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Archaeologists Just Discovered The Mystery Behind The Pyramids

A Unique Theory

The legends and the theories that surround the pyramids have overwhelmed the masses. Archeologists and historians have dedicated their entire careers to unearthing to secrets behind these ancient structures. People have come up with hundreds of theories as to how they were built including that they were rolled, lifted or even dragged into place. One theory has stood out above all the rest, and it is one that makes the most sense.

Greek Theories

Theorists in Ancient Greece theorized that the Egyptians used forced labor to build the structures, and this was the accepted theory of how they were built. However, in recent years, it was suggested that the pyramids were built by skilled and experienced workers. Diodorus Siculus and Herodotus were historians that wrote accounts on the construction of the pyramids. Herodotus actually wrote a book on the pyramids in the 5th century, and he was applauded for his futuristic thinking.

Flawless Logic?

Herodotus wrote about the construction of the pyramids about 1,600 years after they had been constructed. Even though his documents were written hundreds and hundreds of years ago, they are still considered to be some of the most accurate and sensible info on the entire subject. Even though it is ancient, it is still considered to be the most reliable information. In recent years, historians have become skeptical about Herodotus’ work and they believe that the account only tells a single side of the story.

Consensus On Construction

There has been a consensus amongst historians and Egyptologists that the Pharaohs in ancient Egyptian society ordered the building of the pyramids. It is actually believed that they put their most experienced engineers and architects up to the task. It was also agreed amongst historians and scientists that forced laborers were used to put the task into action. There is also a consensus about what method was used to help build the pyramids entirely.

Building Blocks

Much like any other theory, there are many conflicting ideas that revolve around how these grand structures were created. Although there are countless theories, they all have on construction method in common. It is believed that laborers used copper chisels to carve out each boulder of the pyramids. Many theorists believe that each brick was then carried and dragged into its place. However, one question that historians have still remained, was it really Egyptian workers who struggled and toiled over the pyramids?

Ancient Aliens

Many people are very familiar with the show that exists on the History Channel show, ‘Ancient Aliens’. Well, the man with the wild hair who most everyone is familiar with on the show is Giorgia A. Tsoukalos. He is a firm believer that extraterrestrial beings actually interacted with humans and they helped play a significant role in the pyramids. However, this theory has been credited as being outlandish and historians have discredited it. Some people who believe in theory say that the pyramids align with Orion’s Belt.

Hebrew Forced Laborers

The mystery of who built the pyramids can be traced back to Biblical times. In the Bible, the book of Exodus talks about the enslavement of the Israelites in Egypt. Many people just assume that this means that the ancient Israelites were the actual builders of the pyramids, but historians believe that this is actually a misconception. Archeologists believe that the pyramids were built around 2580 BC while the Israelites hadn’t been enslaved until the thirteenth century BCE.

The Mystery Of The Sphinx

While there is a great amount of evidence that tells us that pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians, people believe that they may have been built far before the time that the Pharaohs were even alive. Malcolm Hutton and Gerry Cannon have both argued with the idea that the Sphinx was created by being carved out of natural rocks and boulders. Cannon has said that “You can’t carve a rock when it’s under the sand. When it was not under sand was about 12,000 years ago and the Egyptians weren’t there.”

Who Did It?


Powerful Pyramid

One Egyptologist named Miroslav Verner has actually come up with a theory that has made him one of the most respected people in his field. He created a theory that stated that it actually took more than one hundred thousand men that were divided into a hierarchy in order to complete the construction of the pyramids. He said that men were separated into different teams in accordance with their skills and then they were sub-divided into different teams related to their individual skills. In simpler terms, he suggests that a pyramid of people were created in order to build the actual pyramid.

Life-Sized Blueprint

Other Egyptologists have also credited this theory and have come up with similar ones. John Romer has agreed that the planning of the pyramids required strict blueprints before construction. However, he takes this theory a step further and claims that a life-sized plan was actually created in advance. He has said, “such a working diagram would also serve to generate the architecture of the pyramid with precision unmatched by any other means.” He also has made claims that say that the plan alone probably took them around 15 years.

