Camera Records What Girl And Brother Do At Night

Valerie was a mother of two adorable children: Levi and Vivian. Her kids loved each other and almost never fought.

Valerie and her husband knew they were quite lucky. But they had no idea what their son and daughter were doing at night.

Always Tired

Levi and Vivian slept in the same room because their house had only two bedrooms, but they didn't mind it at all. 

But for some strange reason, little Levi was always tired.

Something Wasn't Right

Levi wouldn't tell his parents what was wrong with him. So, Valerie decided to see if he was getting enough sleep at night. 

“How about you guys sleep in our bed tonight?” she asked her children. But her son was against this idea.  


Levi didn't want to sleep in their bed, and neither did Vivian. "Levi got my Binky," Vivian told her mother. 

Valerie was confused. What was Binky? Did she mean her blanket?

Hidden Camera

Valerie decided to set up a hidden camera in their bedroom. She worried that something or someone was bothering their children at night, and that's why they didn't sleep well. 

But Valerie wasn't prepared for what she was about to see on the footage...

The Beginning

In the footage, her daughter can be seen standing against the crib railing and watching her brother sleep. 

"Levi, I'm talking to you, I want to lay down in your bed right there while taking my baby,' she told her brother.

"Thank You"

“Again?!” Levi got up from his bed and walked towards his sister.  

"Let me think," Levi said. Then, he agreed and let his sister sleep in his bed. "Thank you, Levi," Vivian said. But this was only the beginning...

Little Helper 

Vivian was having trouble climbing out from her crip, so her brother dragged over their kid stool. 

He placed it next to Vivian's crib and watched his sister carefully step on it. That was when Valerie hit pause and called her husband, Chris, over. He needed to see this!

Forgetful Child

After catching her husband up on what was happening, Valerie pressed play again, and the next scene made them laugh. 

Their daughter turned around and said,  “Oh, I forgot my Binky!” Her brother sighed and said, “Oh god! Your Binky.”


Vivian then rushed back to her crib and grabbed a piece of thick material. Levi started laughing when he saw what his sister had in her hand.

“That’s your PJs!” he giggled. Vivian looked back at the crib and realized claiming back inside was going to be more difficult than she imagined. 

Helping Out

"You forgot your baby," Levi told his sister. He was only a year older, but he was able to grab Vivian's doll and the blanket from her crib. 

However, his sister was already half asleep in his bed by then. 

"Hold It"

"Hold it," he told her. Little Vivian woke up and snatched the items from Levi's hands.  

Then, after sleeping for a few hours, Levi woke his sister up. “Get in your bed,” he said. 

Sneaky Plan

Levi carefully put his sister in her crib and covered her with a blanket. After watching the footage, Valerie and her husband burst into tears. 

Their children are so cute! Finally, the mystery had been solved. 


The couple was relieved to know that their children were safe and sound. Levi was simply tired from taking care of his sister all night. 

Valerie turned to social media to share this cute video. So how did the world react?


A few days later, her video had received over 50,000 views! People were so touched by their children. 

It wasn't long until the footage reached one million views. But how could it not? Vivian and Levi's bond is so inspiring! We hope they remain close throughout the years.