Channing Tatum Reveals If He'll Tell His Daughter Everly That He Was a Stripper

Channing Tatum reveals that he will not lie to his daughter about being a stripper. He doesn't have anything against his daughter watching Magic Mike, too. "When she's old enough to watch them, we'll have that conversation," he told Entertainment Tonight. "There's no version of me not having the conversation of 'Dad didn't just do them in movies, I was an actual stripper,' so I'm not gonna lie to her."

“I want dads not to be afraid to go into their daughter’s world and discover who they are,” he told Parents magazine. “When I became a single father, I had a lot of fear about connecting to Everly in every way that a little girl might want. … I didn’t wear nail polish or know how to braid hair. But now I do both," he continued.