Airports Say You Should Always Pack A Tennis Ball

Easy To Follow

Have you ever wondered whether or not you could improve your flying experience? These guidelines should be followed by frequent travelers as well as those who merely travel once in a while.

The tips range from adding a tennis ball to your luggage to how to efficiently pack your bags. Following these tips might save your life one day, so pay close attention!

Versatile Equipment

It is not common to have tennis balls with you, unless you're playing tennis. However, it might be smart to have a tennis ball with you when you embark on a long flight or road trip... 

Tennis balls can be utilized in the same way expensive exercise balls can. They aid in blood circulation and help avoid aches and pains from sitting down for long periods of time.

Don't Make This Mistake

However, people often miss the mark when they utilize pet tennis balls. Pet tennis balls oftentimes contains doggy treats in them, which will alarm the airport security as it is undeclared food. It's best to avoid them completely. 

For this technique, just regular tennis balls should be used.

Airport Security 

However, proceed with caution, if the tennis ball contains any scents that aren't completely natural, the TSA dog will detect them. Even if you have no malintent, they will likely destroy your tennis ball by opening it up. 

But that doesn't rule out the possibility of doing it yourself...

Thinking Smart

Just make an incision on the tennis ball to prove that there is nothing inside your tennis ball. This will allow you to take the tennis ball onto your flight and avoid trouble with the TSA security officers.

You should be able to utilize the ball as a muscle relaxer as long as your incision isn't too large.

Just To Be Safe

Another solution is to just bring a lot of tennis balls if you fear the security officers might ruin them. Normally, the officers will inspect one or two of the balls just to ensure that there's nothing hidden inside them. This means you would be able to take the balls they did not open with you on the plane.

Make sure to explain the reason why you are bringing the balls as to make them understand your situation. Now onto some more tips and tricks that will make your trips easier. 

More Than One Way 

People use shrink wrap to help things stay fresher for longer. However, there is more ways to utilize this kitchen staple. Especially when you're planning on flying... 

Simply wrap your luggage in plastic wrap to protect it from scrapes or damages incurred by shaking in the car or, worse, airport freight.

Safer Way To Charge 

It is better to use USB power banks than the chargers the airport provides. These chargers might be compromised and hackers might steal some confidential information. 

It is better to be safe than sorry, so just bring your own charger. 

Going Back In Time 

Airport Wi-Fi is not always reliable. You are usually kicked off the Wi-Fi after one hour of use, and the waiting time at the airport is often longer than an hour. 

In order to avoid this, set your phone time back by one hour, and you'll be able to use the airport internet again! 

Dressing Smart 

A belt is an inconvenience that nobody has time for. It makes no sense to wear one just to be asked to take it off again by the TSA officers.

Make sure to wear something that doesn't require a belt, it will make your airport journey much more smoother. 


Whatever your footwear happens to rather make sure it’s something that has socks underneath. Not only will your feet thank you on the long flight but if you want to take off your shoes at any point you’ll avoid being barefoot.

Plane’s are not guaranteed to be 100% clean so you could pick anything up being barefoot.

Empty Your Pockets

Make sure that you are ready at the TSA checkpoint with all of your pockets already empty. It’ll speed things up considerably and you won’t have TSA agents grumbling. It’ll make for a much smoother transition to the next step of the process.

Just make sure to keep your valuables close to you and put them back into your pockets once you get through.

Avoid Holidays

This one might seem obvious but plane tickets aren’t at a fixed cost. It all depends on the availability and during holidays they are way more expensive than off-season tickets.

So if you don’t want to end up with barely any money to spend once you get to wherever you’re going do not book a ticket the day before a major holiday. Your wallet will thank you.


Exchanging currency always feels like such pain no matter where you go. You never know how much you should exchange and often you’ll leave the country with a fair bit leftover that you have to reexchange.

Our advice is that you should leave a little bit of physical cash in your currency so that you have that to get a cab from the airport instead of having no money that’ll work when you get back.

Don’t Drink Beforehand

This is also quite an obvious one but we often see people make this mistake and have to use the onboard bathroom within the first hour of flying. It seems very inconvenient getting up just as you sat down and try to settle.

There’s an easy and obvious tip here - don’t drink too many fluids before boarding the flight.