Couple Confused When Photo Goes Viral, Till They Look Lower

The morning after their anniversary, Wendy went ahead to check her post. The moment she checked her notifications - Wendy shrieked, "Dan, you have to see this!" 

From a less than average following to now over hundreds of thousands, their profile was flooded with messages, comments, and shares. Upon seeing this, both Dan and Wendy were quite puzzled! It was when they looked at the bottom of the picture that things got clearer to them.

Dan Hennessey and Wendy Joseph

Dan Hennessey and Wendy Joseph are a sensational power couple on social media. However, their love story goes back to when social media was not such a popular phenomenon. 

They met very dramatically on Facebook and fell in love with each other. Who knew someday they will go on to impress the world with their great dynamics as a couple?

When Did They Meet?

When these social media stars met in 2007, Dan from Edison, New Jersey had just turned eighteen and completed two years of exercise science at Montclair State. On the other hand, Wendy was seventeen and had just finished high school in South Orange, New Jersey. 

It all started with a Facebook friend request Dan sent Wendy. But things didn't go as planned when Wendy did the exact opposite of what Dan expected.

Facebook Then

When Facebook first became popular, it was created solely for college students who wanted to explore the dating world. Dan, an excited Facebook user, was eager to expand his social circle and was always looking for new friends. 

It was while he was scrolling his friend Daphne’s friend list on Facebook that he came across Wendy. He instantly felt attracted to her but was it the same case for Wendy?

Wendy Wary of Strangers

Since Wendy was new on Facebook, she was wary of strangers and did not accept Dan’s friend request. Dan even sent a couple of messages to Wendy, but she did not reply to any of them. 

Further, when Wendy saw he was also friends with Daphne, she asked her about him. Guess what Daphne must have told Wendy that she was sure about not replying to him?

Dan Messaged Again

Daphne revealed that Dan has messaged her as well and that he is just a player who is looking to randomly meet girls on Facebook. Although Wendy got a little intrigued, she was glad she did not reply to him. 

However, Wendy’s belief in her decision did not last long because Dan messaged her again. What did he have to say this time?

Dan’s Profile

Dan was again simply saying hello to her, and Wendy decided to check out his profile again properly this time. When she began scrolling through his profile, she found out that they had multiple mutual friends from high school. 

Therefore, she decided to ignore what Daphne had to say about Dan and messaged him back. Who knew ignoring Daphne’s advice was the best decision Wendy ever made?

Fake Party

Dans was surprised when he saw that Wendy had accepted his friend request and also replied to his message. Soon conversation began flowing and Dan and Wendy quickly became friends. 

Then Dan randomly invited her to a party at his house thinking Wendy would decline the offer. To Dan’s surprise, Wendy agreed instantly and now the only problem was there was no party happening in real life.

Dan’s Friends Rescue Him

The moment Wendy agreed, Dan panicked but instantly started thinking of a solution to his problem. He called his friends and told them the whole situation. 

Fortunately, his friends came to his rescue and managed to throw an amazing last-minute party. Dan and Wendy met face to face for the first time and thus began a beautiful chapter in their life.

Friends First

She'd only recently ended a long-term relationship, while he was living the party life to the fullest. They chose to be friends while being close to each other.

 Eventually, as time passed, approximately half a year later they were ready to give it a go. Regrettably, it appears like fate had other plans for them.

The Next Seven Years

The next seven years were wonderful, and the couple spent a great time together. They did everything couples do together, watch movies, go on road trips, attend concerts, and much more. 

Everything was in control, or at least they thought that. Soon things started to go downhill when Wendy started feeling a little lost in the relationship.

What To Do?

Wendy had no idea who she was as a person after seven years together. She wanted to stay with Dan, but she could see how their lives had grown so linked that they couldn't exist alone. 

Wendy knew she had to do something, but she was afraid it would shatter Dan's heart. Did they decide to go separate ways?

The Breakup

Wendy ultimately decided to leave her relationship with Dan so that they could pursue their courses in life. The choice was difficult, but Dan agreed that it was the right one. 

