Boy Mocked In School Because Of His Weight, Gets The Last Laugh

Couldn't Believe It

Antony couldn't believe it. He felt like a deer in headlights. He felt a rush of emotion and none of them were good.

He felt the hot flush of his face getting red. He was the most embarrassed he had ever been. But things would get even worse.

Fast Food Addict

Antony Bayer was a self-proclaimed fast-food addict. Burgers, fries, hot dogs, pizzas - all the kind of foods that most people have as a weekend treat, Antony ate. Every single day.

His family tried their best to get him to eat healthily, but Antony would still somehow get his hands on greasy foods. The more Antony ate, the bigger he got. But he just brushed it off. The food tasted too good to not eat. He had no idea what was in store for him.

Taunting And Teasing

Everybody at school would tease Antony, taunting him about his appearance. Even a few of his teachers would make sly yet harsh digs about him. 

He tried to mask his pain and humiliation but he was sinking further and further into a dark hole. He thought it couldn’t get any worse, but little did he know what was coming.


Everyday Antony would binge on junk and fast foods. He’d have a meatball sub for breakfast, 2 pizzas for lunch, and fried chicken for dinner. He couldn’t help himself; it was the only way he was able to deal with the cruel taunts from school. 

He tried to laugh off the vicious words, but they clung to his emotions like grease on a piece of fried chicken. Although he felt unwanted and completely alone, his lowest point was still to come. 

Prom Was Just Around The Corner

Prom was approaching, and nervous girls and boys lingered in the school hallway waiting to be asked out to the most special night of the year. Antony dismissed the idea of going to prom as soon as it was announced. There was no way you could catch him there. 

But then when Molly, a popular girl at his school who wouldn’t look out of place on a cover of Vogue, approached him in math class, he had no idea what was in store for him.

A Beautiful Girl

Molly walked up to Antony, her Hollywood smile glistening in the light. Antony felt butterflies in his stomach. She was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. “Will you go to the prom with me,” Molly asked. Antony was speechless “Erm, yeah sure,” he quietly replied, his cheeks blushing like a tomato. 

Molly gave a cheerful smile and walked away. Inside, Antony was busting with excitement. He was so happy, and he knew his mom would be happy too! Little did Antony know what was coming to him.

Prom Is Here

The day of prom swiftly arrived and Antony had rented a fancy suit and even a limousine, so he and Molly could arrive at prom in style. He knew he couldn’t mess this up, after all, when do guys like him ever get asked out by girls like Molly? 

When he kissed his parents goodbye and hoped into the limousine, ready to pick up his date Molly, he had no idea his entire world was about to come crashing down.

Picking Up His Date

Antony, armed with his fancy suit and limousine, pulled up to Molly’s house. He could feel his heartbeat race as he got out of the car and walked to her front foot. He was super nervous, and his hands were shaking as he rang the doorbell.

He took a deep breath and waited for his date to appear. After a few minutes, the door opened and Molly appeared. What she did next would leave Antony scarred for the rest of his life. 

Laughing At Him

Molly, who looked like she was ready to grace a Hollywood red carpet, started laughing at Antony. A group of people appeared behind Molly and joined in with the laughter. Did he have cookie crumbs on him? Did he leave a smudge or shaving cream on? Why was she laughing?, armed with his fancy suit and limousine, pulled up to Molly’s house. He could feel his heartbeat race as he got out of the car and walked to her front foot. He was super nervous, and his hands were shaking as he rang the doorbell.

It turned out the reason for her laughing was way worse than a mere cookie crumb or blob of shaving cream. 


“You’re just a big joke,” Molly said, laughing and pointing at Antony. Hearing those words, Antony could feel his world crumble around him. He was mortified, how could someone be so cruel? 

He felt the tears trickle down his face and he ran back into the limousine as fast as he could and headed back home. It was the cruelest thing Antony had ever experienced.

Getting Home

When Antony arrived home, he raided his parent's fridge who were fortunately out. He wiped away the tears as he gulped down whatever he could get his hands on. 

He knew that people would hear about the heartbreaking prank. He was for sure going to be laughing stock at school on Monday. And he was right. 

Even More Embarrassment

When he arrived at school the following Monday, his classmates were laughing and retelling the story of him getting publicly rejected. 

Thankfully, Antony knew that school was about to finish.. for good. He would never see these people again. He would never have to watch Molly, the girl who left him heartbroken and humiliated, laugh at him with her friends. But Antony was wrong. 

300 Pounds

By the time school ended, Antony’s weight had reached nearly 300 pounds. With each slice of pizza and chocolate cake he devoured, he showed no signs of slowing down. 

But a trip to the doctor was about to change his life completely. 

Visiting The Doctor

What Antony originally thought was going to be a check-up doctor visit, ended up being a complete wake-up call. His doctor conducted tests and the results showed that Antony was about to get diabetes. 

