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Baby Won’t Look At Pregnant Nanny, Pediatrician Tells Mom To Get A Divorce Attorney

The Allegations

Her friends had warned her several times, but Sarah just brushed the allegations to the side. They pleaded with her to leave but yet she stayed to prove them wrong.

After all, there was no evidence for these claims.

But it wasn’t long before Sarah decided to do some investigations to put the nagging worries to rest once and for all.


A Dream Come True

Sarah and Derek Thompson had always wanted a big family. So when Sarah fell pregnant they were both overjoyed and couldn’t wait to welcome their daughter into their lives.

They moved into their dream house in Sacramento and as Sarah stared out into their beautiful garden, everything seemed perfect.

That was until Maddie was born and everything around them changed.

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Help Needed

Sarah wasn’t coping with having started a new job and looking after their daughter, Maddie, who was now four years old. With her and Derek both working, they decided to get some help.

The help would come in the form of their new nanny, Melissa. She would come every morning and leave by 5 pm when both Sarah and Derek finished with work.

But Melissa would soon become a problem in their lives.

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The Interview

When they did the interview with Melissa, she seemed absolutely perfect for the job. She answered all the questions with a smile on her face and she had lots of glowing references.

And best of all, Maddie loved her and soon they were getting along like a house on fire, they couldn’t be torn apart.

Although Sarah had some doubts, Derek assured her that she was perfect for the job. But, the cracks in the happy household would soon begin to appear.

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Tall And Beautiful

Melissa was in her early 20s and she was of course beautiful. Tall, blond, and with an athletic figure, it seemed like a lot of men drooled over her. She mentioned that she was in the early stages of pregnancy, but assured them that it wouldn’t affect her work in any way.

Sarah was still carrying a bit of the extra weight from when she was pregnant. Her figure was no longer how it used to be and this made her very insecure seeing Melissa dress in shorts and crop tops.

It didn’t bother Sarah too much until she saw something she wished she hadn’t.

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Clocking In

Sarah left every morning at 9 am and that’s when Melissa would step in and take over. She would then immediately start making breakfast for Maddie and begin working on activities for the day.

It was a bit simpler because Derek worked from home, so if there was anything that Melissa needed, she could just knock on his office door.

It was then that things became complicated at the Thompson residence.

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A Phone Call A Day

Sarah would always call Derek every day just to check in with him and see how things were going at the house. 

There were always noises in the background of the call. It must’ve been Maddie playing around, or so Sarah thought.

One day, she distinctly heard a giggle and she knew it wasn’t her daughter.


Imagining Things?

She didn’t think anything of it at first, but it did sound a lot like a woman giggling and then Derek quickly gave an excuse saying he had to go.

Was she reading too much into this or were her husband and the new nanny getting a little too friendly with each other?

There was only one way to find out.


A Surprise Visit

Sarah decided to go home for lunch. She didn’t tell Derek because her sole purpose was to surprise him and see if there was anything going on.

As she stepped into the front door, she saw Maddie on the living room floor, playing with her dolls.

Why wasn’t Melissa watching her? She called out to her and then heard a door slam and someone running.

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Busy Much?

Melissa came rushing in looking flustered and disheveled. She was surprised to see Sarah home and her face turned red.

She then became chirpy and talked to Sarah in a high-pitched voice.

“Sorry, I just had to quickly bundle Maddie’s laundry into the washing machine, she was alone for just a second, I promise.” But Sarah was not convinced.

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The Knock At The Door

Sarah looked at Melissa suspiciously as she quickly hurried to get to Maddie.

She then made her way to Derek’s office.

She knocked on the door and was surprised to hear him utter the words, “Come in, naughty girl.” Sarah went in and the look on Derek’s face said it all.

He had not expected to see his wife.

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A Little Game

“I hope you’re referring to me?” was all Sarah could muster up. She was embarrassed because she never heard Derek talk like that before.

He got up, clearly embarrassed himself, and sheepishly offered an explanation. “I was actually referring to Maddie, she’s been coming over to my office and knocking on the door all the time. It’s a little game we play.”

Sarah didn’t know if she was relieved or even more suspicious.

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Sarah spent the whole day overthinking the whole situation. What was going on?

She hadn’t seen Melissa and her husband interact before, so she couldn’t make assumptions.

It was then that she decided to call Melissa and tell her to stay for dinner that night. This would be the perfect way to see if there was anything going on between them.

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Dinner For Four

When Sarah got home, she was so exhausted that she regretted inviting Melissa for dinner. She just wanted to have a sandwich and relax on the couch.

But she would be greeted by an unusual sight. The kitchen was abuzz with activity. Melissa had cooked a whole meal for all of them including dessert.

Maybe Sarah had misjudged the whole situation.

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The Perfect Nanny

She even set the table with several candles lit all around the house. It looked amazing and Sarah was pleased to be coming home to such a relaxing atmosphere.

Maddie was thrilled and couldn’t contain her excitement at getting her own special meal that was made just for her.