As a result, after seven years together, the couple decided to part ways. Would the couple be able to live apart after living together for seven years?

Another Concern

However, Wendy feeling lost was not the only reason she broke up with Dan, she had some other concerns as well. A few months before the breakup, when Wendy was ordering food through Dan’s phone, she saw some messages in his inbox which greatly shocked her.

 They were all messages from girls. Was Dan cheating on her?

Party Animal

It started as a seed of doubt in her mind, but as they stayed together, her doubts grew stronger. Wendy kept a wary eye on his growing list of Facebook friends because he was still active there.

 He was not cheating but still went out to party with girls, he was still a party animal. It bothered Wendy a little because she assumed he had matured over the years.

Wendy Compares Herself

She didn't see anything particularly problematic, but she did notice a lot of interactions between him and other women. What made matters worse was that they were all young, successful, and had already completed their education. 

Wendy couldn't help but feel inadequate in their presence. Her fears eventually got the best of her.

YouTube Channel

Wendy launched her own YouTube channel, Wendy's Curls, during their time apart. She began to gain a following as she handed out hairstyling guidance and beauty recommendations, believing she had discovered her purpose. 

Her channel quickly attracted her ex-boyfriend's attention. Dan started watching Wendy's videos and eventually contacted her. Would they get back together?

They Come Back Together

Although both Wendy and Danny were successful living apart, they were not truly happy. They had a discussion and eventually chose to get back together after discovering their love for one another would never go away. 

This time they promised to be more vocal about their feelings and communicate freely with one another. As a result, they embarked on an exciting new chapter in their lives.

A New Venture

Dan began to feature in Wendy's videos after they resumed their romance. Soon after, the videos shifted from cosmetic advice to relationship advice, and the couple established a joint Instagram account. 

Their love got stronger as their social media presence rose. To keep their followers engaged, Wendy posted a before and after picture of them together which then went ahead to make a major difference in their life.

The Before and After Picture

The photo on the left showed them when they first started going out, while the shot on the right showed them more recently. Despite the fact that they did not put much work into it, the post blew up. 

It earned over 60,000 likes in just a few weeks. The story was covered by The Sun, The Daily Mail, and The Independent, among others. What made them pay so close attention to it?

Do You Both Age in Reverse?

People were astounded by how different the two photographs seemed after seeing them. How did they manage to look even younger than a decade ago?

 "Do you both age backward?" a user inquired, another user inquired, "What fountain of youth are you drinking from?" Ultimately, they divulged their transformation's secret.

Fitness Freaks

Even before Dan and Wendy met, both of them were fitness freaks and spent a lot of time doing intense physical workouts. After coming back together, when they both realized that fitness was still a mutual passion, they decided to make a career out of it. 

On their YouTube channel, they started posting their workouts online along with nutrition tips for their followers. Soon, they were a huge success and were labeled to be the ‘power couple.’

Another Channel

Seeing the success of the existing YouTube channel, the couple decided to launch one more channel called True4You Fitness, which was a coaching company that gave exercise and nutrition advice to people. 

Along with this, they continued giving relationship advice on their previous channel. Wendy and Dan were doing well both personally and professionally. Soon, they had another news to share with their followers.

The Proposal

In September 2016, Dan and Wendy traveled to Paris with some of their friends for a vacation. On the day they went to the Eiffel Tower, he planned a surprise for her. 

Dan dropped down on one knee, took out a diamond ring, and proposed to the love of his life. His best friend was there to capture the moment.

Love For Travel

Wendy did not take more than a second to shout a big yes. Their lives were about to take a turn for the better. That trip to Paris was not the last time they traveled. 

It was time for them to go on an adventure together and travel. They put money aside and spent months traveling abroad with each other!

Happy Ending

Their YouTube and Instagram accounts have only grown in strength. On top of that, they've also launched a website which is a huge success. 

Their main purpose is to assist people from all around the world in achieving their fitness goals realistically without losing motivation in the middle of the journey. They are greatly successful in this endeavor!