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Couple Makes A Bet: No Eating Out, No Cheat Meals, No Alcohol. Here Are They In One Year

“Happy Anniversary, my love!” whispered Danny. “Get dressed, I have something special planned.” For Lexi, her anniversary was the day that she looked forward to the most. So, as soon as Danny, her husband asked her to get dressed – she couldn’t contain her excitement. However, when Lexi tried wearing it, the zip just wouldn’t close despite repeated attempts.

All these years, the stress of work made Lexi fall into the trap of an eating disorder. Before she realized it, she was soon weighing over 200 pounds! Realizing that it was high time she got on track, Lexi decided that it was a cue to change her lifestyle and transform her body. Her husband decided to join her on that challenging journey. One year later, the results that they achieve take everyone aback – nobody can recognize the couple.

Lexi Reed, an obese child since birth, remembers being bullied in school for her weight and appearance. Starting her teenage years, whenever she managed to lose some weight, she always gained it back. 

Due to weight, Lexi faced a lot of difficulties in her dating life. Like everybody else, she also wanted to find the love of her life and plan a great future with him. Her body held her back from achieving her dreams and she couldn’t understand what to do about it!

It was in her pursuit of happiness, that she came across Danny, while out on a morning walk. “Hi! Can I please get a sip from your water bottle?” asked a breathless guy, who looked visibly distressed. “Yes, please do. Are you alright? replied Lexi. That day, something kicked off … one thing led to another and soon enough, the duo were heads over heels in love!

After facing a lot of rejections, when Lexi had given up on love, she met Danny. She instantly fell in love with Danny and felt exhilarated. But would her weight allow her to have a future with Danny? Only time could tell …

To Lexi’s surprise, Danny also fell madly in love with Lexi. He did not care how Lexi looked and suffered from weight problems. For him, this was the person who helped him with that bottle of water, when no one else would.

The couple immensely enjoyed spending quality time with each other, understanding each other’s insecurities, and most importantly, encouraging each other to bring about a positive change. Was it because of this encouragement that Lexi found herself motivated to transform her body?

On the other hand, Danny also struggled with weight issues. He often made unhealthy food choices and felt guilty after binge eating. 

Like Lexi, Danny was also an emotional eater. No matter what his mood was, food always made him happy. Was it because of this mutual love for food that Danny and Lexi could empathize with each other and finally make a bet with each other?

After their marriage, the couple spent a lot of time binge eating and sitting on the couch watching television. They also spent a lot of hours at buffets until they were stuffed. 

Their unhealthy eating habits were affecting their health adversely. Believe it or not, if the couple had not made that bet on time, they might not have been alive today.

Due to their unhealthy lifestyle, the couple hardly participated in outdoor activities with their friends like cycling, biking, river rafting, etc. Unwantedly, they ended up spending most of the nights in front of the TV. 

Lexi was the first to realize that this lifestyle was tremendously wrong, and changes should be made immediately but she had zero motivation to bring about that change.However, her hopelessness did not last long as Danny did something unexpected to take care of the situation.

Danny suggested that they make a small deal and start with baby steps. They decided to follow some rules for a month like no soda, no alcohol, no junk food, and exercise at least five times a week. 

The newly determined couple did manage to live for 30 days without fast food and eating out. Then the big question was, did the couple find themselves motivated enough to continue following these rules.

Lexi loved traveling and dreamt of going to Universal Studios to see the magical world of Harry Potter. Her health made it very difficult for her to travel as she could not easily fit in airplane seats. 

Her love for traveling worked as a great motivating factor for Lexi to lose the extra weight. However, apart from traveling there was one more factor that made it increasingly important for Lexi to transform her body.

Lexi and Danny saw kids in their future but at Lexi’s weight having a child could be a huge risk for her and the baby. This harsh truth shook Lexi and left her feeling immensely miserable and dejected. 

She had big dreams and she wanted to accomplish all of them. The bet hence gave the couple a new start and brought positive changes in their life.

Reversing bad habits is very difficult and requires a lot of work. The first month was easy but as they moved forward in the journey, it became more and more difficult. 

However, the couple was determined to keep taking small steps which would take them a long way. Read on to know what small steps the couple took to turn their lives around.

Yes, ordering food is much easier than cooking but this greatly compromises health. The couple realized this late but were determined to rectify their mistake. 

