Barista Charges Man $4K For Coffee After Spotting Sticker On Truck


A Regular


It was a day like any other. Alex was getting his morning coffee as he usually does.

But on this day, things would take a strange turn for him and his family.

He sat down at his usual table and had no idea that something as small as a sticker would lead him to pay for the most expensive coffee in the world.

The Early Bird


Alex Hogan was a regular at the coffee shop he frequented. All the waiters knew his name and they fought over who would serve him because he was known to be a good tipper.

Alex loved working there some days. The coffee was great and he had most of his lunches there as well.

But one day, things would take a drastic turn for the worse.

A New Waitress


Alex got along well with all the waiters and waitresses. But on this particular day, he noticed someone new had started working there.

She wasn’t serving at his table but he thought he would introduce himself nonetheless because he had become so friendly with all the staff members at the coffee shop.

That was until he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

Very Serious

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The new waitress was not like the rest of the waitresses working there. Not only was she much older but she seemed to be grumpy all the time.

She wouldn’t give the customers the same warm and friendly service he had received over the years.

Alex could see that this would become a huge problem for his favorite place.

Not Liked

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As the days went by, Alex noticed how the other waiters and waitresses weren’t happy with the new staff member.

According to them, she was always late for her shift and had a bad attitude toward all of them including the kitchen staff.

Alex thought it was unusual for such a popular establishment to hire someone so rude until he learned the truth.

Nice To Meet You

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Alex had just come in to have his regular order of coffee and a sandwich when someone unexpectedly came to his table.

It was Susan, the new waitress. It seems she was serving him that morning. Alex used the opportunity to introduce himself.

However, he was surprised by the response he received from her.

Not Impressed

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As Alex held out his hand, she just stared at him blankly and took his order to the kitchen. He couldn’t believe how cold this woman really was.

She clearly did not want to be there. The other staff members shook their heads as Alex just shrugged, having been given the cold shoulder by Susan.

But Alex would soon witness something he would not stand for.

A Big Commotion

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Alex was tucking into his chicken mayo sandwich when he heard loud voices coming from another area of the coffee shop.

There was a big commotion and other customers were getting up to see what was going on. It was Susan, arguing with another regular and a waiter trying to intervene.

Alex could foresee that this was a sign of bad things to come.

Time To Intervene

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He couldn’t leave it like that. Kevin was a buddy of his and he wanted to help him to get out of this irrational argument.

He managed to step in the middle of them and tried to defuse the situation. It wasn’t a good look for the coffee shop and he was trying to avoid any bad publicity for his friend, Dave, who managed the place.

It would not end well for Alex.

Back Off

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Susan turned to Alex and looked him directly in the eye. Alex didn’t know what to expect but it seemed like this woman had a nasty temper.

He stood back and she proceeded to shout at him to “mind his own business” as the matter “didn’t concern him.” Alex had never experienced something like this in his life, let alone in a public setting.

He was getting fed up.

A Plan


He decided to back off and go back to his table. It was something he rather wanted to stay out of for now.

But things were not looking good for his favorite coffee shop and it seemed like no one could do anything to stop Susan.

It was then that Alex thought of something that he could do.

Time For Change 

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It was time to have a talk with his good friend Dave. Alex told him there was no way it can continue the way it has been. No one was happy with her service.     

And soon enough, if he wasn’t careful, they would lose valuable clientele. He was only helping him as a friend and as a regular customer, he could see everything happening on the ground.

But what Dave would say next, would leave Alex baffled.

Nothing He Could Do

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Dave couldn’t do much. He could just talk to her and address the issue but couldn’t let her go. It seemed like there was something more going on.

Alex saw this as an opportunity to dig around and see what was the root of the problem.

Who was this lady and why was she getting special treatment even though she was so bad at this job?

Asking Around

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Alex would go to the coffee shop as per usual every day. His plan was to find out more about Susan. She seemed to have an arrogant air about her.

He didn’t know how he was going to do it. He supposed he had to ask the other waitresses about her but it came to nothing.

Alex would soon learn that his digging would cost him dearly as Susan would make him pay for snooping around.



He could see how empty the coffee shop was getting as the weeks went by. It seems word got out about the terrible waitress working there.

So far, he was the only customer who had come in that morning. It was getting worse and Susan just sat around looking at her phone and briefly looking up at Alex.

It looked like she was planning something.

Not A Care In The World

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Looking at the faces of his friends, he could see they were getting worried. These were students and they relied on tips to get by while they were studying.

It looked like Susan was just here as a favor and didn’t really need the money. This frustrated them most of all. She was sabotaging their livelihoods.

