Awkward Live TV Moments Where The Camera Kept Rolling

As a part of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, actors are always expected to smile for the camera even though something quite embarrassing has happened. Whether it’s Tom Cruise getting a bit too excited on Oprah’s couch or Kanye West embarrassing Taylor Swift, fans have seen it all. The only question we have for them is how do you keep going when the cameras are rolling?

We’re going to be looking through the most awkward moments had by some of our favorite stars, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Joaquin Phoenix. Some of these photos will make you question what was on these celebrities’ minds at the moment…

Kevin and Shaq’s Shenanigans

We all know Kevin Hart as one of the funniest comedians of his generation, which is a well-known fact. Do you also know what is another well-known fact? It’s no secret that the comedian lacks some inches from his height, and some of his fellow celebrities have poked fun at this little detail – pun intended.

So when Shaquille O’Neal had the chance to sweep up Kevin Hart off of his feet (quite literally), he didn’t let the opportunity slip. In a talk show, Shaquille lifted Kevin in the air like it was no big deal – we wonder what the poor guy must’ve felt like while the basketball legend was lifting him. Well, at least it makes up for a good story, right?

Dr. Phil’s Teenage Guest

There’s something quite special but also a bit annoying when it comes to Dr. Phil’s talk show. Maybe the guests on his show also have something to do with this because sometimes, the famed doctor can’t even control the people who come to his studio. This is where the teenager Danielle Bregoli comes in…

Danielle, who is now known by her stage name, Bhad Bhabie, has popularized the phrase “cash me outside.” Since then, she has become the stuff of memes, and she’s used it to her advantage to kickstart her rapping career. It’s safe to say that bad publicity is still good.

Steve’s “Universal” Mistake

Who can ever forget that embarrassing Miss Universe finale when Steve Harvey called the wrong winner? At first, he announced that Miss Colombia was the winner of the famous beauty pageant, but then he realized that he might’ve made a slight mistake. This is when all awkwardness comes in because how can you reverse handing out misinformation?

A few minutes after announcing the wrong winner, Steve took to the stage again to announce that the real winner was actually Miss Philippines. Even the television viewers can hear the gasps and the shock from the crowd because it was such a terrible thing to do. Needless to say, we don’t want Steve near any of our contests anytime soon.

No Pitch for 50 Cents

50 Cents is known all around the world to be a musical genius, and he is. We’ve sung his songs while we were all growing up, and he’s become such a vital part of the music industry. However, something tells us that he should’ve just stayed in that particular industry.

When the time came where 50 Cents had to take his first pitch, people were shocked at how terrible he was. Although, it looked like he was such a great sport since he laughed at his mistakes as soon as he realized what he had done. Needless to say, we won’t be watching him at sports stadiums – the club is where he belongs…

David’s Delicious Cheeseburger

We all know who David Hasselhoff is, and we’ve all grown quite fond of his films through the years. This superstar has gained popularity through the years, and we’ve always loved watching him on the screen. Although we might be getting something that nobody really asked for…

There was one video circulating on the internet of David eating a cheeseburger. While this seems like such an ordinary thing to do, it would be important to point out that while he was eating his meal, it appeared that he was drunk. Not only that, but he was on the floor – yikes!

No Hugs for Kesha

If you’re a millennial, then you probably grew up listening to Kesha’s popular hit songs. Most party music back in the 2010s was hers, and she has gathered quite an impressive fan base. However, even the most successful pop stars need to know what boundaries are.

There was an instance during a red carpet event when Kesha met the beloved Jerry Seinfeld, and she insisted on hugging him. We get it, we love Seinfeld, but Jerry actually declined the hug, which made the pop star disappointed. It goes to show that boundaries should be respected, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re Kesha or not.

Ivanka’s Task Force

Even though Ivanka Trump might’ve come from a long line of questionable men, it doesn’t make her a target for assault. When she was a guest at a talk show, another one of her co-guests took the liberty of touching Ivanka at an unnecessary body part. If you mess with Donald Trump’s children, then we’re sorry to break it to you, but you might get arrested.

This was exactly what happened to Andy Dick. We get it, the men in Ivanka’s family aren’t the best either, but she’s still a woman who needs to be respected. So it’s only appropriate that Andy was tackled by Ivanka’s task force then sent to jail…whoops.

Jennifer the “Know-it-All”

There was an episode in Conan O’Brien where he had Jennifer Garner as a guest. Jennifer isn’t really everybody’s cup of tea, but especially when she tried to correct Conan on his grammar. She even went as far as stating that as a Harvard University graduate, he had to know his words.

Well, it didn’t really end well for Jennifer since Conan simply pulled up a dictionary and proved to the world that he was as smart as he is. Sorry, Jennifer, but you really can’t beat Conan at his own game. Maybe try better next time.

When Amy Fell

Amy Schumer is a famed comedian and celebrity, and she’s known for pulling quite the comedic stunts. So when she tried to trip in front of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, she thought they would be amused. Little did she know that she wasn’t going to get the reaction she was hoping for.

