When This Cat Gave Birth To Seven Kittens, The Family Dog’s Animal Instincts Took Over

They Were Warned

Mindy and Jake had been warned that an animal’s instincts were often more powerful than reason. The family had ignored that warning. After all, they had raised animals their entire lives. They had never expected Caesar’s instincts to manifest in such surprising ways.

Now, as they reviewed the footage, they could not believe what they were seeing. The sight of Caesar holding one of the kittens in his mouth was something they would never forget. 

A Unique Family

The Ashersons were a typical couple for the most part. However, there was one unique trait that set them apart. Mindy and Jake Asherson were both devoted to rescuing stray animals.

Over the years, they had rescued and cared for countless animals such as dogs, cats, birds, and even raccoons and badgers. However, early on, there was one rescue that stuck out from the rest. 

He Touched Them Deeply

Caesar had a tragic backstory as he had been stolen as a pup and was being groomed for illegal dog fighting when he was found and rescued. Being a Pitbull, because his abductors tried to train him to be more vicious, veterinarians advised the Ashersons to be careful with Caesar.

According to them, dogs with a history like his were often dangerous and hard to control, especially around children or other animals.  

They Were Patient

Taking care of Caesar did have its challenges. He was severely traumatized by what he had experienced as a pup. This made him distant and very tentative around people.

The Ashersons chose to stay patient with him and showed him as much love as possible. It took a while, but over time, Caesar started to change. 

Part Of The Family

After a while, Caesar finally started showing signs of being a normal puppy. It began with him doing simple things like wagging his tail when Mindy or Jake entered the room.

Day by day, he seemed to realize that there were no threats to his safety here, and he could enjoy being a normal dog for the first time. However, soon enough, the Ashersons realized that Caesar still had the potential to be dangerous.

He Grew Fast

Caesar was growing fast. Like all other Pitbulls, within no time at all, he grew large and was extremely strong. Although he never displayed any signs of aggression, his size and strength were always a worry.

Caesar seemed to have grown accustomed to the fact that there were always other animals around. For the most part, he stuck to himself and never troubled them, but this all changed suddenly when Terra arrived.

The New Arrival

Mindy and Jake were delighted to help when they came across a stray cat that needed their help. Taking her in, they slowly and carefully introduced Caesar to her. As she was a cat and Caesar a dog, the potential for trouble was ever-present.

Naming her “Terra”, after a while, the couple felt it was safe for Caesar and Terra to hang out unsupervised. What they didn’t know at the time was that Terra had a secret.

Caesar Knew

After Caesar and Terra started hanging out more, the couple couldn’t help but notice that Caesar seemed to be unusually attached to Terra.

At first, they worried that he might be struggling with his instincts not to hurt her. After a while, they realized that Caesar was actually very intuitive and could smell something that they could not: Terra was pregnant.

A Long Wait

This new information set up a tense period for the Ashersons. They now knew that Terra needed extra-special care. They tried their best to keep Caesar and Terra separated out of fear that Ceasar might unintentionally hurt her. But Caesar was having none of it.

He refused to stay away from Terra and followed her around incessantly. He regularly slept near her and would often sniff her belly intently.

The Time Arrived

The months passed slowly until one day, the special day arrived. As soon as Terra went into labor, Mindy set up a little birthing area for her and cordoned it off to keep Caesar away.

After a difficult labor, Terra now had seven beautiful and healthy babies. Caesar seemed intent on breaking through the barriers, and drooled with anticipation as he tried to get to the kittens.

They Were Afraid

Caesar always stayed close to Terra and the kittens as the days passed. Ignoring all the advice she had been given, Mindy chose to trust Ceasar. She let him into Terra and the kittens’ area, and watched. Caesar immediately began licking and sniffing them.

Easing Caesar into his time with Terra and the kittens, Mindy finally allowed Ceasar to be with them without supervision. Mindy decided to set up a camera to watch over everything, just in case. 

She Was Shocked

One day, while monitoring the cameras, Mindy was terrified when she noticed that Caesar had one of the kittens in his mouth. She immediately rushed to check on them but found that Caesar wasn’t harming the kitten.

He was actually helping Terra move the kittens from one side of their area to another. After all the warnings about Caesar having dangerous instincts, Mindy was ecstatic to see that the only instinct he had given into, was a fatherly one.

A Proud Dad

After seeing Caesar in action as he helped Terra care for the kittens, it was clear that Caesar had adopted the kittens as his own. Far from the dangerous threat many people thought he might pose; Caesar had proven himself to be nothing more than a proud dad.

He regularly helped Terra with caring for the kittens and was as loving and gentle with them as any mama cat out there. There was just one thing left to do now.

Breaking Barriers

Ceasar’s ability to overcome his past trauma and learn how to be a loving dog was inspiring. Caesar had become one of the most loving, loyal, and caring dogs the Asherons ever had, despite his horrific upbringing.

Now that he had proven himself beyond any doubt, Mindy finally felt comfortable enough to remove all the cordons that separated Terra and the kittens from Caesar.

Healing The Past

As the kittens grew up alongside Terra and Ceasar, it was clear to everyone that Caesar loved his feline family more than anything in the world. Whatever he had experienced in his past was well and truly behind him.

Mindy and Jake had always done their best to raise Ceasar in a loving environment. In the end, nothing they did ever came close to healing Caesar’s emotional scars as much as Terra and the kittens did.