Chaotic Tweets About Movies That Actually Make Really Good Points

Making Sense

People love to joke about their favorite movies, but somehow, these movie fans managed to make some excellent points along the way. It's not rare to find plot holes or things that make sense in movies, but they're not always these funny. 

These tweets prove that even the funniest thoughts can have plenty of truth to them. Sometimes the truth is much funnier than any made-up joke. 

The Perfect Solution

Many people had already complained about the lack of X-Men in the current Marvel Movies that focus mainly on the Avengers and a few other superheroes. 

A user had a brilliant yet funny idea of how to introduce the X-Men to the current movie plans. Deadpool should just drag a folder named "20th Century Fox" to a folder named "Marvel Studios," and that would be it. No explanation is needed whatsoever. 

The Wrong Choice

At times, you are 'tricked' to root for the wrong character in a movie. Sometimes, a character is painted as a good protagonist when in fact, they're not so good after all. 

Such is the case with this classic Batman movie, whereas one user pointed out that people were made to believe that they should root for the trust-fund billionaire instead of the ones who were trying to grow forests and cool the planet, who were the villains. 

Realistic Scenario

Even in post-apocalyptic or disaster movies, the scenarios you see can be quite believable and realistic. Such is the case with the Jurassic franchise. 

One user cleverly pointed out the way they have the same problem over and over and do the same thing to try and solve it. That is as real as it can get, doesn't it? 

Be Careful Who You Choose

It's very important to be careful who you choose in the local elections, and more importantly, to vote. And this user brought up the best argument to support this. 

In the movies Jaws and Jaws 2, the town had the same mayor. That's right. Maybe if people voted differently, things would change for the better for everyone involved. 


It often happens that you would want to live in a fictional world of a movie. The reasons may differ, but as this user put it, everyone would probably want to live in The Shire from The Lord of The Rings.

Hobbits live there. They eat and enjoy themselves, and best of all, they don't know what an email is. 

Good Points

Movie predictions are almost always off when they deal with the future. But as this user points out, Matrix was right about this one. 

In the movie, the machines describe 1999 as being the peak of human civilization. At the time, people laughed, thinking that their prediction would not age well. But it's been 23 years, and some people are starting to realize that the machines might have been right. 

Bad Investment

Sometimes, if you look at the numbers of a fictional business, you realize that they don't add up and maybe even don't make sense. 

Such is the case with the movie Ratatouille, where someone invests in a restaurant that has as its main chef a rat with a lifespan of 1.8 years. Talk about a terrible investment. 

What Was He Doing

Many people had made it their yearly tradition to watch Home Alone every holiday season. But how many had noticed this intriguing detail? 

This user had noticed something very interesting and even questionable. What could the father in the movie do to afford such a home and vacation to Paris for nine people? One can only wonder. 


There are some details in movies that people just can't let go of. Such is the case with The Breakfast Club and a particular meal. 

This user had spent 30 years thinking about how Molly's sushi lunch was sitting in a warm library for four hours. That was surely something she should not have eaten anymore. 

A Risky Accusation

Many people thought this to be a huge plot hole and even made fun of the main character for being fooled by such antics. 

But this post makes a very good point. Would you dare accuse your nanny of being your ex-husband disguised as a British woman? That's a very serious accusation, and it could backfire horribly. 

An Example

People tend to find examples to follow in the most unlikely movie characters. Even if they are the villain or someone who harms people. Like a vampire. Or the vampire, Dracula himself. 

Dracula slept all day, lived alone in a castle, and exploded into thousands of bats to get out of social situations. That is the dream for many. 


You don't realize how weird dome things sound until you hear them out loud. This user makes a good point about the 20th century while relating it to the movie Titanic. 

If you think about it, it feels unfair that the phrase "the 1900" has the era in which the Titanic sank and also the era in which the movie "Titanic" came out. These two shouldn't be together. 


A lot of people get this one wrong. The famous character called The Grinch didn't actually hate Christmas. He just hated people. 

And this user makes a good point about how this is quite understandable. And on top of that, this fact makes the character that much more believable. And maybe he wasn't even that bad in the end. 

Breaking The Cycle

There's a new era of animated movies now. And they're doing a wonderful job tackling an old problem that hasn't been addressed for a long time. People can learn a lot from movies sometimes. 

Between Coco, Encanto, and Turning Red, millennial filmmakers are slowly creating a genre of fantasy films where parents apologize, which is quite wholesome. In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.