The words hit Antony like a ton of bricks. He knew he had to do something about it and make some drastic changes but was it too late? 

Had To Make A Change

Antony had to quickly change his lifestyle and eating habits. It was quite literally a case of life or death. For the first time in his life, he went to the gym, and he started to eat healthy too. 

It was hard at first, but eventually, Antony got into it. He started to educate himself on nutrition and foods and carefully watched what he ate. He knew it was going to be a long and tedious journey, but it would be worth it. He wasn’t going to give up. No way. 

Changing His Life

Antony was working out pretty much every day and was eating healthy. He swapped pizzas for brown rice, chocolate for fruit - he was determined to prove everyone wrong.

Finally, his weight started to drop off. It was a long and tiring transformation but the results were worth it. He was oozing with confidence. Finally, he felt happy. But he had no idea a visitor from his past was about to come back into his life.  

Completely Different

Five years passed and Antony looked completely different from the 17-year-old he once was. He had started a YouTube channel, in order to motivate people, using his experience to help change people’s lives.

He also gained a lot of female attention. Using the numerous dating apps out there, he received over 1000 matches! It was crazy. But Antony had no idea what was about to happen.

A Message

It was late in the afternoon and Antony had just finished a workout at his local gym. With endorphins pumped around his body, he headed home ready for an early night. 

As he pulled into his driveway, his phone beeped - he had received a message. When he saw who the message was from he felt sick to his stomach. 

It Was Molly

It was from Molly, the girl who humiliated him back at prom. How did she get his number? What did she want?

As he read the message he had flashbacks to that humiliating night 5 years ago. The night where Antony’s world fell apart. She had a nerve to message him.

Lost For Words

In the message, Molly apologized for what she did back in high school. But the message didn’t end there, no. 

You see, she followed up her apology with an invitation for Antony to go on a date with her! Antony was lost for words. He wasn’t going to stand for this. No way.

Had To Make Her Feel The Same

Antony could remember how mortified he felt when Molly embarrassed him. He had never felt humiliation like it. He had no sympathy or time for her, he didn’t want to give her a second thought. 

And what he did next left Molly just as humiliated as she made him, 5 years ago. She had it coming to her. 

Forgive But Never Forget

You see, Antony completely ignored the text. He will forgive but he will never forget. This incredible man can now carry on living his life full of rightly-deserved happiness. 

The bully who made his life a living hell will never hear from Antony again. And Antony was more than happy with that. But his story isn’t the only harrowing high school story. 

A Quiet Kid

Jack was only seventeen when he got his heart ripped out of his chest in front of his peers. He had always been a quiet kid, sitting alone in the corner and minding his business. 

But the pressure of prom got to him, and like Antony, he quickly bowed to its persuasive powers. But the aftermath would leave him a former shell of himself. 

Jack Emerson

Jack Flint Emerson was like any high school senior looking to have a great time at school. He usually kept to himself, finding the quietness refreshing.  

But even he could admit that the loneliness was sometimes suffocating. High school was almost over, and he had no meaningful memory of the experience. Looking to change this, he decided to do something he'd never done before. 

Out Of His Comfort Zone

Jack started talking to people in his class and beyond. It took everything within him to break the waves of anxiety crashing against each other inside him. He needed friends, and this was the best way to do it. 

It wasn't long before he made the most unlikely of friends. One thing was clear: stepping out of his comfort zone was the best he had ever done. Or was it? 

Meet Dahlia

Dahlia Davis was the lead in the school's drama club. She was not only knowledgeable in the arts and regal in its performance, but she was beyond beautiful. 

She was also quite funny, always wrenching bursts of laughter from Jack. It wasn't long before the feelings of friendship within our protagonist changed into something else. 

A Different Light

Weeks passed, with Jack and Dahlia's friendship becoming stronger than ever. But unknown to Dahlia, Jack was already seeing her in a different light. 

He wanted more and didn't know how to handle the matter. With no close friends to discuss the issue, Jack found himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. But this would soon change. 

Just A Nerd

Jack didn't know how to open up to Dahlia. The two had been spending much time together, even going to movies and restaurants. Jack shared parts of himself no one knew, like his love for video games and artificial intelligence.  

But even though Dahlia showed interest in his likes and hobbies, Jack knew they were just friends. He pondered the best way to approach his issue when the best solution presented itself. Prom! His lips curled with anticipation.      

Please, Say Yes

Jack knew how popular Dahlia was. He had spent months next to her, learning each aspect of her life. He knew many boys and girls wanted to ask her to prom. They were all more attractive than him, and he wondered if he had a chance. 

But Jack had been hanging out with Dahlia so much that he hoped she would say yes to him. They had so much in common and so much fun whenever they spent time together. But her answer would leave him devastated. 

Don't Waste Time

With prom just around the corner, Jack hurried to ask Dahlia if she could go with him. As the drama club head, she was pretty busy with prom preparations, and he had difficulty finding the perfect time to ask her.  

