Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Had Famous Ancestors

Hidden Ancestry

A lot of Celebrities carve out a name for themselves with the support of their families. But sometimes, fame seems to run in the family, with a few celebs having hidden ancestry.

These celebrities may have been as surprised as we are when they found out that they had famous ancestors that are remembered for better or worse. Without further ado, here they are.

Tom Hanks

Often regarded as an American cultural icon, Tom Hanks is an A-list celeb that's been in the film industry for multiple decades. The actor has starred primarily in drama films but has shown his flexibility and even done voice acting.

From roles like Captain Phillips to more lighthearted roles like Woody from Toy Story, Hanks has proved himself time and time again that he's a talented actor. But did you know he's related to an even more famous figure?

Abraham Lincoln

Everyone should know who Abraham Lincoln is. He was the 16th president of the United States from 1861 until 1865, when he was famously assassinated. He was president during the American Civil War.

But interestingly enough, Tom Hanks is Lincoln's third cousin removed, four times removed. He is related to his mother.

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton is a Scottish Actress that's been in the business for more than three decades. Her father used to be head of the Queen's Division. Over her years of experience, she's been applauded for her screen presence and leading performances.

But even after her long filmography, it's hard to believe that she could be related to someone else just as famous in history.

Robert The Bruce

Robert the Bruce was the ruler of Scotland between 1306 to 1329. He was the ruler during Scotland's first fight for independence. He was known to be a renowned leader and warrior.

But with Tilda Swinton being a descendant of Robert The Bruce, it's no wonder that she has such passion on the big screen coming from that ancestry.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis became famous after her debut in John Carpenter's Halloween as Laurie Strode. After acting in the film, she went on to act and star in many movies throughout the 70s.

She even reprised her role in the Halloween franchise in both 2018's Halloween and Halloween Kills. But she's related to another Hollywood Horror icon.

Janet Leigh

Janet Leigh is a legendary actress who gained fame in the 1950s all the way to the 21s century. Just like her daughter, she acted in a horror classic - Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Most people know about the shower scene with the knife.

No wonder Jamie Lee Curtis Had such prowess in the horror genre. Like mother like daughter. But will Jamie Lee Curtis' children continue the lineage? Probably not, but anything can happen.

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher was born in 1956 and became a globally recognized film star after starring in the now legendary Star Wars franchise. She played Princess Leia in the first three movies and in the newest trilogy, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

She also starred in movies other than the Star Wars franchise, like Shampoo and the Blues Brothers. But it runs in the family, with her mother being famous before her.

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds had a legendary movie career spanning more than 70 years. Not only a good actress but also an influential businesswoman. In 1979 the actress even started her own dance studio in Hollywood.

With her immense aptitude for acting, it's no surprise that Carrie Fisher inherited much of her mother's natural talent.

Diana Widmaier Picasso

Diana Widmaier Picasso is a renowned art historian. Her specialty field is modern art. The businesswoman even owns her own jewelry company called Mene.

But with a surname like Picasso and a master's in art history, you'd think it was a funny coincidence. But no, it's no coincidence. She has genetics that proves otherwise.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is one of the biggest names in the art world. He was a Spanish painter that revolutionized the Cubist art movement. He even had an influence on Surrealism and Symbolism.

It's no wonder then that his granddaughter has a keen eye for art and is a successful woman today. It must run in the family.

Kit Harington

Kit Harington is an English actor best known for playing the role of Jon Snow on HBO's A Game Of Thrones. But before he landed that role, he did a stunning job in his acting debut as Albert Narracot in the theatrical play - War Horse.

But it seems that Kit Harington has some hidden ancestry that a lot of people would be interested in finding out.

Robert Catesby

Robert Catesby is known for being the man who tried to blow up parliament in 1603. It was known as the Gunpowder Plot, and although he failed, a movie was made about it. 

And guess who plays Robert Catesby? Well, none other than his direct descendant - Kit Harington. It shows that he has nothing to hide and isn't ashamed of his heritage.

Maude Apatow

Maude Apatow is an actress best known for her portrayal of Lexi Howard in HBO's Euphoria. Her acting career started when she started acting in her father's movies, none other than Judd Apatow.

But we're not talking about her father being a director as her famous ancestor. She's lucky enough to have two talented and famous parents.

Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann is a talented actress known for her roles in films like The Cable Guy, Knocked-Up, and George of The Jungle. But acting definitely runs in the family.

Maude Apatow is her daughter and even acted alongside her mother in 2007's Knocked-Up. Their entire family is comprised of famous people, and we'll see if that continues.