But they hadn’t seen the worst of her just yet.

Car Problems

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It was the one day that Alex couldn’t make it to his beloved cafe because he was having car problems. He knew he had to take it in but just didn’t have the time.

He would have to skip his coffee and sandwich today and work from home.

But he would be back at the coffee shop in no time and this would be the beginning of his nightmares.

Finally Back


Alex was pleased because, after a few days, he finally made it to the coffee shop again. His car was taking longer than expected but he could finally have the coffee and sandwich he had been craving so badly.

He sat down at his usual table and was warmly greeted by the staff, it seemed they missed him.

But the cheer would be cut short as it would be Susan that served him today and she would give him something more than his usual order.

A Great Day

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She already looked grumpy but Alex decided that he wasn’t going to let her spoil his day. He was having a great one so far and no angry woman was going to ruin it for him.

He noticed that she kept looking at him every time and he wondered if she was trying to start an argument.

It was time to leave and Alex paid his bill as per usual. But he hadn’t noticed something crucial until it was too late.

Being Nice

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He got into his vehicle and noticed Susan waving to him from the inside. How strange was that? He decided to wave back. Maybe Dave gave that talk after all.

He was pulling into his driveway when he got a call from his wife, Jessica, saying that their card was declined at the grocery store.

Alex was confused.

What Happened?

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Jessica was furious and embarrassed because she had to leave all their groceries and come back home.

She asked Alex what had happened to their money. He had no explanation and couldn’t understand what had happened.

He checked all their transactions for the last week and then came across something that almost made his heart stop.

A Massive Bill

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He pulled out the bill from the coffee and sandwich he had just had and his jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

He was charged over $4000 for one coffee and a sandwich. His wife became angry and asked him why he hadn’t checked.

But Alex reassured her that it was an honest mistake and that he would rectify it in no time.

Mistakes Were Made

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He drove back to the shop and saw that they were just closing up. He quickly knocked on the door and was let in.

He walked over to the counter and showed one of the waitresses the bill.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and called her colleagues over to look at the massive bill Alex was holding.


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Everyone was amazed and gasped out loud. They looked around at each other and wondered who could’ve made such a colossal error.

But then as they turned, they saw Susan sitting down at one of the tables looking very pleased with herself. Alex remembered. It was her that served him and charged him.

But the question was, why?

Refund Needed

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He went over to her with the bill and showed the huge error. By now everyone was talking in hushed tones.

But eventually, Dave came out to see what was going on. Alex was relieved and showed him the bill and just asked to be refunded because he needed to buy groceries.

But Susan would quickly interrupt and explain herself.

Make No Mistake

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Susan stood up and walked over to Alex and Dave. She took the bill from his hands and examined it. Alex watched her closely, what was she up to?

He had never had a waitress snatch anything from him, especially something like a bill.

But it seemed that Susan wasn’t above that it seemed.

The Bill Was Correct

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Alex was clearly getting annoyed with this woman. She really knew how to ruin someone’s day and this after he thought she was coming to her senses. 

Then all she blurted out was, “There is no mistake on this bill.” Alex’s eyes widened, he just wondered why she would do something like this to him?

But he wouldn’t have to wait long for her to explain herself.

Excuse Me?

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No mistake? This was the last straw. Alex had just about had enough of this woman and her antics. The time for talking nicely to her was over.

He wanted his money back and he wanted it now. She needed to explain to all of them why the massive bill was not a mistake. They would all be mystified by her answer.


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Dave pulled Susan aside and asked her what the meaning of this was. Alex was a regular and like all other patrons, he needed to be treated with respect.

But Susan was having none of it. She insisted that Alex was in the wrong and he needed to pay for what he had done.

Alex was confused as to what exactly he had done and then, all was revealed.



Susan demanded compensation for all the pain and suffering she had endured looking at the bumper sticker on his truck. As a mother of four kids, it offended her.

Alex was left scratching his head. He had no idea that she had felt this way.

She continued to explain her plot to make him pay as he stood there with his mouth hanging open.

Making Him Pay


She wanted Alex to pay for driving around being so arrogant. Alex was dumbstruck. He had never in all his life dealt with such an issue and it was an issue that was not his to deal with. It wasn’t his truck.

He decided to put his foot down. He was normally a very mild mannered person but she had ruined his wife’s day.

How could he let her get away with that?

Matter Put To Rest


Alex had borrowed a friend’s truck while his car was being repaired. It wasn’t his fault that people didn’t like the sticker on the truck. He hadn’t even noticed it. 

He understood that the waitress didn’t like it, but should he really be held responsible?

