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Brides Father Stops Wedding to Pull up Her Stepdad – Guests Burst into Tears

Britanny Peck has been waiting for her wedding day all her life. She wanted it to be a special, “fairy tale comes true” kind of day. Naturally, the nervousness was piercing, but the excitement bottled it all down. All she could envision was everyone’s gaze when she’d be walking down the aisle. But as they say – man proposes, God disposes! 

Soon the day she’s been dreaming about for so long would have an unexpected turn. It wouldn’t be the bride who stole the show but… her father! When Brittany is about to say the most important ‘yes’ in her life, her dad stands up and stops the ceremony. Not just the bride, but all the guests at the wedding are about to weep when they see what happens next.

Brittany hadn’t really had the ideal childhood. Her parents Ana Harvey and Todd Bachman filed for a divorce 11 years after their marriage. She was only 4 years old at this time. The was nothing new about the reason of their split – Ana and Todd simply were too different to keep on staying together. 

Brittany stayed with her mother, regularly meeting her dad. The couple might have been divorced but they did not want that to interfere with their daughter’s childhood. Unfortunately, the effect this had on Brittany was unfathomable. 

The idea of a big happy family might seem like something straight out of a storybook, but this was Brittany’s happy reality indeed. Five years after the divorce, Ana remarried Todd Cendrosky. 

She met him on her work trip to New York and they instantly hit it off. Todd Cendrosky turned out to be a great stepdad to Brittany. The girl now had two fathers who loved her immensely and gave all their attention to her. But was that really feasible? Well, the truth was soon going to present itself …

Soon after Ana and Todd Cendrosky’s marriage, Todd Bachman also remarried. His new wife was Samantha Wilson, who he met on a dating platform. Years later, Samantha and Todd Bachman had a kid and Brittany finally had a sibling. 

Both the families lived on the same lane and existed in absolute harmony with each other. While both the kids loved each other, and the adults also met regularly. However, things aren’t always how it looks like!!

All the festivals and holidays and special occasions were celebrated twice for the kids. Each year, Brittany and her younger sibling Charmaine first attended the festivities at Ana and Todd Cendrosky’s place and then at Todd Bachman and Samantha’s place. 

The amount of attention both the kids got was unparalleled. Each year they went back to school and flaunted the numerous gifts they had collected from their two sets of parents. It was all building up until it came to a crashing stop …

Every good thing comes to an end – this may or may not be true. Brittany and Todd Cendrosky’s world came crashing down one fateful morning. 

It was nearly ten days before Christmas when Brittany and Tod found Ana unconscious on the kitchen floor. They rushed her to the ER, but it was too late till then. Ana suffered a heart attack which turned out to be fatal for her.

Every good thing comes to an end, this may or may not be true. Brittany and Todd Cendrosky’s world came crashing down one fateful morning. 

It was nearly ten days before Christmas when Brittany and Tod found Ana unconscious on the kitchen floor. They rushed her to the ER, but it was too late till then. Ana suffered a heart attack which turned out to be fatal for her.

Samantha and Todd Bachman were a great help as well. Samantha vowed to be there for Brittany as a mother whenever she missed her biological mother. 

Even little Charmaine could read her half-sister’s sadness and tried to make her laugh every time they met. Things were improving slowly, Todd C. finally started showing up for work whereas Brittany also started college soon.

Through helping each other in the grieving process, Brittany and Todd C. came closer. More than the daughter and stepfather relationship, they shared a deep friendship. 

Brittany could talk to her stepfather about her insecurities and even Todd could discuss with her how lonely it has become for him. They both patiently heard each other come closer than ever before.

Both the fathers and Samantha did not let the absence of a biological mother hamper Brittany’s growing years. She grew up to be an amazingly smart, successful, and beautiful woman. She went to law school and graduated top of her class. 

While in college, she met Jason who would be her future life partner. Jason was also a lawyer, an immediate senior of Brittany; they met at an official class induction party.

A lot of Brittany and Jason’s friends described them as the ultimate power couple. They both were highly successful professionally and were also in a happy place personally. 

They complimented each other’s personalities perfectly and wanted to build a future together. All the members of the family including Brittany’s half-sister Charmaine were very fond of Jason.

Jason couldn’t wait to start a life with Brittany. After dating for more than 4 years, Jason decided to pop the question. He knew how close Brittany is to her family, so he decided to make them part of the proposal. He organized a proposal party in Brittany’s backyard with elaborate decorations.

 Both the fathers, Samantha, and Charmaine greeted Brittany the moment she walked in the backyard with Jason on his knees with a beautiful ring in his hands. It was surreal and very emotional!

Brittany was the happiest girl on the proposal day, she couldn’t believe it was happening. She had spent a lot of time thinking about what the proposal and wedding would be like and when it happened, Brittany was over the moon. 

What followed next was great amounts of planning and organization and shopping. Brittany and Jason wanted all of their friends and family members to be part of the happy day and give them their blessings.

Weddings can be incredibly emotional for the bride’s father, walking your daughter down the aisle makes a father happy and sad at the same time. Just like both the father’s Todd C. and Todd B. helped raise her, Brittany wanted both her fathers to walk her down the aisle. 

