Adopted Woman Searches Decades For Her Long-Lister, Then A Strange Red Package Shows Up On Her Front Door

Adopted children usually make it their life’s mission to find information about their birth parents and siblings. They can’t help it because every kid wants to meet their real parents and there are many reasons for this. Some want closure while other just want to keep in touch and see what characteristics they will inherit from their parents. With that said, today we are going to show you the story of Hillary Harris who has been searching for her long-lost sibling for decades only to have faith unite them.  The woman in this picture is Hillary Harris and she is going to be the star of our story.

Hillary has a happy family and she couldn’t ask for anything else. However, there is one thing that she hasn’t been able to achieve. She has been searching for her long-lost sister for decades now.

You see, Hillary was an adopted child and even though she had a happy childhood, she always wanted to meet her birth parents and siblings.

She has looked through all the old documents that her parents had but she couldn’t find any reliable information.

Hillary is lucky because she was adopted by a good family. Her parents were great with her and they never lied about her origins.

They openly talked about her adoption and gave her all the information that she asked for.

Even though Hillary has not been able to meet her birth parents or siblings, she didn’t let this get in the way of her happiness.

She has started a family with a loving man and they have an adorable little daughter.

Lance is the name of Hillary’s husband and he understands that she wants to meet her birth parents.

This is why he managed to file a report at the adoption center and find out what are the names of Hillary’s birth parents.

Hillary was amazed to find out that Lance managed to find the names of her parents and she scheduled a meeting with her mother.

This is the moment that she has always been waiting for all her life!

Hillary imagined that she would have an instant connection with her birth mother but sadly, this is not what happened.

The two didn’t “click” as Hillary hoped it would happen and Hillary was now ready to start searching for her father.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Hillary was heartbroken to find out that her father had passed away recently. She missed him by a couple of years.

She was sad but now, she at least knew that she tried to reconnect with her birth parents.

Hillary had just one more goal that she wanted to achieve. She wanted to find her long-lost sister named Dawn.

She spent countless hours on social media searching for a woman named “Dawn” that might look like her but to no avail.

Hillary’s biggest wish was to meet her sister. Even though the meeting with her birth mother didn’t go that well, she knew that she would feel an instant connection once she met Dawn.

Sadly, she didn’t know where to even start searching for Dawn.

A new couple moved in the house right next to the one that Hillary’s lived in.

Lance told Hillary that they should go and greet their new neighbors so that they feel welcomed into the neighborhood.

Hillary was only planning to say hi to the new neighbors but she got along so well with the neighbor’s wife that they talked for more than half an hour.

Before Hillary left, she realized that she forgot to ask the woman what’s her name.

As Hillary was getting ready to leave, she asked the woman what is her name to which she replied Dawn. Hillary was in shock.

Could this be her long-list sister or is it just a coincidence?

Hillary was dying to find out that if her new neighbor is actually her birth sister but she couldn’t just go and ask her if she is adopted.

That would be strange and Hillary doesn’t want to scare off the neighbors.

A couple of days after the neighbors moved in and the mailman made a mistake and delivered their package to Hillary’s house instead. Hillary looked at the paper on the red box and what she saw left her in awe.

The package was for Dawn Johnson! This was actually her long-lost sister.

Hillary couldn’t believe that the sister she has been searching for years has moved right next to her. She needed to visit her house and tell her all about it.

She was worried that Dawn might react strangely to this but she decided to take a risk.

Dawn was in shock after she heard what Hillary had to say. She was indeed an adopted child and this meant that they are siblings.

Isn’t it amazing how faith brought them together?

Since Hillary and Dawn haven’t seen each other since they were one-year-old, they have lots of catching up to do.

They are certainly going to be the best of neighbors.

It didn’t take long for Hillary and Dawn to become best friends.

After all, they are sisters and they need to get along.

We are glad to let everyone know that our story has a happy ending.

Hillary got the one thing that she always wanted, she got to meet her long-list sister and now they are best friends.