Adorable Baby Panda Takes Tumble Off Stage During Its First World Reveal

A photo of a baby panda tumbling head first off a platform has taken the world by storm. The panda, one of 23 baby bears, was placed on a platform as researchers at China’s Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding prepared to showcase them to world, according to an ABC affiliate site. While the other little bears appear to be snoozing during the photography session, one curious baby panda got a bit ahead of itself. The poor thing is seen toppling over the side of the green platform as a researcher rushes forward. I’m sure the baby is just fine, however, as the platform doesn't seem to be elevated more than a foot or so from the ground. Despite the researcher's rescue attempt, it is clear the panda hit the ground before being caught. While it's slightly heart wrenching, it's also apparent all the babies are being well-cared for and are content with their moment in the spotlight. Photographers zoomed in on the resting babies as they lazily yawned for the camera. The adorable photos are circulating the internet as we all "oh" and "awe" over the tiny bears.

Thanks to the Chengdu Research Base's conservation efforts, pandas have been removed from the endangered species list to be named as a vulnerable species instead. The Chengdu Research Base operates the world's largest artificial breeding program that is responsible for the birth of these new pandas seen pictured. While panda numbers are increasing, the species still faces habitat loss and destruction.

However bleak the panda's environmental situation may be, their numbers have seen a steady rise in recent years. As you can see, crowds gathered to witness the unveiling of China's latest panda additions as they were proudly displayed to show the Chengdu Research Base's success. I'm sure having one of the baby pandas caught on camera as it tumbled off the stage wasn't in the plans, but all seems to be fine despite the minor mishap. Plus, it gained the babies a worldwide audience as they made their first appearance.