Tripping in front of people is probably one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a person. Although what happened to Amy was next level with Kim and Kanye by her side. However, the power couple didn’t help her out – instead, they just kept walking and minded their own business.

Photobombs by Justin

We all love a good photobomb, especially if it’s our friend. Although, how much would you appreciate a photobomb by Justin Timberlake? This was exactly what happened on a red carpet because he tried to photobomb another Hollywood legend…

While Emma Stone was trying to answer her interview, Justin Timberlake simply popped his head in the camera and tried to distract the actress from answering her questions. We’re not sure what Emma had in mind at that time, but we would love a photobomb from Justin. What about you?

Gordon’s Bad Behavior

In today’s #metoo era, questionable behavior isn’t at all accepted anymore. So when Gordon Ramsay tried to pull a funny trick on Sofia Vergara, the actress didn’t have it. Gordon thought he could get away with his stunts, but that just wasn’t the case.

When Gordon tried to pat Sofia’s legs, the actress stood up for herself and tried to hit the chef. Honestly, we think that we might’ve done the same thing. It goes to show that even the best chefs in the world don’t have class…

Ariana Just Winged It

As a singer, opening the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show might’ve been the pinnacle of your career. When Ariana Grande was asked to sing at this famed fashion show, she didn’t hesitate to agree because who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Although, something quite funny was bound to happen…

While Ariana was singing, a model with massive wings accidentally hit her in the head. It’s safe to say that Ariana “winged” it, right? The photo circulated online and became one heck of a meme. Thanks, Ari!

A Rock for Elon

If you’re the CEO of one of the most popular car brands in the world, then it’s no secret that you can probably get your hands on its latest gears and models. So when one of Tesla’s newest designs came out, Elon Musk didn’t hesitate to show off his new ride. He thought that people would love it, but he couldn’t be more wrong…

While his new car was parked, it was hit by a few rocks because people thought it was such an ugly car. Hey, maybe it’s just Elon’s preference, right? Although we don’t think we’ll see him in that car anytime soon – we think he got the message.

What Did Jessica Drink?

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? Well, if you think about it, does it compare to embarrassing yourself in front of the whole world? This happened to Jessica Simpson when she came to Ellen while heavily drunk.

In that episode, Ellen DeGeneres was trying to converse with Jessica, but she kept slurring her words and forgetting her train of thought. She also openly admitted that she might’ve been a bit drunk before getting to the show – yikes, that’s not a good sign! Although she did get through the interview, we don’t think she’ll be back on the talk show anytime soon.

Joaquin’s Gloomy Outfit

We all know who Joaquin Phoenix is, and for some of us, we know that he’s often a misunderstood artist. So maybe that was all there is to this episode, right? Although, his behavior at a talk show back in 2009 seriously made people question his choices.

In that interview, Joaquin seemed to be buzzed and disoriented. Although he did mention that he was preparing for a film during that time, maybe it has something to do with that. Nonetheless, his awkward behavior during this talk show wasn’t liked by many of his loyal fans.

Tom Got a Bit Too Excited

Who doesn’t like seeing a happy and joyful Tom Cruise? Well, perhaps not Oprah because Tom appeared a bit too excited upon seeing her then-wife, Katie Holmes. What he did next wasn’t liked by Oprah and the staff members.

We might’ve already seen the photo of Tom Cruise jumping on a couch, right? Well, it actually came from an episode from Oprah’s show, and nobody really knew what triggered his excited reaction. However, you really can’t stay mad at Tom, right? Just look at his beautiful face!

Taking Taylor’s Spotlight

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, then you might never forgive Kanye West for spoiling her moment at an award’s night. To some of us, that image will forever be in our minds because Kanye legitimately spoiled Taylor’s success. It was not a pretty sight.

We can just see Taylor’s disappointed and hurt face as Kanye tries to take the award away from her. Naturally, this wasn’t accepted by the media and the fans, and other celebrities also showed their support towards Taylor. So we guess she still won in the end, right?

Leo’s Little Side-Eye

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of his generation’s most successful and celebrated actors, and we couldn’t agree more. He’s had a long and successful career, and he’s been friends with some of the best actors in the industry as well. So he didn’t take it well when Lady Gaga simply brushed past him at the Golden Globes.

While Lady Gaga walked past Leo, he gave her a funny side-eye. When he was asked about it, he admitted that he had no idea who was walking past her – but who would buy that explanation? Definitely not us, Leo.

Smile for the Camera

Most people tend to forget that actors and celebrities are people too, and they have feelings and awkward moments just like us. However, unlike the rest of the general public, their embarrassing and awkward moments are forever caught on camera. So that might be the downside of fame.

We still can’t decide which one of these awkward situations is the most awkward. It could be Ariana Grande, Leonard DiCaprio, or even Sofia Vergara’s. Although one thing’s for sure, we’re so glad our awkward moments will never be caught on camera for the whole world to see!