Grandma And Young Husband Plan To Have A Baby

Stormy Waters 

The couple dated for a year, despite having a thirty-seven-year age gap between the two. They married shortly after. 

Age did not matter to him, he was smitten with her. But when she said she wanted to start a family with him, he knew they were headed for troubling waters. 


Finding one's soulmate might be difficult, especially given the large number of people on the planet nowadays. With over four billion adults to choose from, finding the one you were intended to call yours for the rest of your life can be difficult.

Quran McCain always wanted to find the love of his life for as long as he could remember. He did not know when it will happen, but one day he took a jump of faith and hoped for the best. 

Glimpse Of The Future 

Quran was 15-years-old when he met Cheryl McGregor. Quran was an employee at a Dairy Queen located in Rome, Georgia in 2012. 

The two hit it off almost instantly. Cheryl's son was Quran's manager, and he only saw the 52-year-old when she visited her son. Cheryl did not make a lasting impression on Quran initially, he had no idea that the universe was giving him a glimpse into his future.

Greener Pastures 

Eventually, Quran left his job at Dairy Queen in hopes of a better future. Nine years flew by and one morning he decided to go do his monthly shopping at his favorite convenience store. 

He gathered all his things and went his way. Little did he know, that his entire life was going to change that morning. 

Strange Sensation 

Quran arrived at the store. Nothing felt out of the ordinary for Quran but he had a feeling in the back of his head that something amazing was about to happen. 

He went about his shopping completely forgetting about his feeling. He made his way through the crowded aisles, but as he approached the store's checkout, the feeling returned. His spine was tingling with a warm warmth. He was perplexed as to what was going on with him.

Remembering Her 

Quran came to a halt in his tracks, the aisles around him appearing to quieten as his gaze swept the store. His gaze was drawn to the cashier at the checkout station in front of him. He stumbled back as his heart started fluttering. Was that his old boss's mother, Cheryl?

Quran was overwhelmed with various memories, Cheryl's beautiful smile, her piercing blue eyes, and her calming presence all ran threw his mind. Quran realized something was off when he looked at her now.

In Need Of A Hug

Quran fondly remembered Cheryl as a positive person, but what he saw that day was not the woman he remembered. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she looked hardened by life. He put down his things and approached the checkout station. 

He attempted to comfort her asking her why she was so sad. She responded that she had posted a video on TikTok to which some individuals had left derogatory remarks. He realized he needed to take action.


Quran did his best to be there for Cheryl. He even attempted to dance with her on her TikTok videos. Their connection grew stronger, resulting in a spiritual bond that Quran had never known before. He knew that he had to talk to Cheryl about everything happening with them. 

He decided to make a reservation at their favorite restaurant where they would discuss the issue. He prayed that his admission would not lead to the end of their relationship.

Mutual Feelings 

Quran admitted to Cheryl that he was attracted to her romantically. It came as a surprise to him when she shared that the feeling was mutual. He knew then and there, that he was sitting with his soulmate. 

Quran and Cheryl dated, and a short year later, their friendship blossomed into a joyful marriage. However, this new position came with a devastating realization for both of them.

Bad News 

Cheryl shared her desire to have a child with Quran. She was already a mother of seven children, but she wanted to share that with Quran. 

The couple attempted to conceive but were unsuccessful. They discovered that Cheryl's body was incapable of conceiving, let alone maintaining a pregnancy, due to her advanced age. The couple were heartbroken.

Trying to Fix the Issue

Quran spent many days wondering how he could solve their problem. His love for Cheryl could not allow him to watch her suffer.

He began scouring the internet, books, and television shows, searching for ways he and his wife could successfully conceive. He couldn't find anything. On the verge of giving up, something good came his way.

A Saving Grace

Quran learned of the possibility of surrogacy and adoption, procedures that would allow him and Cheryl to have a child. Overjoyed, he rushed to share the news with her.

Cheryl hugged him tightly, thanking him for all the happiness he had brought into her life. She agreed to either of the procedures, embracing Quran tighter.

Another Issue Crops Up

The couple began fleshing out their plan to populate their house with kids. As someone who grew up in a warm, loving family, Quran wanted the same for the young one who was to come into their life.

While hashing out the finer points of both procedures, another glaring problem cropped up for the two. When would the trouble end?

Two Against the World

The closest people to Cheryl who could successfully become surrogates for her and Quran, Cheryl's daughters, had hysterectomies.

Even though this new development threatened to break these Quran and Cheryl, they did not bend an inch. They doubled down and continued their research, discovering that someone outside Cheryl’s family could become their surrogate.

A Lucky Man

With the future looking brighter than ever, Quran sat down with Cheryl. He stared into her eyes, seeing the young soul within her elderly body. A loving smile birthed across his face, and he took her soft hands in his.

He did not say anything to her, only silently thanked the world that he had met his soulmate. It is something that most across the globe will never experience.