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Child Stars: Who Needed Rehab and Who is Set For Life Financially

There’s a question amongst Hollywood that is often asked about Childhood stars. “Why do they implode?” Many face multiple stints in rehab, mental breakdowns, and parental guardianship that shows no signs of ending. When childhood stars begin to implode, the world shakes it’s head and wonders what went wrong. Lindsay Lohan is often an example of a child star that completely went off the deep end. It seems like there are few children that find early fame and see long-term success as adults. In some cases, it’s poor financial planning by parents to blame or the parents squandering their child’s money. For others, it’s substance abuse or lack of purpose in their adult life. Here’s a list of child stars and an explanation of what happened to them in their financial life as adults. Some became financially stable for the rest of their life, while others faced a rocky road and lived a life of financial bankruptcy.

Bonnie Wright-Acting & Filmmaking

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you will easily recognize Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley, Harry’s love interest. What is perhaps most admirable about the former child actor, is her hunger for knowledge and success within the industry. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the Arts: London College of Communication. The most amazing part? She did this schooling in between filming the Harry Potter films. By the time she was 18, she began working on her wealth management strategies by going into screenwriting, directing, and producing. We bet she doesn’t have any student loans that need paying!

Erin Moran-Bankrupt

If you grew up in the 70s, or love TVLand reruns, you’ll recognize Erin Moran as Ron Howard on Happy Days, and then on her spin-off show Joanie Loves Chachi. In 2012, Moran lost her Californian home to foreclosure and moved into a trailer park in Indiana where she was soon evicted from. She was part of a lawsuit against the CBS network over merchandising and won a five digit settlement, only to file for bankruptcy in 2015.

Hayden Panettiere-Actress & Singer

Panettiere had an early start into showbiz on by appearing in commercials before she was even one. When she turned four, she got the opportunity to strain the soap opera called One Life to Live that ran from 1994 to 1997. When she was ten, she appeared in Disney film, Remember the Titans, and she got her biggest breakthrough in the industry when she starred in the series Nashville in 2012, where she received Golden Globe Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress. Now being a wife and a mother, it seems that she has come a long way within the industry.

Jaleel White-Fueling His Legacy

His acting career has spanned his entire life, and it can be agreed that he doesn’t get nearly enough attention for his work. His role in Family Matters is solidified in Hollywood legacies.His newest comic series, Me, Myself and I attempts to immortalize the character he played in the 80s series. We hope that it will be worth his investment in the end, and that he’s not missing a chance to build a new brand on account of his sentiments.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar-Steady Career

Gosselaar’s acting career took off in the mid-80s when he began taking various roles in TV shows and films. Although he was making somewhat good money doing minor roles, it seemed that is career was just taking off. He reached stardom when he played Zack Morris on television sitcom, Saved by the Bell. In 2016, he did a TV film and then a movie, proving his acting career is moving at a slow but steady pace.

Abigail Breslin-Impeccable Reputation

In Hollywood, there are very few “goody-two-shoes”, but Abigail Breslin has managed to maintain this reputation throughout her duration in Hollywood. She’s been a fixture within charities and philanthropic circles while moving towards a career in producing and directing.

Jonathan Ke Quan-Stunt Choreographer

Jonathan Ke Quan began his acting career during the 80s, acting in big films like Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom and The Goonies. As he began maturing, he landed minor roles in shows, and so he decided to begin working behind the camera as a stunt choreographer. With his net worth of $1 million, he earns enough money to afford a nice house and home insurance to cover it.

Evanna Lynch-Battled Mental Illness

Again, Harry Potter fans UNITE! Evanna Lynch was never silent about her obsession with the books, and so at 11 years old, when she was able to speak with J.K Rowling about being cast as Luna Lovegood, she did not waste any time trying to prove that she deserved the role. At 26 years old, Lynch has built a sturdy acting career and has become one of Hollywood’s most sough-after actresses. After conquering a debilitating eating disorder, Lynch decided to work with women around the world who are also battling mental illness. Lynch dedicates much of her time, effort and money to humanitarian work.

