Cat Keeps Staring At Man All Night, He Checks The Night Camera And Realizes Why

When Daniel Hawkins and his family decided to adopt Muffins from the pound, they thought he was just an ordinary cat who needed a home. 

He knew that cats could be unpredictable sometimes, but nothing could've prepared him for what Muffins did a few days later. 

Something Was Wrong With Him

Daniel quickly realized that something was off about their newest family member. Every night, Muffins would stand in the doorway of Daniel's bedroom and watch him sleep. 

Since the cat wasn't used to sleeping in a bed, Daniel decided to buy him his own little cat bed. But that didn't solve the problem. 

He Kept Staring At Him

Muffins still wouldn't sleep. He continued walking around the house and bothering him at night. 

At that point, Daniel didn't know what to do anymore. 

He Had Asthma

When Daniel was 13, he got diagnosed with asthma, but he always had it under control. But after they adopted Muffins, his condition began to deteriorate again.

Sometimes he couldn't sleep at all due to the throbbing pain in his throat. Daniel couldn't understand what was going on. But soon, he would realize that it wasn't his asthma that was causing these strange symptoms. 

He Couldn't Sleep

One night, Daniel woke up at 4:03 and couldn't sleep. He was coughing a lot, and his chest felt extremely tight for some reason. 

He tried his best not to wake his wife up as he got out of bed to get a glass of water. That was when he noticed his strange cat looking at him again.

Muffins Was Staring At Him Again

Muffins was sitting on a chair and looking at him. Daniel couldn't help but think that his cat could be seeing something in the house that he couldn't, and it gave him chills. 

The same thing happened again the next day when Daniel woke up coughing. He couldn't take it anymore and decided to install a night camera to find out what was causing it.

He Purchased A Night Camera

Daniel purchased a night camera from the nearest supermarket and set it up behind his bed. When it was time to go to sleep, he turned off the lights, closed his eyes, and prepared to find out the truth. 

Was it all in his head, or was there something sinister going on in his house?

Muffins Was Watching Him Again

Muffins once again entered Daniel's bedroom and just stood there watching him. Daniel was too tired to pay attention to him, so he closed his eyes, knowing that he would finally get some answers in the morning. 

When he woke up the next morning, the first thing he did was check the night camera. And what he saw on the footage shocked him to the core. 

He Was Prepared To Get Some Answers 

He removed the memory card and inserted it into his laptop. He felt nervous as he pressed the play button. 

It took a few minutes for the footage to fully load, but once it did, Daniel realized that he was in deep trouble. 

Nothing Much Was Happening At First

For the first few hours, nothing much was going on in the footage. Daniel and his wife were sleeping in bed and occasionally turning around. 

As he continued watching the video, he saw Muffins slowly approaching him.

Muffins Was Sleeping On Top Of Him

In the footage, he could see Muffins jumping on the bed and climbing on top of him. Then, he laid right on top of Daniel's head. 

Daniel couldn't believe what he was seeing! This was why he could barely breathe at night. He couldn't wait to show the video to his wife. 

He Showed The Footage To His Wife 

The following day, Daniel showed the footage to his wife and explained what had been happening to him over the last few weeks. 

Although she was shocked by the news he gave her, she soon started to laugh. She was relieved to know that Daniel didn't have any health problems. 

Good Boy

While Daniel and his wife were eating breakfast, they turned around and saw Muffins looking at them again. 

There was so much love in his eyes. Daniel placed him on his lap and started scratching his head. 

Cats Can Be Unpredictable 

This story shows that cats can be unpredictable sometimes, but they would never do anything to hurt you. 

Just like dogs, they care about their owners and want to be near them at all times, even when they are sleeping. 

A Day To Remember 

Daniel and his wife said they will never forget the day they saw this hilarious footage. 

It's safe to say that Daniel is Muffins's favorite!