Awesome Superpowers Everyone Would Want to Have

20. Healing Ability

We’ve seen these superpowers in movies, comics, and animations, but don’t we all dream we had them in real life? One day, you’re sitting in traffic and thinking you’d just teleported to work or fly there? What about knowing what people think? While we know having one of these superpowers is impossible, we can still dream of them! Remember that “with great power, comes great responsibility,” as Uncle Ben said. Can you think of other cool superpowers you wished you had?

Let’s see the list with the most dreamt of superpowers ranked by thousands of people.

The first superpower ranked by people is healing ability. It looks like we all have or priorities set straight when thinking that old age brings a lot of pain you never had before. If you had the healing ability you could take all pain away and heal people in need, or just be cool like Deadpool. We wish this ability would become a reality one day to heal every sick being…

If you’ve got a 9 to 5 job and you get home late because of the huge commute, you might feel like 24 hours in a day is not enough to make the most of it.

If you could manipulate time, you could actually make time stop for a while and enjoy the good times for a little longer.

Fix commute and traffic with super speed if time manipulation is not a power you’d wish to have. We all know how Flash uses his super speed, so basically we’d know how to use these powers since we’ve seen what he can do with his super power.

We just have to decide on an outfit that would not burst into flames from that much friction!

Imagine you smash your toes into the furniture, and you don’t fall down crying! Imagine you’re invulnerable to anything is thrown at you.

That would take a lot of worries away! But if you were to choose one of these powers, would you rather choose the next one?

Imagine you want to go on a vacation in the split of a second. No more wasting time at the airport, spending money on plane tickets. You just open a portal and bam! you’re in the Bahamas!

You wake up and get ready to go to work, bam! you’re in the office! That would save a ton of time and money, plus you’d get to see the entire world!

Imagine being able to control the elements on earth: everything that is formed from fire, water, earth and air! Are you on the beach and it starts raining? You’ve got it covered!

Is it too hot in the city? Bring some rain and wind to fix the problem! And that’s just controlling the weather, not to mention moving earth, sand, creating ice or fire!

Who wouldn’t want to be like Mystique? You could shapeshift into anything or anyone!

You could transform your look anytime and for free! That’s a cool superpower we wouldn’t mind to use, but we also want to have the next one!

Everyone wants to have the ability to fly. Humanity has always wanted to see how it feels like up in the sky, to feel the wind and the freedom a bird feels when it takes off.

Plus, you get to see the world from above and you don’t need to take an airplane anymore…

Maybe we don’t want to look like Hulk, but we definitely want to have his power, not just to beat anyone up, but imagine how easy moving the furniture would be? Want to park a car in a very tight spot?

Pick it up and place it there as if it were just a toy car! You could even build your own house and look cool while doing it!

If we were to choose from all these superpowers, we’d want this one. Of course, it does require meeting people with other superpowers, but it’s still an incredible ability. Mimicry is the superpower that lets you copy other superpowers.

You can copy someone’s flying ability or skill with it. So if you’ve always wanted to sing like Adele, you know what to do…

Look around you! Today, intelligence is a valuable power anyone would want to have. With it, you can get an incredible job without spending decades in school, colleges and so on.

You’d be so smart, you don’t need experience! It’s like winning the lottery.

Ever dreamt of being a Mermaid? This is your time to shine, if you get the ability of underwater breathing.

Whether you’re Ariel or Aquaman, you could save the underwater creatures and help scientists with their research. Also, imagine all the scuba diving without needing gear!

This power would be very useful in today’s life. Imagine you want to get promoted. Imagine you want some ice cream and you don’t have enough money with you.

All you have to do is control people’s minds to give or do whatever you want. Just make sure you use this power for good.

This one is a bit creepy, but it would help you when you want to sneak somewhere and not be noticed - in a bar where there’s a long waiting line, for instance.

However, this is a creepy power because sneaking in is not really all right… But if you’re an introvert, you’d definitely enjoy having it!

Manipulating matter would be extremely cool - it’s a power Odin (in Marvel movies, comics) has. He can manipulate any energy an recreate the entire universe.

Imagine that you could manipulate it to create anything you wanted.

No more opening doors! Imagine you forgot your keys at the office and there’s nobody home to let you in.

Use this superpower to save a lot of time, to hide from villains and to basically walk into any building - which is a bit creepy!

All animal lovers would give anything to know what their beloved pets meowed or barked! If I’d understand my dog’s barks, we’d have a lot of catching up! She’d tell me if she’s hungry or wants to go out.

We’d just talk about her likes and dislikes, and it’s not just that! You’d be the next Doctor Dolittle and talk with all sorts of animals!

You’re on the couch and wished you brought over the remote you forgot on the TV stand. No worries, you can stretch the arm for a few meters and bring it over, because your superpower is elasticity!

This would make us really lazy… but we have Elastigirl as a role model!

Reading thoughts or talking to people in their thoughts would be like calling from a distance, but with no signal issues!

The downside is that you could also read their thoughts and there are some things you’d rather not know…

Last but not least, immortality is an ability we’d wish we had, but it’s a bit sad, considering it also involves outliving everyone you love.

That’s why we’d rather become a vampire so we could also turn our friends and family into immortal beings!