Burglars Choose The Wrong House To Break Into

Surprise, Surprise

He tiptoed across the hallway, followed by his accomplices and wondering what part of the house the riches would be in. The old lady was probably keeping a stash of jewelry somewhere; all they had to do now was find it.

But suddenly, the sound of a door creaking shattered the silence that reigned over the house that night. And that's when their lucky strike came to an end.

Burglary Spree

They thought they could keep getting away with it. This gang of thieves had been indulging in a burglary spree across different suburbs of North Carolina. They had remained uncaught for months.

They felt untouchable, and they thought that house would be an easy job too. But they didn't have a clue of who they were messing with.

Police’s Worst Nightmare

The gang had been the North Carolina Police Department's biggest headache for almost half a year. They were suspected to be behind a sudden crime wave.

Dozens of houses across North Carolina had been broken into and emptied of everything of value; however, the perpetrators of these crimes seemed to be untraceable. Nobody could have ever suspected that a 75-year-old grandma was about to do what the whole police department had been incapable of.

They Seemed Unstoppable

The bunch of criminals was known to be implacable: they would take everything they could from the houses they broke into, from TV sets and laptops to jewelry.

They would use different cars, masks, and clothes every time so that they couldn't be recognized by any camera footage or leave any trace in the houses they broke into. It seemed like no one could stop them.

Above The Law

By the time this story took place, they felt like they were above the law. The North Carolina Police Department was even considering getting the FBI involved.

As for the thieves, they felt like they were untouchable. Little did they know that crime always has its punishment, and they would soon have to face the most nightmarish situation of their lives.

Karen Davis

The woman who would reveal herself to be the burglars' demise is a 75-year-old named Karen Davis. To her neighbors, she's an easy-going and friendly lady who's always happy to help the people around her.

To the thieves, she was an easy mark. But there was something about the 75-year-old lady that not many people were aware of.

Her Unusual Hobby

Her biggest hobby was one that might seem kind of unusual for a woman her age: she was a really dedicated bodybuilder.

Even though she had always been an active woman who enjoyed exercising, it wasn't until she retired that she decided to take this discipline seriously. At her gym, people were amazed not only at her dedication but also at her results.


At 75 years old, Karen has a physique that doesn't leave anyone indifferent - she has the strength of a man in his 20s. She even prides herself on having won a few bodybuilding competitions during the last few years.

However, some people have raised their eyebrows at this granny's unconventional hobby. On several occasions, she's been the object of some rumors, gossip, and theories.


Some people have wondered whether Karen has used any sort of substance to reach her current physique. After all, a 75-year-old woman hitting the kind of marks that a young male weightlifter could only wish for is not something you see every day.

However, Karen has always claimed to be a hundred percent natural. According to her, it's all about dedication, discipline, and the right nutrition.

She Didn’t Know It Would Pay Off

Karen had always perceived her bodybuilding hobby as just that: a hobby. What she didn't know was that one day, it would help her to protect her life, her possessions, and her community.

Of course, the gang of thieves wasn't aware of what the outcome of their latest shenanigans would be. When they first entered Karen's house that night, they thought it would be easy.

One Night

The thieves broke into the house around 2 am, while Karen was sleeping. When they were caught, they hadn't taken anything yet: they were just wandering around the house, looking for anything valuable they could grab.

But all of a sudden, Karen woke up. She hadn't even heard anything, but she went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. And that's when it all started.


Both the thieves and the granny were shocked to see each other: it took Karen only a few seconds to get over the confusion of seeing some masked strangers in her house.

As it was reported later on, the two parties got into a physical altercation right away. But no one could have ever predicted what its outcome would be.

Police Arrive

Apparently, three of the four members of the gang were knocked out; the last one was tackled and pinned down to the floor by Karen until the police made their appearance.

When the officers first saw the scene after walking through the door, they were amazed, but probably a bit ashamed as well. Who could have thought that a 75-year-old lady had been capable of doing what they had been unsuccessfully trying to do for months?

Officers’ Reaction

However, according to Karen, the officers were really kind and thankful for her actions. They even asked her to take some selfies with them. 

They also asked her if she was alright, and she assured them that she hadn't even got a single bruise. Clearly, it was the robbers who got the worst deal from the altercation.

A Happy Ending

Finally, justice was done, and the gang who had been terrorizing North Carolina for months got caught. The four of them are currently waiting for trial.

And as is to be expected, Karen is proud of not only having served the community, but also of her bodybuilding hobby, her effort, and her dedication paying off in such a severe situation. But, this wasn’t the first time a granny has given some would-be thieves a rude awakening.

Soft Targets

We’ve all heard stories about the elderly being victimized because they are “easy” targets. They are favorite targets for phone scams, door-to-door sales, and even simple thieves. They are so vulnerable that they get targeted at the most amazing moments. 

When Karen was accosted by three men during a shopping trip, the narrative pretty much writes itself. However, what they didn’t realize was that she was no ordinary granny. She had a few surprises up her sleeve.

