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Countries You Should Visit If You Are A Chocolate Lover

Unquestionably, one of humanity’s finest creations is chocolate! It gives our taste buds the perfect amount of stimulation to make us feel wonderful, at ease, and happy. However, are you aware of the origin of chocolate? Which nations produce the best chocolate? Continue reading to learn about the best destinations in the world to find the tastiest chocolate. Get ready for a chocolate overload.

History of chocolate

The history of chocolate is pretty fascinating. Its origins can be traced back to the prehistoric Mayans and even further, to the prehistoric Olmecs of southern Mexico. Did you know that chocolate wasn’t always a delightful treat to eat? For a significant portion of history, it was a revered but bitter beverage. Every meal was paired with chocolate in Mayan houses. The Aztecs traded cocoa beans for food and other items because they thought that the gods had given them to them. There are numerous theories describing how Spain is where chocolate was first introduced to Europe. In reality, according to some sources, World Chocolate Day commemorates the 1500s arrival of chocolate in Europe. The first solid chocolate bar was created and released in 1847 by the English store Fry and Sons; Cadbury’s version followed in 1849. In 1875, the first milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland.

1. Mexico

Some anthropologists have traced the consumption of chocolate in Southern Mexico to as far back as 450 B.C. The Nahuatl language of the Aztecs gave rise to the English word “chocolate,” which they used to describe their bitter, chocolate-flavored beverage. Many of Mesoamerica’s native tribes revered and valued cocoa beans highly enough to utilize them as money. In Mexican food, chocolate is still widely used in both desserts and the savory marinade known as a mole, which is frequently eaten with meat. Try the flavorful sauce in Puebla or Oaxaca, two states in Mexico that are said to be the home of mole.

2. Belgium

If you ever travel to Belgium, you won’t have trouble finding a chocolate shop! In fact, this tiny nation is home to more than 2,000 specialty chocolate shops. It is regarded as one of the top four producers of chocolate. This is mostly because Belgian chocolate generates distinctive flavors. The method of production is what distinguishes it. Belgian chocolatiers meticulously grind the cocoa bean particles till they practically dissolve in the mouth. To give your tongue and mouth the most enjoyment, you must strike the perfect balance between soft and rough. Belgian chocolatiers also employ unique tempering techniques to quickly cool down the finished product. This enhances its flavor and aroma of it.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland is most likely the chocolatiest country on the entire globe. For lovers of chocolate, the entire nation is a chocolate lover’s paradise. The average Swiss person consumes 20 pounds of chocolate annually! There are 18 chocolate companies all over the nation. This delectable treat is regarded as a hallmark of this Alpine nation. The invention of milk chocolate, which has radically altered the perception of chocolate, is another Swiss national pride. Locals claim that the success of Swiss chocolate is due to its high quality. Swiss chocolate is produced in accordance with strict quality standards, resulting in incomparably superior chocolate. To provide you with an understanding of the production process, the majority of manufacturers offer tours of their facilities.

4. Italy

Many people do not associate Italy with chocolate. Because of its pizza, pasta, and possibly its tiramisu, this Mediterranean nation is well-known to casual foodies. But did you know that one of the most significant chocolate taste combinations may have originated in Italy? There is a lively society that takes its chocolates very seriously in Turin, the northern city and the capital of the Piedmont region, which borders France and Switzerland. Take a trip, and you’ll soon discover that gianduiotto is a distinctive chocolate treat that exists there.

5. USA

The largest chocolate producers in the world are based in the United States. Almonds, peanuts, and caramel are frequently included in American chocolate, which is one of their distinctive characteristics. We cannot ignore Hershey’s despite the fact that the United States is flooded with tiny artisan chocolate shops. This company is the largest chocolate and confectionery manufacturer in the United States. It was established in Hershey, Pennsylvania, which is also the location of a number of well-known tourist attractions, including Hershey’s Chocolate World and Hersheypark.

6. England

It’s difficult to resist a Cadbury egg when you see them in the grocery store, but the company was founded in the UK in the 1820s and first offered tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate. In the 1850s, the Cadbury brothers supplied chocolate to Queen Victoria. In 1905, they created the well-known Dairy Milk chocolate, which is well-known for having a higher milk content. Even though you can purchase Cadbury Eggs and Dairy Milk bars anywhere around the globe, we believe they taste better when you’re in the UK and strolling down a cobblestone street!

7. Ecuador

For hundreds of years, Ecuador was the top exporter of cocoa beans, and it continues to make some of the best beans on earth. It is renowned for its Arriba Cacao beans, which are among the most sought-after beans and are used by numerous well-known dark chocolate producers. Only 5% of chocolate goods globally receive the “Fine Aroma” distinction, and 63% of it is made in Ecuador. The location, climate, and geography of this nation are other factors that contribute to its prominence in the chocolate industry. Although Ecuador has primarily focused on exporting cocoa beans, new domestic chocolate producers have appeared in recent years.

8. Ivory Coast

Less than 4% of chocolate sold worldwide is consumed by Africans, but Ivory Coast hopes to change that with their handmade, artisanal chocolates. As the area continues to stabilize and experience economic progress, the nation, which is recognized as the leader in the production and exportation of cocoa beans, has started making its own chocolate. Instant Chocolat, a business that was established in 2015, has grown significantly in just a few short years. Their chocolate, which ranges from pralines to bars, is well-liked both domestically and abroad, especially with business clients like Citibank and Air France.

9. France

It should come as no surprise that France, known for its culinary prowess and delicacies, is among the nations with the greatest chocolates in the world for a treat as sweet as chocolate. France’s mass-produced chocolate industry is still relatively new, in contrast to Switzerland or Belgium. On the other hand, its artisan chocolate scene is a different tale. France, and particularly Paris, was one of the first major European capitals to embrace chocolate indulgence. Debauve & Gallais, the city’s first chocolate shop, first opened its doors in 1800 and served as a drugstore that prescribed chocolate at the time.

10. Ghana

Ghana is the primary producer of chocolate, producing 22% of the world’s cocoa, or over 8,50,000 tonnes annually. Surprisingly, Ghana is rarely brought up in casual conversations about foreign chocolates along with Switzerland. The Ghanaian cocoa bean is what gives Swiss chocolates their unique flavor and texture. When in Ghana, you’ll only hear about chocolate in 1957. The revolutionary endeavor to produce Ghanaian chocolate from Ghanaian beans was started in 2016 by two vivacious sisters, Kimberly and Priscilla Addison.


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