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Couple Turn Delivery Truck Into Mobile Home Unaware Of What They’re Stepping Into

The insulation process took a few weeks to complete, turning the truck into a space the couple could live. 

With the vehicle divided into different spaces, they began the difficult job of turning it from a delivery truck into an actual home. They had no idea what they’d stepped into. 

Owning property is usually what most young adults look forward to as they settle into their twenties. The idea of coughing out cash in the name of rent is as painful as the thought of being an independent adult. 

For some, paying rent is motivation enough to work hard so they can buy a home they can call theirs. But for others, rent becomes an everlasting cloud over their lives. 

Brody Redfield and his fiance, Annie, had been together for half a decade before they decided to get married. Both starting their careers after college, they’d expected life to be easy. 

But the realities of adulthood soon caught up to them. Endless bills came knocking on their door every month, among them the dreaded monthly rent. They knew they had to break the circle. 

Brody, whose family had worked in the delivery industry for decades, had an idea. Seeing that his family had connections when it came to trucks, he pondered the possibility of buying one and renovating it into a mobile home. 

After a long chat with his fiance, they concluded that the idea was good. But although it seemed doable, there were several glaring problems that they had to solve first. 

The prospect of living one’s life in a mobile home can be a daunting one, especially if you’ve never slept outside a house before. For Brody and Annie, moving into a vehicle would be the first time they would sleep outside.

Additionally, neither of them understood what went into turning a delivery truck into an actual home. The work ahead was enough to deter them from their goal.   

But Brody and Annie didn’t break under the pressure. They’d already spent five years paying hefty sums to their landlord and wanted a way out. 

Brody talked to one of his brothers who worked in delivery, asking if he could help him find a suitable truck for purchase. This would be the start of a long project that would deliver them from the jaws of paying rent.

Brody’s brother, Erick, got in touch with some of his trucking buddies and found the perfect vehicle for his brother. It was a white delivery truck with ample space that could be renovated into a home. 

Without wasting time, Brody and Annie got to work. The first thing they did was find a renovator they could afford. They consolidated their funds, charted the path ahead, and began their journey. 

The first part of renovating the truck was ensuring it had enough insulation to protect Brody and Annie from the harsh elements when they moved in. Heat exhaustion and hypothermia were among the many dangers if the two didn’t take the necessary precautions against them. 

Their renovator suggested different ways to insulate the truck, such as melanin foam. The couple settled on the best they could afford. But would it be enough to transform the truck into a warm, habitable space?

The insulation process took a few weeks to complete, turning the truck into a space Brody and Annie could live. They divided the open space into different compartments, including a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and an area meant for a bed.

With the vehicle divided into different spaces, the couple began the difficult job of turning it from a delivery truck into an actual home. They had no idea what they’d stepped into. 

Several acts in the country dictate how people living in mobile homes should live. These include where they can park their vehicles.

Brody and Annie didn’t take their time to consider all the different factors that went into owning a mobile home. To them, not paying rent had blinded other realities from their sight. They didn’t know what a huge mistake they were making. 

In states like Maryland, unless you own a piece of property to place your mobile home on, the state requires you to rent a space at a mobile home park or at least buy a mobile home already at a park.

The premise itself would mean that Brody and Annie would have to pay a monthly fee, the same way they used to do when paying rent. Was all of this a waste of time and money? 

Brody and Annie had a big issue on their hands. But the problem seemed to solve when they realized their home was a truck they would park anywhere.

Since both of them worked from home, they fitted the vehicle with wi-fi so they could move across the country, enjoy new sceneries, and simultaneously work and pay off any bills and fees that came their way. But this solution wouldn’t be enough. 

Brody and Annie had always wanted to tour the United States. After all, they came from one of the world’s most diverse and beautiful countries. But such a journey, although doable on paper, was much more difficult in reality. 

It would need a lot of money, which the couple didn’t have. They needed to figure out their situation quickly because they’d paid for their last month in their apartment. The end was here.  

Annie had the idea of continuing to live in their apartment while they turned their truck into a rental space. With enough cash, they could turn it into a business that would allow them to buy their fleet of trucks turned into homes while living in a house they could call their own.

Brody loved the idea. With Annie and his brother’s help. He mapped a business plan for Annie’s proposal. But moving forward with Annie’s vision would mean one thing.  

Renting out their truck would mean that Brody and Annie would have to stay a few more months in their apartment. But by the end of the year, the business accumulated enough money to buy and renovate another truck.

As it stands, Brody and Annie, now a married couple, run a successful business renting out trucks renovated into homes. They have their own beautiful house but spend time on the road themselves! Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.


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