, they want to know if you’re paying attention, secondly, they’re looking for validation, a confirmation that you find them funny or approvable. If they’re looking for your approval, bingo! They like you! 

Speaking of looking, we all know how important eye contact is when you like someone. But just because someone looks at you, doesn’t always mean they like you. If it’s a glance, they probably didn’t even see you.

But if that partner looks at you for a longer period of time, say 2-3 seconds, then you can be sure that there’s a specific intention behind it. 

This is a strange one to think about but have you ever noticed that women smile more than men? Because they do. Most men seem not to smile widely without help from a really important prompt. 

So, if your man or partner-to-be smiles broadly at you, it’s a safe bet to presume you’re very special to him. 

Mirroring is when people subconsciously copy the body gestures and positions of the person they’re talking to. They do this because they want to appear likable and familiar. 

So, if you notice this with your partner or person-of-interest, rest assured because even their subconscious wants to impress you! But then, of course, more intentional behaviors are enough on their own too, just like this next one. 

When couples are truly interested in each other, they’ll constantly find ways to touch each other. At the beginning of a relationship, however, more subtle actions like touching hands or arms is a sure sign that they’re into you. 

However, if they don’t do this at the early stages, don’t panic as there’s other behaviors that can mean a lot too.

Leaning forward when communicating tends to be more common in women than in men. Although you may think this is a good sign because it shows eager engagement. 

It’s actually because a woman will want to straighten her back to improve her posture and figure if she’s interested in you. A man tends to lean on something else…

Yep, a wall. To appear bigger, a man may lean over you against a wall that you have your back to. By taking up more space, and entering your personal space, they’re letting it be known that he’s attracted to you. 

But what about the body language and behaviors that indicate he’s just not into you anymore? Here are five behaviors to watch out for. 

As mentioned before, body positioning is very important when assessing how interested someone is in you. So if their body is turned away from you, something is definitely wrong. 

Similarly, if their toe cap is pointed away from you and towards themselves, this is a strong indicator that they’re emotionally unavailable or avoidant to you. The same goes for the bed. 

If your partner has his or her back turned to you in bed, then this is behavior is a sign that something may be wrong. 

Couples that seem to be in a more caring and healthy relationship, tend to cuddle or spoon with each other in bed. If this suddenly or gradually stops, it’s probably a good idea to address it. 

There are certain gestures and body language that scream ‘I don’t want to engage with you!’, avoidant eyes, crossed arms and legs and a tight voice are a few of them. 

If a partner is doing all of these things, then surprise, surprise! They don’t want to talk to you and you’ve got a problem. If it can’t be resolved, you know what to do! 

A true and clear sign of trouble in a relationship is when a partner that you care about and love, no longer finds ways to touch you. If he or she is no longer holding your hand, or brushing aside your hair, it’s time to face facts. 

No one should make you feel unwanted, so if you talk about this and it’s still not right, send them packing! 

If someone likes you, they’ll laugh at your jokes or listen to what you have to say and set you straight when they don’t fully agree. They’ll be relaxed and honest around you. 

But if you find they start to react awkwardly to your jokes or what you have to say, it may be a sign that they don’t fully understand you, which isn’t a promising sign. 

Lastly, everybody wants to feel like they’re thought-about or looked after. Couples who love each other will naturally think about their needs and want to be near each other. 

If your partner no longer waits for you, lets the door close in your face, or spends a lot of time on the phone, they’re not showing you that they want to be around you or are showing you courtesy. If this can’t be resolved, then it’s time to go! Do you agree? 


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