Detailed Study

One of the most influential Egyptologists of the modern era is Mark Lehner. Lehner has spent his career creating one of the most detailed theories to have ever been concocted. He has also introduced some very fascinating theories that revolve around the pyramids. Lehner does not agree with Verner that the construction took 100,000 men, but he instead believes that it took between 15,000 and 40,000. When he began to research, he had no idea how influential his theory would become.

A Boat On The Nile

So, what was the initial catalyst the began hinting people off to such evidence? Well, in 1954, an archeologist named Kamal el-Mallakh actually discovered a boat that he and his team assumed would have been used by Pharaoh Khufu. The only remains of the boat that were discovered were wooden planks, and they were restored in order to determine where they came from. After the wooden planks were scanned, it was actually revealed that they would have been sewn to one another. So, what was the purpose of the boat, and did it ever take a trip on the Nile?

Eternal Journey

It is believed by archeologists that the ship was completely sealed in 2500 BC by servants and it was placed in a pit located inside the Great Pyramid. Its use was intended for Pharaoh Khufu in the afterlife, which is an idea that was accepted in Egyptian society. It is believed that it was designed to take the king on his eternal journey with the Egyptian Sun God, Ra. Although this could make sense, may theorists believe something else entirely?

Already In Water

Many theorists don’t actually believe that the ship was meant for the afterlife as many people believe since the ship had already taken a trip in water. This ended up causing historians to believe that the ship was used to transport the mummified body of the king to his resting place. There was another theory that Khufu actually used the ship throughout his life to travel to Ancient Egyptian sites. To this day, the ship is considered one of the most significant discoveries in the world of Egyptology.

The Purpose Of The Pyramids

So now that we have discovered the different and complex theories about who built the pyramids, it is important that we find out why they were even built in the first place. Many Egyptologists say that the Great Pyramid was intended to be the home of the body and possessions of Pharaoh Khufu. The smaller pyramids were suspected to house Khufu’s wives. This is the most widely accepted theory, but there are still other thoughts on their purpose.

A Major Discovery

A fascinating discovery has been made recently about the inside of the Great Pyramid that puts many existing theories into question. It took a lot of scanning inside the structure for scientists to discover a void inside. There is a 30-meter long chasm that is located directly above the queen’s resting place. When this discovery was made, nobody knew what it was for. However, many theories have arisen that can explain what it was used for.

Why The Void?

There are two main theories that oppose each other that can explain the purpose of the void. The first theory states that the void was just put in as a ‘construction gap’, which meant that builders used it as a platform to get from one room to another. The other theory states that the void was created to make a gap between the queen and the king’s chambers. This theory could also explain something else…

Chambers Inside

Although the Great Pyramids were built in ancient times, they are still very advanced structures. It was discovered that there are three chambers within the structure and the lowest one is located in the bedrock. Above the bedrock are the king’s and queen’s chambers and surrounding them is the exterior. The pyramids of Giza include 2 mortuary structures that were supposed to honor the Pharaoh. There is also another pyramid that is surrounded entirely by tombs.

The Nile

One may be able to assume that the reason why the pyramids were built so close to the Nile was because the civilizations needed to be close to water. However, after research was conducted about the ancient civilization, it is now believed that one other reason is that the sun set on the west bank of the river. The pyramids were located here as well, and it was meant to be a symbol for the world of the dead.

Ancient Air Conditioning

From years of researching the pyramids, archeologists have actually discovered how futuristic Egyptian society was. Their futuristic ways of thinking are reflected in the construction of the pyramids. Archeologists discovered that the builders set up a system to avoid damage to the structure from earthquakes using a ball and socket. They were also designed in a way to keep out head and the inside remained twenty degrees Celsius.


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