Mechanics Don’t Want You To Know About This Boiling Water Trick

Car Hacks

It doesn't matter if the car is old or new – it’s going to cost money in upkeep. 

However, there are many ways people can save some cash instead of shelling out to greedy mechanics. This can be done with some pretty simple hacks and habits. One is a simple as a kettle of boiling water.


If you have non-glass headlights that are foggy, they’re not just ugly but also dangerous because of reduced visibility. 

All you need to fix it is a tube of toothpaste (instead of $150 in restoration costs). Smear a light layer over the light, wait a while, and then wash it off. So simple!

Nail Polish

Okay, you’re not going to use this on your Ferrari. However, if you find some scratches and can’t afford a $200+ touch up, just go to the drugstore. 

Nail polish comes in unlimited colors. Find the best match and use that instead. It won’t look great up close, but virtually no one will notice.

Dryer Sheets

If there are no air fresheners handy, try wrapping some coffee beans in a dryer sheet. 

One is great at absorbing smells while the other will give off a fairly nice scent. If things are really gross in there, sprinkle some baking soda on the floor, rub it in, and then vacuum it out the next day.

Olive Oil

Is that dashboard looking a bit dull? Sunlight and age can make the material discolor and crack. 

One simple way is to take a bit of olive oil (a little goes a long way), drip it on a microfiber cloth, and give it a good rub. Just make sure you’ve cleaned as much dust and grime off as possible.

Toothpaste #2

Yep, another tube of pearly white cream to the rescue. If you have scuff marks, rub some on. 

Big ones will be reduced and some small ones might go away. This is because the paste has similar properties to car polish. It will save you a lot of money in retouching.


The quality of work a mechanic does may be better on some days as others.

This is because on a Friday they can't wait to start their weekend. Many other workers said they did the same thing. Go in at the start of the week for better quality work.

Hand Sanitizer

Anyone who drives in a cold country will always have a lock de-icer on their keychain when winter comes. 

However, if you find yourself stuck outside your car without one, just reach for some hand sanitizer. Squirt it into the lock and voila! It will melt the ice and allow you to turn the key.

A Flashlight

A dirty air filter can end up costing you a lot in extra gas and possible repairs. 

Instead of going into the shop and asking them to check (which will sometimes cost money), just shine a flashlight through the filter. It needs to be translucent like a lampshade. If not, replace it.

Hot Water

If there’s a dent in the car, don’t bother going to a mechanic for a costly fix. 

Get a kettle and boil some water. Also, make sure you have a good toilet plunger. Just after pouring water over the spot, take the toilet tool, press it against the section (getting a good suction) and then pull. The dent should pop out.


If there’s no car polish on hand (or it’s essential to pinch those pennies), use some of that hair conditioner sitting in the shower.

It will work as a substitute. All you need is to mix ½ a cup of the product with 2 cups of water, and then use a microfiber cloth. Extra polish-points if it has lanolin in it.

Trunk Space

This hack is as free as you can get! Did you know that extra weight will make your car burn through gas faster? 

Don’t use the trunk or back seat for storage space. Clear it all out and get a bit more mileage per liter. It will also put less stress on other car parts and therefore be a tiny bit cheaper in the long run.

Car Mats

If someone gets stuck in the snow (you know the spinning wheels problem), take the floor mats out of the car, flip them over (rubber side up) and place them under the wheels. 

It should give enough traction to get out. This way, there’s no expensive tow truck fee – and if the mats are ruined, it’s still going to be cheaper to replace them.

A Penny

There’s an easy way to see if tires need to be replaced or if it can go a little longer (and save money). 

Stick a penny (head-side-down if it’s an American one). If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, the tread is too worn and it needs to be changed out. Useful!

Clear Polish

Don’t let a tiny windshield crack turn into a bigger one.

 If you spot an imperfection, and can’t get to a repair shop in the next few days/weeks, a drop of clear nail polish will keep things from getting out of control. It’s not ideal, but still a very useful hack.