Acts Of Kindness

Kind Acts

Not all people in this world are bad. In fact, if you look out for them you can witness many strangers committing acts of kindness every day!

From saving someone's life to just small gestures that improve someone else's day. These people took kindness to a new level and we're sure they left the other person smiling.

Life-Saving CPR

Marion County Sheriff's Office K9 Deputy Nix was stopped at a red light going about his usual patrol just like any other day. Then he spots a car stopped on the side of the road next to him, the people in the car yell for help. Officer Nix knew he had to do something.

The two women in the car present their baby to the officer, they aren't responding, Officer Nix immediately gives the baby CPR before contacting EMS. After stabilizing the baby he rushes off to the nearest hospital with the family and the ambulance to make sure the baby makes it. Doctors say the infant would never have survived if not for Officer Nix, now that's a gesture that the two women will always remember.

Truck Flip

On the busy highway of Chicago, Illinois, a man driving a Ford Ranger had a blowout and his entire truck flipped over. With the truck on its roof, the condition of the driver was unknown.

Many bystanders witnessed the crash and without hesitation rushed to the scene. There was a group of construction workers nearby that also blended their assistance. With the combined strength of everyone willing to help, they managed to flip the truck and check on the driver's condition. The crowd was thrilled they realized that the driver wasn't seriously injured and they waited for emergency services to show up.

Checking On Her

At a 200 meter sprint, an athlete hurt her foot and could barely finish the race. She had to hop on one leg to complete the race and afterward, she collapsed onto the track.

The athlete's competitors came back to check on her and make sure she was alright. We're sure she appreciated the concern even from her rivals.

A Drink Of Water

A biker found a small bird lying on the hot tarmac. He picked it up and figured it might need water so he asked a nearby truck driver if he had any water on him. The driver pulled out his thermos and gave the bird a drink of water.

After the bird drank its fill a concerned woman approached the biker and offered to take the bird off his hands. Together the people managed to save the bird's life.

Lending A Helping Hand

This woman was in dire straights and needed a helping hand to get her back on her feet. She was raising a child on her own and was asking anybody to give anything they could.

In the picture, you can see a kind person giving the mother some groceries for her and her child. You can see how grateful she was by the look on her face.

Cutting It Loose

It was the day of the annual Sardine run in Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. Fishermen noticed that there was something a bit bigger than a sardine caught in the net. It was a shark! 

Fishermen worked together to cut the net and then slowly push the shark out of it. Eventually rolling it back into deep enough water so it could swim on its own. The shark successfully swam off and the fishermen felt happy that they could help the animal in need.

Showing Their Support

Dakota Pitts is a 5-year-old boy from Indiana whose father, Rob Pitts, fell in the line of duty. The police department wanted to show that he wasn't alone.

On his first day of school, Dakota was greeted by 30 police officers at the entrance to his school and they applauded him as he walked into its doors.  They even gave him his own SWAT jersey and badge. We're sure Dakota knows that his father's "cop" family is looking out for him. 

Grabbing On

This elderly man got himself stuck in wet cement and he can't get out on his own. A kind woman stumbled upon him and decided to lend a helping hand.

She grabbed his hands and pulled him out, covering herself full of cement in the process. But she says it was well worth to help out when it was needed.

Plucked From The Frigid Water

This little puppy was found caught in the water during a flash flood. Patrick Fritz was trying to navigate through the rising water when he spotted the puppy struggling to stay above the surface.

Fritz couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the puppy. He knew he had to do something. He braved the flood and got out of his vehicle, wading through the water to try and catch the puppy. It ended happily when he managed to rescue the puppy from the water and take it to a veterinary hospital to make sure it was alright. Fritz risked his own life to save one that really needed it!