Truths Behind "Pawn Stars" Most People Don't Know

Pawn Stars

It's no secret that Pawn Stars is one of the most popular running reality shows to come out in the last two decades. But behind the scenes, there may be a few facts that you're unaware of.

Rick and the gang may run their business their way, but they still have to adhere to TV guidelines while the show is being shot. Here are some facts that are been hidden until now.

From Small Beginnings

Rick Harrison always felt that the place had a lot of potential. THe pawn shop was originally just a normal pawn shop. But they kept pitching the idea of a TV show to networks.

For years they were rejected until one network said yes. This sky rocketed them to fame as you know them today.


He even once said, "I figured that a show would mean free publicity and free publicity would mean more business." This shows that he was business-minded even with fame on the side. He just wanted his business to thrive, like any business owner would.

The show originally aired briefly on HBO, before becoming a part of the History Channel where it still is today.