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Wedding Cake Cutting Goes Wrong, Man Cuts House In Half

Sometimes, men can be slaves to their own impulses. On some occasions, women can find this quite attractive, especially at the start of a relationship, as long as it doesn’t get too out of hand. Some find it quite spontaneous, reckless, and fun when a man deploys those qualities in the right setting.

But sometimes, these men can’t control themselves, and the consequences can be horrific.  

We may never know for certain what it was that Kathryn saw in her fiancé, Chris. What’s sure is that he was a joker: he enjoyed making people laugh; and one thing that he liked even more was making himself laugh.

He enjoyed pulling pranks on his friends, his family and even his coworkers. Some people wondered if he would ever run into someone who didn’t find his jokes all that funny. Some even hoped for it.

But Chris always got away with everything. Perhaps it was the fact that everyone found him funny, despite his jokes being nasty, even cruel sometimes. Perhaps it was because he was so unapologetic about his humor that people didn’t even dare question the taste of his jokes.

But it would soon come one day when Chris’ jokes would definitely go too far. And he would pay dearly for it.

But Marilyn Monroe used to say that if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything. And ‘anything’ might, in some cases, include marriage. So it’s not unreasonable to suppose it was his humor what attracted Kathryn to Chris.

But was that really what made her marry him?

Well, we know that it wasn’t for his money: it’s known that they both got engaged and then married in a regime of separation of property.

Considering how immediate their divorce came after the wedding, as well as its circumstances, maybe she regretted that later on: had things been different, at least she would have gotten something out of an outright unpleasant experience.

But up until their wedding, Chris and Kathryn’s romance was probably full of laughter and good times. 

Still, something must have been at the back of her mind in the meanwhile; otherwise, there’s no way to explain how she came so quickly to the decision to divorce her man right after the wedding.

And deep inside, Kathryn was a very insecure person. Perhaps that’s why she got attracted to Chris; his confidence, his unapologetic humor, even his lack of care about whether others found his jokes funny or not.

Used to always doubting and second guessing herself, Kathryn felt comfortable with a man who seemed like he never did that at all. Maybe that insecurity made her put up with a lot of things; that is, until the day of the wedding, when she said ‘enough is enough’.

However, no one would dare to say anything could go badly on the day of the wedding. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Chris for sure was; he felt right in his element.

Kathryn felt comfortable too. Everyone was being sweet to her and she hoped, maybe even believed, that she had just taken the best decision of her life in marrying Chris. But she was in for a surprise.

Chris had planned a little prank to spice up the wedding. You’re probably familiar with the common trope of the groom smashing some of the cake into the wife’s face, or painting a bit of her cheeks or nose with a smidge of it.

Chris decided to take this common trope one step further. He pushed his wife’s whole face into the cake, making a mess of her dress, her hair, and her makeup in the way.

Chris was laughing, but nobody else was. And when everyone saw Kathryn crying under a thick layer of cake, they knew that this time Chris had gone too far.

Kathryn just left while her family and friends followed after her. The next morning, she filed for divorce. She couldn’t keep putting up with that man any longer, and for sure she couldn’t marry him. But her nightmare with Chris didn’t end there.

As we said before, Chris and Kathryin married in a regime of separation of property. What that means is that in the event of divorce, both wife and husband retain possession over each of their assets.

There was only one major asset that was shared by the two of them: the house. And Chris decided to take separation of property his own way in order to pull his last big prank, the greatest of all his life.

While Kathryin was staying at her parents place, grieving on all the years she had been wasting with a man that was incapable of taking anything seriously, Chris split their house in half. Literally.

The man worked in construction and somehow, he managed to get a grab on several machines. He spent the whole night working on a renovation for their home; by the time the sun rised, the house was sawed in two halves.

He didn’t stop there: he took one half of the house, supposedly the one he single handedly considered his own, took it with him and dropped it at his parents’ garden. 

We don’t have any information about how they took that move from their son; but it isn’t unreasonable to assume that, as much as they already knew about his humor and his character, even they were surprised by it.

We don’t know either about what Kathryn did with her half of the house, or about whether she found someone else after this event.

But one thing is for certain: even if she regretted all the years she had wasted with a man like Chris, she could be glad that she had the sense to end it in time. Things could have gotten really ugly if they had decided to have kids.

What is known about Chris is that his reputation definitely took a damage from that incident; some of his friends finally came to terms with the fact that his jokes not only were not funny at times, but also cruel. And a lot of people, even some of his closest ones, lost all respect for Chris.