Simple Life

77-year-old Winifred Peel from a small town near Liverpool, doesn’t look different to any other older woman. She keeps herself fairly busy in her retirement. She enjoyed the less hurried pace of her life and happily went about her daily business. 

Growing up, Winifred had always led an active lifestyle. She loved to help her father who loved to tinker and fix things at home and she became involved in various sports. However, something stuck with her through all the years and as it turned out, may have saved her life.

Across Town

While on her way to her favorite cafe for some tea and cake, Winifred passed a group of young men near the bank. They were standing around arguing with each other but she didn’t give them much thought. However, as it turned out, she should have paid more attention to them. 

While on her way she remembered that she needed to find a gift for her best friend’s daughter. She quickly went into the shops and found the perfect gift, only to discover she didn’t have any cash. Since it was a small town there weren’t any banks nearby so she set off at a brisk pace to the closest ATM.

At Risk

After several minutes Winifred finally spied an ATM and began to approach. As she drew closer she began to fumble in her bag looking for her bank card. She couldn’t find the card so she stopped short of the ATM so she good search her bag properly.

It was while staring into the depths of her bag that she became aware of a shuffling behind her. She had no idea that her brief hesitation was about to become a defining moment in her life. She looked up and her face flushed. 

Caught Off Guard

Hearing the shuffling behind her, she immediately assumed she was in someone else who wanted to use the machine’s way. She turned to see a woman behind her patiently waiting for her to go about her business. 

Knowing she’ll be a moment Winifred turned to the woman and said “You go ahead, I’ll be a minute”. The woman thanked her and stepped up to the machine while Winifred searched her bag. Little did she know that danger was fast approaching. 

Uneasy Feeling

Winifred had always been a fairly trusting person. She always believed in the good in people and lived by the motto “give kindness, receive kindness back”. It was a mindset that had served her well through the years. 

As she stood there searching her bag, she noticed several shadows looming over her. She didn’t give it much thought as she rummaged through her bag, finally producing her bank card. However, that would turn out to be a mistake. 

Knocked To the Ground

Winifred slipped her card into the machine and followed all the normal prompts. She typed in her PIN code and pressed the ‘Continue’ button. It was at that moment that felt she herself knocked to the ground as her vision blurred. 

Dazed and confused, Winifred didn’t know what’s going on. She tried to get her bearings and make sense of what was happening. One thing was clear, she was in danger. However, how would she be able to defend herself. 

Out of Nowhere

Everything had happened in the merest blink of an eye. From the shadows, entering her pin, the shuffling, and finding herself on the ground. It had all happened so fast that she hadn’t really had time to register. 

She felt the pain shoot through her body as she fell to the ground. That’s when the adrenaline kicked it. She felt it surge through her as she shook off the pain thinking: “You’re not taking my money, young man.” She got up and rounded on the man, doing something unthinkable. 

No Time To Think

Seething with anger, she sprung back to her feet. Before they had the time to react, she was on top of them. It was the same three men who’d been making a scene at the bank earlier.

Clearly, they thought they’d have more luck hassling old ladies. But Winny was a poor choice of target.

Grandma Fights Back

Lunging at the closest, she grabbed his head and used her full weight to wrestle him against the wall. The seconds seem to have frozen and Winny’s face was unreadable, no fear or anger. In that instant, the thieves flew right at her.

Winny was old but very strong after all. Six pairs of rough hands tried to seize her, but Winny’s right hand shot out and landed on one thief’s face. Panicking, his accomplices wrestled him free then sprinted away down the road.

A Moment of Reflection

Still full of adrenaline, Winny started to give chase, before the gravity of the situation finally hit her at full-force.. 

“It was only afterwards that I realised what I’d done and started shaking,” she said, “what if he’d had a knife? I might not be here today.” Thinking she’d let them get away, she cursed to herself. But it wasn’t over yet.

Rushing To Help

Hearing the noise, some people nearby turned the corner to see Winifred looking distressed. Running to her aid, she waved them off, instead insisting they catch the assailants.

While one person stayed with her, the other two hurried off around the corner, hoping to catch a glimpse of them before it was too late.

Preying On The Vulnerable

The unlucky trio of teenage criminals – Felix Stoica, 19, Piper Dumitru, 18, and Florin Geblescu, 18 – Were looking for “easy targets” that night, but underestimated Winny’s determination not to be taken advantage of.

They had driven to Bromborough from Manchester in search of vulnerable prey to target. But they got a lot more than they bargained for.

Breadcrumb Trail

The chase was short-lived. The good samaritans had been just a touch too late to see where the attackers had run to but the police weren’t far behind. In her furious counter-attack, Winny had caused a fair amount of damage.

The wall and floor surrounding the cash machine was marked from the attack, with the trail leading off around the corner.

Fighting Fit

For years, Winifred had visited the gym four times a week. As she grew older, her routine had become less intensive, yet her persistence ensured she was still fighting fit. 

On the day of her attack, her body took the reigns, using every ounce of strength to defend herself. Unleashing her anger, she had ensured that the would-be thieves would be brought to justice.