But it seems like Susan was indeed working there as a favor. 

Boss’ Sister


She was the boss’ sister and was filling in for someone else. The absurd matter was put to rest and Alex eventually got refunded. 

Of course, he returned to his favorite place and even got a meal on the house for his pain and suffering. He was happy to see that Susan was no longer there and welcomed the old waitress back with open arms.

But what he didn’t know was that this wouldn’t be the last he’d hear from Susan.


Continuing As Normal

Alex continued his routine of getting his favorite sandwich at his favorite table. He quickly forgot about Susan and moved on with his life. He was happy to see the loyal staff that he had a good rapport with.

Just a few days later, he was even informed that his car would be ready and he could give his truck back.

But the trouble he started wouldn’t follow only him.

Getting His Car


Alex finished up his business at the shop and paid his bill. It was the usual sum of money, and thankfully he’d never forget to check his receipt again. With a wave of goodbye, he went on his way.

His destination was the mechanic’s to get his car back. He’d drop off the truck on his way there and uber to his car from there.

He was in a good mood despite what was about to happen.

Happy To Have His Wheels Back


It had felt like an eternity not having his own set of wheels, especially after the problems he had because of his friend’s bumper sticker.

At least now he could be confident that he’d be okay in his own car.

Alex was happy to have his wheels back, but only a few days later, he got a call from his friend with startling news.

An Offensive Post


Alex’s buddy, Grant, called him up and asked him where he’d been with his trunk. His tone was confrontational, which made Alex’s hair on the back of his neck stand up.

He wasn’t used to his buddy sounding distressed.

Before he could ask him why Grant sent him a Facebook link. What did this have to do with anything?

Opening The Link


Alex didn’t dare to think where the link would send him, but he tapped on it anyway. That’s when he fully understood the repercussions of his actions the previous week.

He saw a nasty post on Facebook with a photo of the bumper sticker on his friend’s truck. What did this have to do with him?

Then he looked at who posted the photo, and his blood boiled.

Susan’s Post


The post was none-other than Susan’s. She had spitefully taken the photo and posted it with the caption, “How can we let people get away with these offensive stickers?”

Alex couldn’t believe that her entire circle of Facebook friends commented, ranting about censorship in the 21st century.

But this was only the start of her retaliation. 

This Is War


Alex had no idea he’d stepped into a war with Susan. After he humiliated her in front of her brother and coworkers, culminating in her losing her position, she wanted payback.

But there was much a simple Facebook post could do. Terming the sticker as offensive would garner an audience big enough for the second part of her plan.

She wanted Alex to rue the day he ever stepped into her path. 

Her End Game 

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Susan laid out her plan in detail. She didn’t know where Alex lived but knew she’d quickly get his address through her brother. 

She’d heard Alex talking about his wife and knew he loved her very much. The best way to get to him would be through her.

Susan would turn her against him gradually, ensuring that he had nothing left by the end. 

Her Wish


She would also teach her brother a lesson. How could he pick a mere friend over her, his blood sister? She scoffed, just thinking about it. 

All she wanted was a better society where her kids could grow without fearing being indoctrinated into dangerous lifestyles.

How could her brother not see this?

Going On Facebook


“They’ll all pay,” she mumbled as her fingers typed away, adding more fuel to her Facebook post. She needed it to go viral to amass an army large enough to handle her problems. 

She detailed her experience at the coffee shop and stated that such offensive stickers are why the country is in shambles.

She added the truck photo and waited for the algorithm to do the rest. 

Going Viral


It didn’t take long before her plan took off. She woke up to a constantly buzzing phone, indicating that her post was on its way to becoming viral. 

Unlocking her phone, she grinned at what greeted her sight. More than a thousand notifications from Facebook awaited her.

Three hundred were comments and seven hundred were likes. But that wasn’t all. 

The Messages And Messages 


Her inbox was also brimming with messages. Before she went to bed after writing the post, she only had six unread messages. The number had jumped to twenty in just six hours. 

Susan rubbed her hands together, grinning as she prepared to dive into the comments.

It wouldn’t be long until her brother, and his friend begged for forgiveness. 

The First Comment 


Most of the comments and likes were from concerned moms all over town. They lamented the state of society, agreeing with Susan that stickers like the one on the truck were partly to blame. 

“Where are we going as a society,” one commenter wrote. “We have failed as parents and guardians.”

This was the start of the hundreds of comments peppering the post. 

What Grings Their Gears 


“If these are our husbands, brothers, and fathers, then tomorrow is doomed,” another wrote. “These people deserve to be jailed,” they continued. 

