This Photo Made Her Change Careers Live On Camera

Life-Changing Picture

Everything she had done in her career had lead up to this point. She'd put in long hours since she was a child, and she'd put in much more now that the entire word was tuning in. 

She gave it everything she had, despite the fact that she was in excruciating pain from her injuries. However, she knew things were never going to be the same again after the picture hit the internet. 

Fearless McKayla 

McKayla Maroney was born and raised in Aliso Viejo, California and she never let her fear get the best of her. She always tried to be the best in everything she attempted from a very young age. She always accomplished whatever she set her attention to with this approach.

But what happened that year taught her that life has numerous viewpoints, and that focusing on just one may entirely shatter a person.

Her Dreams 

McKayla adored gymnastic as young girl. She watched the American gymnastics team on television one night when she was eight years old, and she instantly knew that she wanted to be in the team one day. 

She aspired to honor her country at the Olympics above all else. She had no idea how much a single photograph would influence her goal.

Accomplishing Big Things

McKayla started her journey of becoming a professional gymnast at the age of thirteen. She felt empowered when she could do things with her body that others would never be able to.

Her career instantly took off and in a blink of an eye she was representing her country at the Olympic games. Her experience in London would pave the way for the world-famous photograph.


McKayla earned a reputation for herself as a skilled gymnast prior to the Olympics. She'd already won three global vault titles, the most recent of which being the World Championships in Japan.

In Japan, McKayla did so well she captured the gold in the vault events. The Olympic games spectators all had their eyes on McKayla. Nobody could have foreseen what would happen next.

Finally There

McKayla got off to a good start with her vault routine. Her form was flawless, and her moves left an indelible impression on everyone.

As she performed, she recalled  all those years back watching the Olympics and wishing that she could be the one who was on the podium. Her time had finally came and she was radiant. However, then something horrible happened.


McKayla stumbled during her second attempt during her performance. The pain that erupted throughout her body was felt by billions of individuals all around the planet. Viewers at the Olympics were shocked.

McKayla's vision was obscured by black splotches as she struggled to keep her composure. She pleaded with her limbs to stand, praying that this accident would not jeopardize her chances of winning the gold.

Sandra Isbasa

Sandra Izbasa, a Romanian gymnast, competed against McKayla. Sandra, like McKayla, was a naturally gifted. 

She walked in and stunned the audience as well as the judges, thereby eliminating McKayla's chances of winning. Sandra winning was the worst thing that could have happened to McKayla that night she thought, but then something else happened.

Her Accomplishments 

McKayla received a silver medal for her vaulting accomplishments. Even after her accident, she continued to outperform many gymnasts around the world.

People were unaware, however, that she participated in the Olympics while suffering from serious injuries that she had obtained two weeks prior. This included a concussion, a foot injury as well as a nasal injury. 


McKayla accepted the award and proceeded to the event. Sandra accompanied her, and the two of them were presented with their medals.

McKayla left the ceremony satisfied that she'd at least earned something. She was well aware that she had to focus on her healing process as well as focus on improving her vaults. Little did she know, that her photo had already gone viral.

Making The Rounds

McKayla was hanging out with her team when she saw some of them giggling. They were looking at her and their phones.

Her brows furrowed, and she got up to see what the fuss was all about. Her parents walked in, interrupting her. They asked if she’d gone online anytime after arriving in London. 

She Sees It

“Not really,” McKayla answered, confused by what was happening. One of her teammates handed her her phone. 

McKayla saw the photo. She was standing at the award ceremony with her silver medal. A bored look was plastered on her face, and she’d pushed her lips to the side. Under it, a sentence read, ‘McKayla Is Not Impressed.’ 

She’s Not Impressed

This photo isn’t a big deal, McKayla thought. But the image was already all over the internet. People attached her face to everything they felt like, adding the iconic caption ‘Not Impressed.’

The photo became so big that McKayla found herself embracing it. She took pictures with the face and encouraged her fans to tag her in their creations. This acceptance would change her life forever. 

New Opportunities 

Many people in the sports world knew McKayla as an excellent gymnast. But the world as a whole was learning about her through the photo. She became an internet sensation. 

This new side of her life was proof McKayla could do more than gymnastics. The world was waiting for her to conquer it, and she would not hold back. 

Starting Fresh 

McKayla retired from gymnastics and launched a career in the show business. A singer and actor, she continued creating waves across the world.

McKayla showed everyone the power of hard work and resilience. She also demonstrated the importance of lightheartedness and accepting oneself. Worldwide, people agree that though she’s rarely impressed, McKayla is one of the best.