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A Millionaire Pretended To Be Poor And Invited a Girl On a Date. One Year Later Their Lives Changed†

“I just want a simple man who’s honest with me and loves me till this world comes to an end.” Pretty Nguyen used to think. Don’t we all want the same? A loving partner with whom we could live an actual fairytale. One day she’s finally meeting someone who she thought was her destiny. But soon Nguyen would discover that his man was not who he seemed to be… 

The girl was unlucky to meet an absolute liar! But that’s not all. It seemed that this terrible situation could also impact her family members! One day theirs, as well as Nguyen’s life, would change forever…

Nguyen Van is a Vietnamese woman and one good look at her pictures should be enough to tell us that she is gorgeous. In fact, she shouldn’t have faced any trouble in finding a perfect suitor, right? 

Well, that isn’t the case here because Nguyen wasn’t like other people. Her psyche worked in a different way and her requirements from an ideal partner were quite different. When she did find the man of her dreams, he turned out to be anything but that …

While most of us, in this modern-day and age, run after materialistic things, Nguyen was different. Instead of looking for a partner who’s well settled and had a strong financial background, she wanted her husband or boyfriend to be honest and caring. 

But fate works in a mysterious way, on which no one has any control. She had no idea that she would fall in love with a liar. And that the lie would take the couple on a bumpy and terrifying ride!

Even when she was in high school, there was no shortage of suitors for her. Given her good looks and nature, everyone was fond of her and every guy who used to talk to her wanted to make her his girlfriend. Even as a teenager, she used to get a lot of proposals … 

But Nguyen never agreed to get into a relationship with any of them. There was a big and very considerable reason behind her decision of remaining single but what was it?

Nguyen’s family was very hardworking and simple. Her father was an accountant who used to work very hard to keep his family content. Her mother was just an ordinary housewife and she used to make sure that their family stayed as one and remained happy. 

They were a very simple family and had only one mantra – To work hard and lead a simple life. The same values trickled down to Nguyen as well. However, the important question that comes here is – would her partner be able to abide by the same values? Only time could tell!

When Nguyen moved to college, she turned even prettier than she already was. Her college was a good college in the city and hence, all the rich brats used to come there. Just like in high school, many guys went down on their knees to make Nguyen their girlfriend. 

Heck, even rich guys who used to come to the college in Porsches and Ferraris wanted Nguyen to be their girlfriend. But she was built differently as she didn’t even use to acknowledge their existence.

Since childhood, Nguyen used to see her parents working hard to make ends meet but still love each other to the moon and back. She used to admire her parents for their simplicity, honesty and the love that they had for each other. 

She had always seen them smiling around each other and deep in her heart, she wished for the same for herself. But what she was heading towards, was a completely different experience altogether.

One day when she just reached home and was browsing through her social media, a friend request popped up. Although she used to receive a lot of friend requests, the guy’s profile was a bit different and caught her attention. 

He seemed like a nice and simple guy to her but Nguyen had her own set of rules. She had forbidden herself from making any online friends. Was this story over even before it truly began?

Breaking her own ritual of no social interaction with strangers, Nguyen accepted the guy’s friend request and guess what? He decided to text her right after this happened! This is what his text read “Hi Nguyen. I would like to take this moment to let you know that I’ve gone through all your pictures and I cannot get over the fact that how beautiful you are.

 I also noticed that we have similar interests and we even go to the same places. I think we can be good friends.” While he waited for her reply, he was in for a surprise.

Nguyen blushed a little when she first saw the text but she felt a little awkward about it. She was still unsure about this guy so she decided to close the chat window. Days passed by and the poor guy didn’t receive a reply from her until one day, his phone popped up with Nguyen’s text notification. 

She finally replied to him! Their story finally had a beginning but they had no idea that it would be full of twists and turns.

They were so engrossed in each other that months went by. They used to talk day and night. They started handing out each and every detail about their respective lives. The young duo also started supporting each other mentally if the other person was distressed. 

They had a nice beginning and were heading towards an even stronger bond. However, what felt absolutely normal, actually wasn’t.

Nguyen was particularly impressed by that guy’s communication skills. He was smart and knew a lot of stuff about a lot of things. He knew what to say and was quite good at holding conversations. 

Whenever Nguyen needed any advice, she used to text him because he was the best in business! He used to make her laugh with his smart jokes and used to support her in the best manner possible.

They grew very close to each other and that too, without even physically seeing one another. They hadn’t met even on a single occasion! The guy had it enough and decided to ask Nguyen out on a date. Nguyen was already impressed with his simplicity and intelligence so she obviously said YES! 

Both of them could feel butterflies in their stomach because they would be seeing each other in person for the first time! Was it going to be a happy start or a terrible downfall?

Their first date went super well! The guy managed to leave a lasting impression on Nguyen because he made her feel like a princess. And that too, without spending any big money! 