However, she was not sure how to run the idea with both the fathers without hurting any of their sentiments. After much deliberation with Jason, she decided not to pursue this further and let her biological father walk her down the aisle as per the norm. Deep down the idea of Todd C. missing the opportunity bothered her but she did not engage much with it.

Meanwhile, Todd C. was battling with the same dilemma, he wanted to walk Brittany down the aisle, but he was not sure about how Todd B. would reach this. He was after all Brittany’s biological father. He missed Ana incredibly during this time; he was sure she would find a solution for his dilemma just like always. 

Like father-like daughter, he decided to not press on this further and just be happy about the fact that Brittany was getting married happily to a man of her dreams. Meanwhile, who knew what Todd B. was planning.

After hectic months of planning, finally, the wedding day was here. Both Brittany and Jason were happy but anxious at the same time, they were after all going to start a new chapter in their life. 

Friends and family started reaching gradually and fun, laughter, and joy-filled the place. Brittany and Jason decided to go the traditional way and not see each other the whole day before the marriage.

Brittany was missing Ana incredibly, which bride wouldn’t want her mother to be with her on her special day. Samantha could see how much Brittany missed Ana and she did whatever she could in her power to make Ana feel better and not miss her biological mother. 

The emotional pressure of missing her mother and not having seen Jason for long took its toll on Brittany. She got extremely anxious and grew cold feet.

A moment came when Brittany just broke down and couldn’t find the courage in her to get up from the sofa and walk down the aisle to marry the love of her life. Samantha decided it would be wise to let Jason come and calm her down, following the traditions was not a matter of life and death after all. 

Hearing about Brittany’s cold feet and how much she missed her mom, he did not take one second to be with her. He rushed to her room and held her while she cried.

Seeing Jason by her side, holding her, and calming her down was all the comfort she needed. She could feel that Ana would have approved Jason instantly and she wouldn’t want her crying on her wedding day. 

Taking strength from this thought, she gathered herself, wiped her tears, kissed Jason, and asked him to marry her as soon as possible. They both then walked hand in hand to the wedding hall where all the guests were waiting for the couple.

The moment the couple reached the entrance of the wedding hall, everybody stood up to welcome the guests of honor. Jason proceeded to walk further to the front while Brittany waited for her father to come to stand near her and walk her down the aisle. 

Brittany was now more than ready to marry Jason and call him her husband. Todd C came and stood near her, took her hands and they started to walk the aisle together only to stop a few steps later.

Everybody was surprised when Todd B. stopped and let go of her daughters’ hand. Nobody had anticipated what was going to happen next. 

 Todd B. excitedly ran to the front and grabbed Todd Cendrosky’s hand and made him walk with him back to Brittany. It took Brittany more than a second to register what had happened.

Todd B. turned his head towards Todd C. and whispered, “you thought I won’t let you walk your daughter down the aisle? She is both of our’s daughter, and she deserves to have both her fathers walk her down the aisle.” Listening to this both Brittany and Todd C. had tears in their eyes. 

Everyone in the audience was also emotional and found themselves fortunate enough to witness this incredible moment. Both the fathers held Brittany’s hand and walked her down the aisle to get married and have a great married life ahead.

Both Cendrosky and Bachman have been cordial with each other but there had been moments in the past when there had been some disagreements. 

When it came to Brittany sometimes, they did not see eye-to-eye. However, all was forgotten today and Cendrosky couldn’t thank Bachman enough to let him be part of their daughter’s big day. This would be the day he will cherish forever.

It was not just Cendrosky who thanked Bachman, but vice versa too!  Both showed gratitude to each other as they knew it would have been difficult to raise Brittany alone !

However, Cendrosky never left Bachman alone and contributed equally to raising Brittany. Bachman thought there could be no better way to thank somebody than letting them walk their daughter down the aisle.

Bachman mentioned he knew about both Brittany and Cendrosky’s dilemma long before the marriage. He realized both of them are hesitant to come and talk to him about this. 

He then decided to make it a surprise for both of them. Naturally, he did not want both of them to miss this important moment of life.

Bachman wanted to discuss his plan with someone, and he thought who can be better than Jason. Both the men met a few days before the wedding for a couple of beers in the evening. 

It was then Bachman told Jason about his plan. Jason was very happy to hear this from Todd B. as he knew this would solve Brittany’s dilemma.

Both the fathers didn’t just share the opportunity of walking Brittany down the aisle. They also took turns doing the father-daughter dance with Brittany. 

At one moment all three were also dancing together making it two fathers and one daughter dance. All the other guests had a good laugh watching this moment.

Even while dancing with both her fathers, Brittany missed Ana but this time this did not make her sad. She could feel in her heart that her mother was watching down upon her and blessing her to have a great happily married life. 

She uttered, “thank you Mom” under her breath which Todd C. heard. He smiled and said, “I should also thank her for giving me you.”

After the emotional scene of walking Brittany down the aisle, all the guests wished for a family same as theirs. Who wouldn’t want to have such a loving set of parents? 

Brittany also counted her stars for having such doting fathers who gave her all the attention. However, now she did not only have two special men in her life but three, counting her loving husband. 


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