Man Buys Baby's Crib, Tells Mom To Look In Trunk

In Need Of A Crib

An elderly couple needed a crib for their granddaughter who was expecting. They found an amazing deal online but didn't know that it was hiding a secret and had a dark past.

Only after picking it up did they realize what they had actually purchased. But at that point it was already too late, they knew the truth.

The Crib

The woman who owned the crib hastily sold it, she needed the money and didn't have a use for it anymore. But she never thought that the new owners would find out the truth about it.

And what they did when they found out rocked her to her core. There was no going back from this.

Making It Meaningful

The couple who bought it discovered that the crib had belonged to the woman's child before they tragically passed away. To show a little kindness and support, they decided to return it, but with a twist.

The man was a carpenter and painted it a beautiful white color. They made it a memorial for the original owner's child and she couldn't believe it. To say she was touched was an understatement.