“It grinds my gears to see such people drive all over the place,” a user wrote. “You wonder why we can’t even let our kids go out to play like the old days.”

These comments were among the tamest in the comment section. 

Hero Or Villain?


The rest were full of curse words and name-calling. People went as far as threatening the vehicle owner, saying they’d smash his truck on sight. 

But in the sea of chaos were comments trying to keep things objective. Of course, Susan deleted each of these comments. She needed everyone riled up.

That was the only way she’d get the second part of her plan going. 

A Villain In The Making


Susan let the post simmer for two days. It had gone viral by now and for all the wrong reasons. Angry, entitled women came to rant and threatened a man they didn’t know a thing about 

They wanted to know where they could find him. They’d teach him a lesson he’d always remember.

Susan was more than happy with what she was seeing.

It Goes On

Although she didn’t give Alex’s name on the post, she stated that the truck’s owner frequented the local coffee shop.

She also shared that she’d worked there briefly, and the man accused her of lying, causing the owner to fire her. 

“I’m currently trying to find a job,” she lied. “I can’t believe he did such a thing to me. The boss isn’t even answering my calls anymore.”

A Sound Plan


She chose each word meticulously, knowing it would rile up her readers. By the end of the day, they’d anonymously agreed to storm the coffee shop. With a smirk, Susan knew the second part of her plan was successful.     

She visited her brother that evening, conveniently not mentioning the hail of trouble barreling his way.

Her agenda was elsewhere entirely.   

Asking Questions 


The vengeful waitress wanted to know where Alex lived, and the only way she could do this was by using Dave, her brother. She constantly asked questions about Alex to the extent that Dave seemed suspicious. 

But given their last fallout that almost cost Dave his coffee shop clientele, Susan decided to back up a bit.

She’d ruin her plan if she were impatient. 

Part Three Of Her Plan


The third part of her plan was to visit Alex’s wife when Alex was not around and befriend her. Afterward, she’d slowly convince her to leave Alex. 

Just thinking about this step made her giddy inside. But she couldn’t let Dave see her excitement. He was on his list as well.

Her army of angry suburban moms was coming for his coffee shop.    

The Army Is Here


Alex went to the coffee shop the following day as he usually did. He’d already combed through the comments in Susan’s post and couldn’t understand why the woman couldn’t let this thing go.

But four days later, women started showing up outside the shop. They would scour the parking lot first, seemingly searching for a vehicle before coming in to look around.

But that wasn’t all. 

His Wife 


Alex’s wife told him about an odd woman approaching her at the farmers market. She kept asking personal questions, wanting to know if Alex was a good husband. 

“I don’t like her,” Alex’s wife said. Alex sat and analyzed everything. It was only a short time before he understood what was happening here.

But wasn’t it already too late?

The Full Assault 


Susan’s plan was well underway. Her army was scoping the coffee shop, already scaring away customers with their nasty attitudes. They also review bombing the joint, saying it was lenient to abusive people. 

Alex’s wife was the only part of her plan that wasn’t going as expected. She didn’t even want to meet Susan for coffee, which was absurd because Susan was such a delight.

But karma was already gunning for Susan. 

A Latte 


Everything was going great until one of Susan’s loyal followers decided she needed something to drink. She ordered a latte from the coffee shop and was dumbfounded by the friendly service she received. 

The servers treated her like a faraway queen, offering free pastries and constantly checking on her.

She felt guilty for review bombing the shop and had a talk with one of her friends. 

Enemies To Lovers 


The friend decided to test the theory, ordering a drink as well. By the end of the week, the women who had come here as enemies were suddenly new customers. Susan couldn’t believe it.

She had no idea that Alex was already onto her.

After seeing the influx of moms review bombing the coffee shop, and with his wife’s report, he knew Susan was behind all of it.        

Calling His Buddy With A Plan


Alex knew what he would do. He called his buddy back with a plan that would make Susan stay out of his life for good. His buddy loved it, and they moved forward to making it a reality. His buddy still knew where to get the bumper stickers, so they could really stir up some trouble.

With the stickers in hand, Alex managed to get Susan’s address from one of the kind waitresses that wanted to get back at Susan almost as much as he did.

But would she be ready for what he was about to do?

What Goes Around Comes around


The two friends drove in Alex’s car to avoid suspicion. They crept up to Susan’s driveway that evening and saw her car parked outside. It was a perfect crime. They plastered eight or nine of the same bumper sticker she hated so much onto her bumpers, door panels, and even underneath her chassis.

They never got caught, but Alex and his friend did notice that the next day, Susan removed her post. If only they knew that someone had seen them in the act.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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