Derek was seated at the head of the table and was beaming from ear to ear. It seems Melissa was out to impress the family.

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Trust Earned

As they sat down to eat, Sarah made sure to keep an eye on Melissa and Derek. She didn’t notice anything between them. Everything seemed normal.

There were no awkward looks or instances of accidentally touching each other. Sarah was relieved.

She had been wrong and she knew now that Melissa could be trusted. Or so she thought.

Happy With Her

As the weeks went by, Sarah was mostly content with Melissa. She was great with Maddie and that’s all that mattered to her.

There hadn’t been any signs that made her worry about anything and Derek was acting normal as far as she could see.

She felt at ease that she had her life back on track until one morning Melissa would call her, crying in panic.

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Sudden Illness

Melissa was ill and needed to go to the doctor because she was having a bad stomach ache and didn’t want to leave it to chance because of her pregnancy.

Sarah thought it was a good idea and called Derek to let him know that he had to watch Maddie for an hour so that Melissa could go. He wasn’t too pleased as he was busy but he agreed in the end. Little did Sarah know that this story would turn out to be more than she expected.

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As she got home, she felt so tired and just wanted to collapse on her bed. But she knew she still had to prepare dinner and spend some time with Maddie.

Derek had to work a little later since he lost an hour looking after Maddie.

It was time for Maddie to go to bed and as Sarah tucked her in, she said something very confusing.

A Good Day

“Mommy, I had a good day with Daddy and Lissa today, we went to the doctor because Lissa was sick and I got a red lollipop because I was so good.”

Sarah’s eyes opened to the size of saucers.

She was sweating and feeling how her blood began to boil. Why did her husband go to the doctor with their nanny?

Why Now?

What was going on in her house? All the thoughts she had put to rest were suddenly bubbling up to the surface again.

She kissed Maddie goodnight and made her way to their bedroom. Should she confront Derek? She couldn’t without any solid evidence.

She needed to investigate first and she knew just what to do.

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Nanny Cams To The Rescue

Sarah purchased some nanny cams to install in strategic points around the house. She would get alerts of any movements that occurred.

It was time to see what was really going on when she wasn’t home.

When she received an alert on her phone, she braced herself for what she might see. It did not disappoint.

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Toddler and Tantrums

It showed Melissa walking Maddie out of her room, but Maddie was resisting. She kept pulling her hand away.

Then she had a massive tantrum on the floor. Sarah got sad and wondered what had happened to her daughter.

She couldn’t phone to find out because then her plan would be ruined and they would know that she was watching. Then Derek came into the frame and things took a strange turn.

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Disturbing Footage

Derek was comforting Maddie while Melissa just stood to the side, looking upset. It seems like Maddie didn’t want Melissa anywhere near her.

Now Sarah was panicking. Had Melissa done something to her daughter that made her upset?

She continued to watch and then Derek put his arms around Melissa and hugged both of them. Sarah’s heart dropped.

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Advice Needed

He was just comforting them both because they were upset, she thought. Surely there was no harm in that. He was just being a gentleman

Sarah decided to not watch any further, she needed to remove herself from what she just saw.

She called her friends to arrange dinner for that night. She needed some advice.

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A Dinner Date

She met up with them and had a much-needed conversation and time away from the house.

She told them everything and what she had suspected.

By the end of the night, she was wiping away tears as her friends convinced her that Derek was not being truthful to her and that she needed to investigate even more.

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What A Mess

Sarah couldn’t believe her life had come to this. Everything was normal until Melissa came into their lives and now even their daughter didn’t like her anymore.

What had she done by bringing this woman into their lives? Now she had nothing but problems on her hands.

She decided to try one last time to catch them in the act.

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Another Doctor’s Appointment 

The next day, Melissa informed Sarah that she once again had to go to the doctor for a check-up. Sarah agreed and saw this as the perfect opportunity to spy on them.

She took an hour off from work and followed them to the doctor’s office. She was nervous because she didn’t know what to expect.

Then, as she sat in her car, she saw the three of them coming out, Derek and Melissa holding hands and smiling. Sarah was devastated and angry at the same time.

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She jumped out of the car to confront both of them but tried not to make a big scene because Maddie was there. She pulled Derek aside and spoke to him privately. “That’s why you wanted her to watch Maddie so that you could be close to your mistress?”

Derek hung his head in shame. He knew he messed up. She asked him how long the affair had been going on and when he was going to tell her.

But then Maddie shouted something at the top of her lungs, “Mommy, mommy, I’m going to be a big sister!”

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Not The End

It seems the affair had been going on for a very long time. Melissa was 3 months pregnant with Derek’s child. Sarah couldn’t contain her emotions and took Maddie and left. She thought back to the previous time that Derek went with her to the doctor. He did it because he knew she was pregnant.

How could she be so blind?

She immediately filed for divorce and Derek was civil enough to leave the house and a car with Sarah. They have joint custody of Maddie and Sarah looks away in disgust every time she spots the new happy family. 

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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