Jonathan Lipnicki-Philanthropy & Acting

After becoming the brainy Jerry McGuire in the 1996 movie, Lipnicki began to work his way up the Hollywood ladder in a very quick manner. Since then, Lipnicki has traded in his geeky phase for a big bodied fixture in reality shows such as, Celebs Go Dating. He is also known for his involvement in Breast Cancer research, a cause in which he has dedicated a significant amount of his earnings too.

Jennifer Jason Leigh-Multi Nominated

Jennifer Jason Leigh made her big debut onscreen with popular 80s film, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. As her career and wallet began growing, she was able to land roles in films such as The Hitcher and Single White Female. After her father, (famous actor Vic Morrow) passed away in a helicopter accident while filming, Jason Leigh and her family sued Warner Bros for his death. The case was settled out of court.

Jake Lloyd- Battling Schizophrenia

If you are a Star Wars fan, you probably don’t need an introduction to this actor. He was first introduced to the acting scene with his role in Jingle All the Way, and then landed the covetable role as Anakin Skywalker. When Star Wars blew up, it seemed his career was going on the same path.However, much of his time and earnings were spent battling schizophrenia which hindered his acting career. He hasn’t been seen in Hollywood since.

Jeremy Jackson- Nearing Oblivion

Jeremy Jacksons’ best days seem to be in the past, seeing as the highlight of his career was landing a role on Baywatch. After making brief appearances on reality shows, he began a long and winding fight with drug addiction and the law. Since then, the actor has decided to retire following his 2017 jail sentencing for stabbing someone.

Ricky Schroder- Racing Enthusiast

Ricky Schroder is an actor AND a film director who began his career in the ’80s with his role in the film The Champ. His performance blew audiences away and won him a Golden Globe Award. The actor has also been very public about his passion for car racing and is a prominent supporter of the foundation Racing For Kids, where celebrities race to collect funds for children’s health care needs. In 2006, he filed for divorce from his wife after being married for 24 years, which we can assume divided some of his assets.

Jeff Cohen-Successful Lawyer

Jeff Cohen is most recognized for portraying Chunk in popular ’80s movie, The Goonies. After several television appearances, Cohen decided to leave his acting career behind to pursue his studies. He didn’t stop at just a simple college degree from the University of California, he got a law degree and became a successful lawyer. His net worth is about $4 million, meaning he’s probably doing his job pretty well.

Melissa Gilbert-A Star From The Beginning

You probably remember the NBC series, Little House On The Prairie, and you probably remember Laura Ingalls Wilder played by Melissa Gilbert. Although she seemed to be doing well in the limelight, her personal life seemed to be a mess. She revealed in her autobiography in 2009, that she took the wrong path and had to resort to drug and alcohol rehab to overcome her addictions.

Angus T. Jones-Biting The Hand That Fed Him

Although Jones may have made some appearances on TV and film, his fame can be contributed to his role on sitcom Two and a Half Men. Jones has been anything but enthusiastic about the show that shot his name to stardom. He has stated that the content of the show is no better than ‘filth’. Yet, with some financial planning and wealth management, it looks like he can afford to make such comments seeing as he spent over a decade of making $300K per episode from the sitcom.

Dylan and Cole Spouse-Back In Business

The Spouse twins are probably some of the only Disney stars who managed to make it out of childhood super-stardom with a clean reputation. They began their acting careers as children until their hiatus in 2011. After earning their bachelor degrees, the pair decided to put themselves back on the Hollywood market. Cole landed a return role on the hit TV series, Riverdale. Fans can agree that it is their off-screen banter that sets them apart from each other. Given their combined net worth and earnings, it looks like their ‘roasts’ are a luxury they can afford.

Macaulay Culkin-From Acting to Music and Back Again


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