They started cooking all of their meals and to their surprise enjoyed the process immensely. However, was this one step enough to keep them motivated?

The couple constantly thought of creative ways to keep themselves motivated and soon Lexi thought of one more idea. She started taking her pictures and posting them online.

 She did not want to annoy her friends on Facebook with the regular updates, hence, she set up an Instagram account. However, apart from finding it difficult to keep themselves motivated, the couple had some problems to face.

The gym is indeed the best way to lose weight and exercise regularly, but it can be very expensive at the same time. Lexi did not only want an affordable gym but also a gym that would take into consideration her health problems like joint pain and hypertension.

 The couple did not want to spend money on a personal trainer and were desperately looking for a solution. Soon, the couple’s search came to an end, and they found a gym that suited all of their requirements.

The new gym they found did not only suit all their requirements but also had great equipment. A machine called CrossRamp worked perfectly for Lexi and did not hurt her joints. 

Additionally, the gym was not overcrowded and did not let Lexi feel conscious about her body when she was exercising. Having Danny with her made her feel more confident and secure.

Everybody craves a delicious meal now and then. Lexi knew it would not work to give up her favorite food entirely, therefore, she found alternate ways to cook her favorite meals healthily. 

This way Lexi did not have to deprive herself and could indulge in her favorite food. Soon all the efforts they were making started showing which did not only leave others surprised but the couple as well.

The couple began losing weight visibly and felt more confident in their body. Lexi made it a habit to go to the gym regularly without missing it even on weekends. 

Lexi enjoyed working out and often danced to her favorite music in the gym. She joined a couple of more classes at the gym and something very unexpected happened.

Lexi began making new friends at her gym class. Her news friends became a great support system for her and motivated her to work hard each day. 

All of them could empathize with each other and Lexi found herself very lucky to have found them. She did not notice how quickly time flew when she was working out with them.

What Lexi and Danny started as a weight loss routine became their permanent routine. It can take a while for results to show but with the hard work the couple put, results started coming instantly for them. 

Lexi lost approximately 20 pounds in a month. She wondered if she would have trouble finding a wedding dress with her newly transformed body also?

When Danny popped the question and Lexi said yes, one thing deeply troubled Lexi. She could not find a wedding dress in her size. 

It was after a lot of hard work she could finally manage to get one stitched in her size. After losing some weight, Lexi kept thinking about how easy it could have been for her to find a wedding dress then.

It was not only Lexi who managed to transform her body radically but Danny also. With the lifestyle changes he adopted with Lexi; he went from 280 pounds to 190 pounds. 

His progress did slow down a little after the first year, but he kept moving forward. Read on to know what kept him motivated.

Just like Danny supported Lexi on every step of her journey, Lexi also supported him. She constantly stood by his side and pulled him up when he was feeling down and needed encouragement. 

His wife motivated him to transform himself for the better. With the same determination, the couple kept moving forward and the final results will blow you away.

Due to her hard work, Lexi lost 312 pounds in total. After her transformation, Lexi was a completely different person. She could now easily find clothes in her size and her stomach did not touch the steering wheel when she was driving. 

When people began noticing the change and praising her, she knew all the hard work was worth doing.

When Lexi started posting her pictures on Instagram to track her progress, social media fame followed. She started her account with the name “Fat Girl Fed Up” and her followers appreciated her hard work immensely. 

Lexi now has over 750,000 followers and she tries to keep all of them motivated through her pictures and motivational quotes. Imagine how many lives she would have transformed by sharing her journey and making people feel they are not alone.

Lexi and Danny did not only get social media fame but attention worldwide because of their inspirational journey. The star couple featured on an episode of Rachael Ray where they discussed their healthy lifestyle and healthy cooking recipes. 

Lexi could now go out on hikes and adventurous trips with her friends without her body holding her back. However, could she also achieve other goals she had in her life?

Yes, after tremendous hard work, Lexi was fit to fly, and she could finally go and see her favorite wizarding world of Harry Potter. Since then, the couple has taken many adventurous trips together and are very happy to share an incredible experience.

 Everything they couldn’t do before, they do it now with great spirit and gusto. Are you now wondering about the other important goal the couple had?

Yes, as you can guess, Lexi was also fit enough to be a mother. She no longer had health complications that could put her life in danger during pregnancy. 

In an interview, Lexi mentioned that life is more fun now because she can do whatever she wants and go wherever she wants. She no longer feels trapped in her body. 


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