30 Hilarious Airport Moments Captured On Camera

Unfortunately for those who have to fly, we live in a world that now needs strict and sometimes embarrassing security measures at airports. Fortunately for those of us sitting comfortably at home, we get to see those moments captured on camera and laugh.

From unexpected traveling animals to questionable behavior these photos are sure to make your day!

These days, millennials are becoming less and less mature. They are likely to move back in with their parents for an extended period of time after going to college. The babying of this new generation took new heights when this twenty-something greeted his parents at the airport with a tongue-in-cheek sign showing his helplessness.

The penguin-themed onesie pajama look added to the sophomoric vibe. Hopefully, for his and his parents’ sake, this was all one big joke.

We’ve all heard of messenger pigeons, but these falcons on a commercial plane took the idea a bit too far. A Saudi Prince traveling from the United Arab Emirates got passports for his falcons (yes, really) which have a three-year validity and allows the falcons to travel between certain Middle Eastern countries.

Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways both allows falcons onboard, but usually with a limit of six. This Saudi played the royalty card and was able to bring a whopping 80.

This Toronto family decided to prank the woman of the house by offering her a welcome home that she’d never forget. The trio awaited her arrival from Rotterdam anxiously. When mom finally came through customs, they cheered, and her smile turned to a blush when she saw her daughter revealing the “from prison” sign.

Since she was jet-lagged and absolutely mortified, mom walked away from them, pretending not to know her own family. Now, she looks back on the prank and laughs.

Traveling with a baby is hard work, because not only do you have to make sure they’re wearing clean diapers and fed, you have to fend off the annoyance of other passengers on the plane when the rugrat cries. The other big obstacle is security.

This lady absentmindedly placed her baby in a bin for inspection. The TSA is at the center of many air travel horror stories, but even they would not put this tot through the X-ray machine (hopefully).

This man has traveled many times in his life and has had the bad luck of losing his luggage multiple times. Airlines have sent his bags to the wrong city on multiple occasions, and once his bag was even stolen from the claims area.

To make sure this never happened to him again, he decided to get his face printed directly on a hard-shell rolling bag with his most important items, so there could be no confusion about who owned it.

Seattle is known for its large hipster population, and it shows even at the airport as two separate people were spotted within weeks of each other casting aside laptops for its predecessor, the typewriter. The bulky alternative is not easy to travel with and probably caused a nightmare at airport security.

Plus, all the clicking and clacking causes a disturbance to other passengers, who are stuck with the annoying noise for hours upon hours in the cabin. Next time, just bring a laptop like a normal person.

When ‘Mokie’ went on his first business trip for work, he knew he could rely on his old college roommates to pick him up, but he never expected this sort of welcome. When he stepped off the plane to his friends holding signs that brought back an embarrassing memory of him choking on a mozzarella stick at their favorite bar, that happened to be captured in a perfectly-timed picture.

Luckily for Mokie, he was not traveling with his boss on this trip.

This guy was always a prankster both in everyday life and in his relationships.

When his wife went away on a business trip, he decided to pick her up dressed as a limo driver looking for a “Smokin Hot Italian Chick.” Even though she came to the arrivals hall with her co-workers, and was a bit embarrassed by her husband’s stunt, he was able to use his natural charisma to make the stunt lighthearted and fun for everyone.

The TSA sometimes chooses the most unlikely people to search extra thoroughly. This nun was checked for weapons underneath her robes, which seems ridiculous, as the only weapon this sister might have is a ruler.

However, the TSA must check, because bad agents may try and dress innocently to pass security at a lower level of stringency. She got through no problem, as all she had with her was her simple dress and some books- the New Testament, and a diary of a famous nun from the 1600s.

After a flight cancellation, hundreds of passengers are thrown into disarray. A mob of angry customers usually head to the service desk and make a scene, and kick up dust.

Finally, everyone begrudgingly gets into a line, and it takes forever to sort everyone as final destinations vary from person to person. This fellow decided to make himself at home and stretch out on the ground, using a backpack as a pillow, to wait until the crowd died down before getting his ticket re-booked.

Some things you cannot bring on airplanes are no-brainers. Firearms, knives, gas canisters, and anything that would be a risk to the passengers or cabin pressure are banned. Airlines do sometimes have strange restrictions.

The TSA acted like the Grinch when they banned snowglobes, as they have water that might be switched out with a clear explosive liquid. The Bangkok airport banned flying with Durians, a fruit native to Thailand and Malaysia, as they smell bad and can make passengers dizzy.

It seems a little icy out there or maybe the pilot had a few too many iced beverages before flying.

Even these adorable penguins were made to walk through airport security

Delays on the runway usually have to do with icy, wet weather, especially when you look at Alaskan airports.

On this particular day, a polar bear wandered in from the ice onto the runway, delaying all flights until authorities could move him safely using tranquilizers.