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After This Chihuahua Gave Birth To Ten Puppies, Her Foster Mom Realized Something Didn’t Make Sense

UPRA is a Kansas City-based charity. “We are a licensed, non-profit animal shelter that works to save the lives of homeless pets,” it wrote on Facebook. But it also helps improve the lives of animals in shelters.

However, LOL was lucky, and UPRA found her a foster family pretty quickly. Yes, Josie Brown happily took the chihuahua and her future puppies into her home. And five days later, LOL went into labor.

So LOL understandably surprised Brown when her labor produced far more puppies. On March 27, 2018, the Foster mom described her experience in an interview with Inside Edition. “One more came out, and then two, three, four, five more came out,” Brown said.

“Obviously, there were more puppies in there,” Brown elaborated. When she informed UPRA’s Rebecca Taylor about the large litter, she was equally surprised. “Foster mom told us eight, and we thought surely she was done,” she told The Dodo on March 28, 2018.

For instance, on September 8, 2011, News and Star featured a chihuahua called Coco. She stunned her owners, Dawn and Bill Slater, by giving birth to ten pups. “When she had the fifth we thought that was it,” Bill said. But he was, of course, very wrong.

But LOL’s story didn’t end there, and her foster family got a surprise the following day. “The next morning there was an 11th puppy,” Taylor told The Dodo. Not only is it an amazing litter number, but the puppies were also all healthy. There were no postnatal problems reported for the mommy, either.

The UPRA representative continued, “We have contacted Guinness World Records and have been told it will be up to 12 weeks before they notify us.” In the meantime, then, LOL’s foster family must have their hands full with that many puppers. So how are they going to cope?

Additionally, the Slaters tried to make sure that the runts of the litter weren’t left out at feeding time. “Coco has only got eight teats,” Dawn informed readers. “So we’ve been having to take the bigger ones off to let the smaller ones on.”

Perhaps UPRA will play a part in that. Taylor told The Dodo, “We are very optimistic about their future; they are each going to have wonderful, loving homes.” And there’s one last thing that makes LOL’s massive litter all the more special.


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