But knowing that the more he waited, the more he risked other people beating him to the prize, Jack swallowed his fear and sought her out. His life was about to be turned upside down. 

He Finds Her

He found Dahlia running through Friday's logistics in the middle of the school gym. She had her hair in a messy knot, her sleeves rolled up, and a notepad in her hands. She was heading the prom operation. 

She smiled when she saw him approach, the curve of her lips beating out every ounce of tension in his bones. "You never come here," she exclaimed, rushing to greet Jack. "What's up?"

A Full Hall

"I thought I'd come to see you," Jack said in a low tone, feeling awkward at all the eyes staring at him. The hall was packed with band performers, basketball players, cheerleaders, and drama club members. 

"Yeah," Dahlia asked, her smile still holding firm. "What's up?" "Prom is right around the corner," Jack stammered, using a nervous laugh to mask the awkwardness in his tone. "It is," Dahlia answered. 

Go For It

"Do you wanna go with me?" Jack asked, fear and anxiety burning within him, his stomach churning with them, veins flooded with them.

Dahlia quirked a brow, stepping back. "Wait," she mumbled. "You're serious, aren't you?" "I am," Jack said quickly, trying to close the gap between them. But what happened next had him sprinting out of the gym. 

She's Disgusted

"Why would I do that?" Dahlia asked, her smile turning into a dripping leer before her face deformed with disgust. "Isn't it enough that we're friends? What more do you want?" 

Her voice went higher as she continued speaking, snarring the attention of everyone in the gym. "Have you seen yourself?" she asked. "Someone like you doesn't go out with someone like me! I could never, not in a trillion years, go out with a loser like you."

Heartbroken And Humiliated

"Where is this coming from?" Jack wanted to ask, but the gym fell into laughter. He turned around and sped out, heartbroken and humiliated. 

Like Antony, Jack didn't bother attending prom that year. He burned all his colorful clothes and returned to his former self. But no matter how hard he tried to become invisible as he'd once been, he became a constant laughingstock.

Accept It

There was nothing Jack could do about the matter but accept it. Dahlia never talked to him again, even openly making fun of him whenever he was in the room. She told the school about his hobbies and likes, terming them stupid. 

As it does, high school ended, and Jack went to college. But although he was miles away from his home, he couldn't forget what Dahlia had done to him. He'd have his revenge. 

Work On Yourself

But how do you make someone who did such a harrowing thing pay? Jack wondered. The only thing he could do was work on himself. 

He started going to the gym, opened an online business, and worked hard in school. For four years, Jack worked hard, using the pain to build himself as he'd never before. As the final year of college swung by, he decided to return home finally. 

A Changed Man

It had been four years since Jack came back home. He'd been spending his holidays at his grandparents' place. But now he was back, changed in every way. He was tall and chiseled, with great hair and a wonderful smile. 

He had an electric car and an impressive business portfolio, with enough money to put his parents in a new house. As he drove around his old neighborhood that weekend, who else should he meet but Dahlia, the woman who had humiliated him in front of everyone?

Driving In Town

Jack heard someone call his name from across the road. He was driving past an outdoor restaurant with his car's window down and had stopped at a red light. He looked at the restaurant to see Dahlia smile at him. 

He pulled the car into the restaurant's lot and stepped out. But as he walked to her, he noticed something that made his heart swell. 

He's Amazing

Dahlia was smitten as she watched Jack approach. Her lips parted, and her eyes broadened. There was a look of confusion and blatant want on her face, and she didn't even bother to hide it. The friends she was seated with, most of whom Jack recognized from his dark days in high school, were also gawking at him. 

With confident strides, Jack approached them. But Dahlia couldn't wait. She hurried to him, asking why he had disappeared for years without as little as a hello. She asked him if they could hang out sometime, maybe go on a date. This was Jack's chance.         

Look At This Wonderful Opportunity

Jack looked at Dahlia as she smiled before him. It had taken everything in him to pull himself from the depression he fell into after their last conversation. He'd been furious at first, then hurt and alone. But through it all, he promised to fight. 

Now that she was the one asking him out, what would he do? He smiled, taking her hands in his. He wouldn't squander this opportunity. 

Remembering It All

Jack caressed Dahlia's hands and gently patted them. He remembered all he'd been through and realized that the pain that had always been there didn't exist anymore. 

He remembered Dahlia's speech at the gym and recalled thinking that saying no would have sufficed instead of embarrassing him like that. He'd forgiven what she'd done but couldn't forget it. 

Just Like Old Times

"I appreciate the invite," he said casually, with a lingering smile. "But I have plans already. It was nice seeing you, though," he added out of politeness and waved at her friends as he turned around. 

But Dahlia rushed after him, "When will you be free," she asked. "We can go to the movies just like in old times. Don't you wanna spend time with me?" "No," Jack answered and drove away.    

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.