Teens Go On TikTok Treasure Hunt Despite Warning

Strange Times

The summer of 2020 was a time when bowling alleys, movie theaters, and restaurants were closed. 

So, when three bored teens in Seattle stumbled upon a mysterious new app that promised to lead them on an unexpected adventure in their own neighborhood, they decided to try it out. Little did they know, the app would lead them to something so sinister that the authorities had to get involved.

Normal Teens

Henry, Natalie, and Gabbi were a group of normal teens living in the digital age. They made TikTok videos, posted selfies on Instagram, and followed all the latest social media trends. 

When videos of other teens using a strange app began cropping up, they decided that it was just the thing to bring more excitement into their lives. Of course, they never realized that they could be playing with forces that they didn’t understand. 

The Infamous App

The app was quickly developing a frightening reputation. TikTok and YouTube users from all over the world had been uploading creepy footage of their strange experiences, many with the title “Please do not use this app.” 

The app’s hashtag racked up over 200 million views on YouTube that summer -- but Henry, Natalie, and Gabbi’s discovery was the most frightening of all.

Eerie Experiences

The app, called Randonautica, sends its users on random adventures to explore their local surroundings after setting an “intention” -- often, with eerie consequences and strange coincidences. 

For instance, one TikToker shared a video of the app leading him to a pair of headstones that turned out to be the graves of his relatives, and many other users have reported being followed by strange cars after using the app. It wasn’t long before parents everywhere were up in arms. 

The Three Rules

Randonautica has three golden rules -- don’t use the app at night, don’t travel alone, and keep a positive mindset. But many users have been ignoring these rules, which, according to the app’s creator, can have dangerous consequences. 

In fact, the app’s creator said he was “shocked and surprised” when he saw Henry’s video on the news.

Not Heeding The Warnings

It was a dreary day in June when the three friends headed out. Gabbi downloaded the app and was immediately struck by its forboding icon -- a creepy owl’s head.

They set the location within a 6-mile radius. After they focused on their intention, the app spat out a random GPS coordinate. So, the teens set off, not knowing what was waiting for them on the other side.

Akai Beach

The app had sent the friends to the shoreline of Akai Beach -- a typical Pacific coast town on the west side of Seattle. 

The teens wandered through the small shops that lined the sidewalk of Pike’s Place Market, just opposite the shore where the pointer on the map flashed. Henry began to record the adventure on his phone as they drew closer to the location.  

On The Rocks

The teens began to explore the beach, searching for what the app was pointing them to. They were walking on the damp sand -- laughing, chatting, and goofing off -- when they all suddenly felt drawn to a pile of rocks close to the shore. 

Henry kept the camera rolling as they got closer. Then, they spotted it.

The Chilling Video

Arguably the most chilling aspect of the footage is the fact that Henry, Natalie, and Gabbi had no idea what kind of situation they were walking into. 

The authorities who showed up on the scene later said that the teens could be traumatized for the rest of their lives because of what they found. What had they stumbled upon?


Down a small embankment was an abandoned black suitcase, sitting on the rocks. Henry giggled with excitement. It was a large traveler’s suitcase with wheels. 

“Maybe there’s money inside!?” he exclaimed excitedly. The friends couldn’t believe their luck. But, they quickly realized that the shore was a very strange place for someone to leave a suitcase…

The Suitcase

The sudden change in weather wasn’t helping the atmosphere, either. The grey Seattle sky began to darken as the friends stood there in awe. 

What had started out as a fun adventure was quickly becoming creepy. The teens suddenly couldn’t shake the feeling that something just wasn’t right. Natalie cautiously climbed down the rocks to take a closer look.

Strange Smell

Gabbi mustered all her courage as she walked over to the suitcase. The other two stood back and egged her on. “Open it!” Henry yelled. Natalie searched the ground until she found a long stick to try and pry back the suitcase’s lid. 

But, as soon as she did, she jumped back as a terrible stench filled the air.  

A Plastic Bag

From what they could see, the suitcase contained a black garbage bag. That’s when the friends began to get nervous. The mood of the footage was somber as Gabbi took a prod for herself and pulled out her phone. 

Natalie had a frightened look on her face, and Henry could be heard narrating in the background: “OK so she's calling the police.”

They Didn’t Come

But the police didn’t come. Henry, Natalie, and Gabbi didn’t want to hang around, so they left the beach. More than two hours went by before the police showed up. Apparently, they thought it was all an elaborate prank.

Later, the three friends returned to the scene and filmed the police cars that swarmed the beach. What was inside the suitcase?


The teens’ curiosity had lead them to something they certainly wished they hadn’t found. What was in the mysterious suitcase? We may never know. 

It was taken by the Seattle Police Department and an investigation has been launched. The ironic part about the story is that the friends had set their intention to “travel.”