But we don’t really know if Chris learned something from that experience. He might still be out there, jestering around and not caring whether other people find his jokes funny or not. Unfortunately, this type of situations are not as unusual as one might think

Staying in a relationship with someone that, deep in your gut, you know is not the right person is something that happens all the time to many people.

Inner insecurities, fear of the unknown, or just plain infatuation can make you overlook blatant red flags and go all the way to the altar with the wrong person. This is what happened recently to Emma and Dennis Michelsen, from Delaware, Ohio.

As happened with Chris and Kathryn, there were some warning signs along the way in Emma and Dennis’ relationship. But unfortunately, they were ignored until the wedding day, when all hell broke loose.

It was right then that it became clear that they weren’t a good fit. So much so that they divorced the day after the ceremony. This is how it happened.

When Dennis first met Emma in person, he was pleasantly surprised. After matching on a dating app and a few days of conversation over text, as he was on his way to their first day, he didn’t expect much to come out of it.

He thought that, best case scenario, it would only be a short-lived fling to pass the time. But he was wrong. And given the way things turned out, that would have been a much more fortunate outcome for him.

During their first date, Dennis and Emma found out they had a lot in common. They shared the same interests, the same affinities and animosities, the same values, and aligning goals in life.

That night marked the beginning of a sizzling romance that went on for the following months. However, things would soon take an unfortunate turn.

For the first few months, Dennis was head over heels. After a long string of failed relationships and short-lived flings, he thought he had finally found someone he could really click with.

So eventually, he just gave in and embraced Emma as the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. However, the days of wine and roses soon came to an end.

It all started right after Dennis felt like their relationship was already an established one. He started feeling like marriage was the next thing they’d have to talk about sooner or later, the logical step. 

He brought it up, and Emma agreed with him instantly. Dennis felt overjoyed. But it was right then that Emma’s behavior started changing.

It started subtly, almost unnoticeably at first. At some point in their relationship, Emma had warned Dennis about her mental health issues. 

She confessed she could be crabby when she was going through a rough spot, and had a tendency to push people away when things weren’t going right. This had scared off many men in her past. However, at that point, Dennis was willing to work through everything for their union; he overlooked some things he would regret later on.

Sometimes, Emma would get into some of her moods and become a different person. She would withdraw, not talk for days, and be rude to Dennis whenever he tried to get closer or comfort her.

When it started, she would usually get better in a few days or weeks, apologize for her behavior, and everything would get back to normal. But that was only when it started.

As time passed, Emma’s depressive episodes became more and more frequent, and she became more difficult to deal with. She acquired the habit of dedicating demeaning and undermining remarks to Dennis.

When she got in one of her moods, it was like nothing Dennis did was right. After some time, she stopped apologizing after it happened, saying, “you know how I get, that’s just who I am,” every time Dennis confronted her about it. Still, the worst was yet to come.

The rude behavior Emma adopted when she got into one of her dark moods became her default mode. Now, the demeaning and rude comments became her standard mode of talking to Dennis.

She argued that it was actually a good thing: she did that because they were at a point in their relationship where she could open up and be herself. But was that really so?

Every day, Dennis found himself hoping it would be just a rough patch they would get over eventually. He kept making excuses for her and often blamed himself for his lack of compassion.

They had gone so far and through so much together that he couldn’t just throw all that time and effort away. Little did he know that on the wedding day, something would happen that would make him change his mind in a minute.

When the big day came, Dennis was a little bit nervous. Emma had been the one running the show when it came to the ceremony preparations; she had been set on arranging everything by herself, and Dennis could feel that the stress was taking a toll on her.

For the last few days, Dennis had been walking on eggshells, trying his best not to upset Emma. When the ceremony ended, Dennis felt relieved; it seemed like everything had gone alright. However, that day he would see a side of Emma he had never witnessed before.

It happened right when they were leaving the church, with everyone cheering around them as they walked down the stairs. Suddenly, Dennis tripped and fell to the floor. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t get hurt. However, Emma’s reaction left everybody speechless: she started laughing loudly, pointing at Dennis and screeching “Look at him!” from a few stairs above him. And it didn’t end there.

During the whole reception, Emma kept raving about Dennis’ accident to anyone with the patience to listen to her, even though no one else seemed to find it funny, and Dennis asked her to stop it.

She even went around the ballroom asking people if they had filmed it with their phones. That’s when Dennis had enough.

He excused himself, stormed out of the ballroom, got in the car, and drove away as everyone chased after him, bewildered. He filed for divorce the following morning.

His reaction might have seemed petty to some people who didn’t know about the whole story. Still, others will understand why that was the stroke that broke the camel’s back and made him realize that he and Emma weren’t right for each other. What are your thoughts? In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental. 


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