Barista Asks Man To Leave, Has No Idea He’s A Cop

Andy Greener was working as a barista at a coffee shop in Arizona. It would get very hot in the city during the summer, and people would come inside to seek shelter from the heat.

One summer day, Andy was so busy taking the customers' orders that he didn't notice an older man enter the store. 

The Stranger

When Andy did finally notice him, he immediately felt discomfort. The stranger joined the line with a smirk on his face. 

He had a strong body odor, and people next to him were trying to move away and cover their noses. 

A Bad Smell

The man's clothing was dirty and torn. He looked like he hadn't taken a shower in weeks. A few people even left the store because they didn't want to be near him. 

But it wasn't just the customers that were disgusted by him. 


Andy's manager was a 17-year-old girl that also seemed uncomfortable at the smell of this man. 

She took a deep breath as the man approached Andy's register, and they started talking. 

Strange Reaction

“Three iced mochas and one mango juice, please," the man said. 

As soon as he said that, the manager rolled her eyes and walked away. Andy was surprised by her reaction. At the end of the day, he was still a customer, and he was polite to them. 

Go Away

The manager threw the man's order into a bag and tossed it to him. She made it obvious that she didn't want him at the store. 

“We’re really busy today and don’t have free seats. You’ll have to take these and go,” she said. 

"You're Welcome To Stay"

Andy was shocked by her reaction. She was being unreasonably rude to him. 

Andy turned to the man and said, “It’s fine. There are lots of seats. You’re more than welcome to stay, sir.”


The man ignored the manager and said, “Thanks, kid. I’ll be on my way. See you around.”

Andy thought he wouldn't see the man again. But soon, he would return with his friends. 

He Returned

The man returned the next morning wearing a police uniform with a few of his cop friends. Andy almost didn't recognize him at first. He looked like an entirely different person. 

The manager welcomed him with a warm smile and took his order. Then, he made eye contact with Andy. 


“Thanks for your help yesterday,” the cop said. “We were dying doing renovations in that heat.”

The manager's face turned red as she prepared the exact same order she had made the previous day. 

Doing Home Renovations

It turns out that the cops were helping one of their coworkers with home renovations and yard work. 

But to Andy, it didn't matter if the guys were wearing a uniform or not. He treated everyone equally, unlike his manager. 

Equal Treatment 

Andy believed that a customer was still a customer, no matter what they were wearing or how they looked. He treated everyone with kindness. 

Then, the officer handed him far too much money for the order. “Keep it, kid," he said.

A Generous Tip

He gave him $100! Andy couldn't believe his eyes as he stared at the cash in his hand. 

His manager's eyes dropped when she saw the generous tip. She tried to explain to the man that they all shared tips, but the cop insisted that it was for Andy. 

Epic Response 

“Nope, this is just for him for being so kind. Why would I tip you when you kicked me out yesterday?” he replied.  

Andy could barely hold his laughter as his manager rushed inside. She was so embarrassed! 

It'll Be A Regular Stop

“The drinks were great, so my buddies and I decided to make this a regular stop," the officer continued.  

Andy smiled and shook the officer's hand. "Thank you so much for the tip!" he said. "It means a lot to me!"