The Best and Worst Versions of My Sisters

Kardashian Black Cocktail Dresses on the Red Carpet

My sisters love the spotlight, and I love them for it. I also love how many different styles and versions of themselves they can flaunt--and the best part is, there's always a camera around to capture every single different style and version they try out! What kind of brother would I be if I didn't look back and compare their many, many, many different looks for fun? Here, I present you--the many different versions of my sisters--from selfies to the red carpet to beach chillin' to cocktail dresses to model shoots.

And of course, I have to include their cry faces (which we see so much of) and a little reminder of what they looked like pre-fame. Check out the good, the bad, and the ugly (but mostly the good) of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie, and Kendall. Even though all the K's are super different people, they rock the same look a lot. Let's start off by looking at each of my girl's version of the classic and classy black dress for the red carpet:

The Jenners Give Classic a New Flare

Kim always keeps it timeless Kourtney keeps it modern And Khloe almost goes scandalous Next, check how my Jenner girls do their red carpet black dresses

The Jenners Give Classic a New Flare

Kylie pushes the boundaries of classy and classic Kendall always looks chic We can't look at their ballin' red carpet looks without reminiscing how they all USED to look... these are my favorite!

The Girls Back in the Day (Circa '07)

Next, remember how the Kardashian sisters looked in about 2007, before they had any idea how famous their name would get!

Look how much Kim's style has changed! Kourtney probably looks most similar to her back-then self.

Did Khloe borrow Kim's dress? And if you think my Kardashian sister's look different, next see how much my Jenner sisters have changed!

Oh, They Grow Up So Fast

Kylie definitely gets voted "most-changed" since then. Kendall has been runway ready since her braces days Ok, they might all get mad at me for that.

The Girls Glammed Up

So next, here's my girls looking their best

But when they get all fancy, you can't deny my sisters are stunning. And they even look more alike sometimes!

They're all born to model It's a toss up between who impresses me more with their modeling--the Kardashians or the Jenners. Next, compare the Jenner girls to these Kardashian model photos

Jenner Glam

My half sisters were born just as model-ready as my full sis's.

My Kardashian Girls Beach Chillin

Kendall kills it every time Next, check my Kardash sisters' favorite beach activities

My Kardashian Girls Beach Chillin

Kim loves to show off her most famous assets Kourtney loves to chill Khloe is always down for a good time

My Jenner Girls Beach Chillin

I always tell her not to take selfies in the water without a phone case! I guess you could say Kendall is the sporty one of the fam.

The Kardashian Sass for Close-ups

Next, I've got the Kardashians giving those camera stares that made them famous

Kim has absolutely mastered the coy camera stare. Kourtney usually smiles, but she's pretty good at the camera stare too.

Khloe's got the lip pucker down! The Kardashian camera stare down isn't much different than the Jenner camera stare down--see how the young ones do it next

The Jenner Sass

Kylie has mastered the sassy look since she came out of the womb. Sometimes Kendall's stare can scare me, but it looks good in the camera.

Remember When They All Went Blonde?

The next one's my favorite! I guess ALL of the Kardashian sisters went through a phase where they wanted to know if blondes really do have more fun...

Kim seriously pulls it off... but I still prefer her natural brown because... Kardashian represent!

Kourtney didn't brave the full blonde, but she did try on highlights when it was cool. Khloe slays the blonde look. See what the Jenner girls look like blonde too...

Jenners Try Blonde Too

I actually couldn't believe how well they all pulled the blonde off. Is it just me or does Kendall kinda look like Beyonce here?

Their Cry Faces

They're gonna hate me for the next ones. But they cry so much, how could I not include the Kardashian cry faces?!

Sorry Kim... I had to. It's one of your most famous looks!

Kourtney has a little cleaner of a cry-face They really like to let their emotions out And the Kardashians aren't the only ones. Jenner cry faces up next!

Can't Forget the Jenner Cry Faces

Is it weird if I call her a pretty-crier? They've all been taught well to let their emotions out...

Kardashian Summer Streetwear

I don't think I got the lesson Next, you can compare the girls' summer looks, as captured on the street by the paparazzi

Kim Kourtney doesn't look particularly happy on this day, but she always dresses nice They all do love their Starbucks But what about the Jenner fashion queens do for their summer looks?

Jenner Sisters in Summer

I gotchu with this next

Is she taking a page out of Kim's summer look? She's a city girl at heart Next: CAUGHT!

Kardashian Selfies

All the Kardashians taking selfies

Kim loves her pregnant lips selfie Kourtney loves her beach selfies And Khloe is more of the indoor selfie type See what kind of selfies the Jenner girls take next

Jenner Selfies

Kylie literally blogged about how to take the perfect selfie, so it's not surprising she's good at them The car selfie--typical Kendall Next, see how much all of my sisters LOVE their scarves in the fall.

Kardashians and Scarves

Thanks to paparazzi, we can see who wears scarves the best!

Someone had to flash the Starbucks cup in the corner of the picture to make it a true fall picture... ha Honestly, my vote goes to Kourtney for best fall look Khloe rocks the colorful ones What about the Jenner fall looks?

Check it next

Tiny White Dress on the Red Carpet

Jenners and Scarves I think Kylie's phone is glued to her fingertips ;) Kendall crushes the scarf trend Next, compare their street look with one red carpet look that they all have tried out!

Tiny White Dress on the Red Carpet

All my Kardashian sisters have to admit they like the little dress look on the red carpet... and they slay it Kourtney's always got that winning smile I'm super proud of Khloe...

that's my girl The Jenner sisters all tried out the look too! See for yourself

Jenner Little White Dress on the Red Carpet

Red, white, and blue hair! She strays from the dress, 'cause she's a style KWEEN!

Last but not least, here's some of my fave family photos with my beautiful sisters!