After His Card Got Declined, This Man Brought A Police Officer To The Store

Most people would just leave the store or pay with cash if their debit card got declined. But, this man didn't want to go down without a fight. 

So, when his only card got declined, he returned to the store with a police officer and made a strange request. 

Meet Alicia Danielle 

Alicia Danielle worked as a cashier at a local pawnshop offering different valuables such as clothes, shoes, stereo speakers, music instruments, and even weightlifting equipment. 

She loved her job, but sometimes the customers got on her nerves. 

The Customers 

Some customers put a smile on her face; others made her life hell. Fortunately, most people who shopped at the store were easygoing and didn't cause any problems. 

But, what happened that day was beyond her imagination. 

The Day Of

That morning, Alicia came into the store mentally preparing herself for a long day at work. And as she was setting up the cash register, an unfamiliar man entered the store. 

The stranger was wearing dirty, old clothes, and he reeked of sweat. 

Something Wasn't Right 

At first, Alicia didn't pay much attention to him as he wasn't the first customer she had seen at the store wearing worn-out clothing. But then, something caught her eye. 

It seemed like he didn't come to the store to shop. 

The Stranger 

It had been more than two hours since he entered the store, and he still didn't buy anything. Instead, he kept walking around and periodically glancing at her. 

Alicia had a bad feeling about him. But, being a good worker she was, she decided to go up to him and ask if he needed any help. 


And just as she was about to approach the man, he finally picked out an item and started walking in her direction.

But, when she saw what he was holding in his hand, her jaw nearly dropped to the floor. 

New Shoes

Unlike most customers who purchased valuable items, he had only a pair of sneakers. 

The shoes he had on his feet were completely tattered and had holes in them. When he walked up to the cash register, the unthinkable happened. 

He Was Nervous 

The man appeared to be nervous as he took out his card and prepared to complete his purchase. 

He inserted it inside the terminal and carefully entered the pin. Alicia instantly got a feeling that he didn't know whether he had enough money in his bank account to pay for the shoes. And, she was right. 

The Card Was Declined 

His card was declined due to insufficient funds. Since he didn't have any cash or another card, Alicia asked him to return the sneakers. 

The man left the shoes at the register, apologized to her, and left the store. Little did she know that she was going to see him again. But this time, he would be accompanied by a police officer. 

He Came Back

After about an hour, she saw the same man entering the store again with a police officer by his side. Alicia couldn't believe what she was seeing. What was going on?

She asked the officer if everything was okay, and his reply left her at a loss for words. 

He Wanted To Buy The Shoes

"No problem, but if you have those shoes still, I'd like to go ahead and purchase them, " the officer told her. 

He took out $10 from his wallet and handed it to her. Confused, Alicia packed his purchase and smiled at the men. But what happened next was even more strange. 

Helping Someone In Need

They were the only two people in the store. Neither the police officer nor the man wanted to make a scene on purpose.

The officer simply wanted to help the man, and so did Alicia. 

Act Of Kindness 

Alicia asked the officer if they could split the cost for the shoes. This random act of kindness inspired her, and she wanted to be a part of it. 

The man couldn't stop thanking them as Alicia handed him a new pair of warm, comfortable shoes. But, how did they meet?

How It Happened 

As it turned out, the police officer spotted the man sitting in the parking lot and asked him if he needed any help.

After hearing his story, the officer rushed to the store and bought the shoes for him. He couldn't bear watching the man freeze in his tattered boots.