He got her favorite flowers and took her to her favorite ice cream joint in the city. Nguyen knew that he was different from all the other guys she had rejected in her past. But… was he?

They started going on frequent dates after that. But not even on a single occasion did they go on what you would call a ‘lavish or exquisite’ date. Their dates always consisted of either budget eateries or taking long strolls somewhere scenic. 

But Nguyen wasn’t materialistic. What mattered to her is how the guy treated her and made her feel. She soon realized that she was in love. Absolutely and madly in love.

Things weren’t too different at the guy’s end either. He too started falling for Nguyen’s simplicity and the way she looked at things. Even if he didn’t give her expensive gifts or take her to exotic places, she was always smiling when she was with him. One day, the guy decided to take their relationship to the next level and proposed Nguyen! 

At first, she was a little overwhelmed but then she finally said yes to him. What felt like a fairy tale love story, was slowly treading towards a twist that would change their lives forever!

Even after Nguyen said yes to him, the guy kept surprising her on every date they went to. He kept giving her gifts and experiences that were close to her heart but weren’t very expensive. After all, this is exactly what mattered to Nguyen. 

She didn’t want materialistic gifts that had no significance. But so far, the guy still hadn’t revealed what he actually did for a living.

When Nguyen kept asking her what he did for a living, the man finally revealed the truth about his work life. He told Nguyen that he was just a simple worker at a local welding factory and that he earns just enough to make his ends meet. 

He also revealed that he lives in a rented apartment and that most of his salary goes into paying the rent. Nguyen believed every word he said but she was committing a mistake. A huge mistake!

The reason why Nguyen believed him was because of the fact that used to take a public bus every time he used to come to meet her on a date. Not on one occasion did he take her out on an expensive date. 

That is exactly what Nguyen wanted – a simple and caring man. But there was a lot more about the guy that was meeting Nguyen’s eye!

By that time, he had already met Nguyen’s parents so you know, it was pretty serious between them. Her parents too liked the guy and had a feeling that their loving daughter would stay happy with him. 

 The guy too liked Nguyen’s parents for their humbleness and how well they treated him. It felt like everything was going well but there hasn’t been a love story ever without a major twist, right?

Their first meeting went rather well and Nguyen chose just the right moment to break the news to her parents that they had decided to get married. Her parents couldn’t have been happier for the young couple. 

In their eyes, he was the perfect guy for their daughter but was he, really? One should never judge a book by it’s cover!!

During their meeting, the guy left no stones unturned in convincing her parents that he would keep their daughter happy and content. “I might not be that rich but I promise you that your daughter would remain happy with me. 

I will make sure that she gets everything she wants and I would work hard to provide a good life for our children as well.” He said to Nguyen’s parents.

So far, Nguyen’s story had been pretty much like a fairy tale, right? She met a nice guy online. They started talking for hours, went on a few dates and fell in love. Later on, the guy proposed to her and she agreed. Even Nguyen’s parents didn’t object one bit. They too agreed with their marriage. 

Nguyen and her partner had everything ‘perfect’ so far. Only they didn’t know that their relationship was about to take a sudden turn and that too, on their wedding day!

Soon enough, their wedding day arrived and Nguyen couldn’t have been happier. According to herself, she got the perfect guy. A perfect partner that any girl would have been lucky to have. 

Nguyen was dressed in a majestic white wedding gown and she looked like an angel that dropped straight out of heaven. But there was something seriously off that day. Something wasn’t right.

While Nguyen expected the guests from the guy’s side to be simply dressed, it was exactly the opposite! The guy told her that he was just a simple worker but his guests were mostly all local elites. His guest list included local politicians, influencers, business tycoons and celebrities! 

They were all dressed in designer clothes from head to toe. Nguyen couldn’t understand one bit what was happening that day. She was taken a bit aback and that too, on her wedding day!

Just when Nguyen started overthinking about what was happening around her on her own wedding day, one of the guy’s relatives added fuel to the fire. She revealed some information about the guy that didn’t match the description that he had given to her since the beginning of their relationship. 

Nguyen started panicking and her hands started trembling. Who was that guy? What was he hiding and why?

Seeing his bride-to-be in such a screwed-up situation, the guy rushed towards Nguyen who had teary eyes by then. This isn’t how she planned her wedding to go, after all! The guy finally revealed the truth to her, to console her. 

“I am a millionaire and there’s a very valid reason why I lied to you about my work life and my social status.” He explained it to her but what could be the reason behind such a huge lie?

Nguyen was very rational even at that point in time and agreed to listen to the guy’s story. Just like her, he too didn’t want his partner to be materialistic and love him for all the money he had. He wanted to find someone who loves him for what he was and not for his wealth. 

If you think about it, even though the guy lied, he made sense at that moment. Don’t we all want our partners to love us for who we are?

He kept on explaining his situation to her. When he texted her for the first time, he wasn’t looking for love. He just stumbled upon it. He didn’t want to befriend a stranger on social media either but there was something about Nguyen that drew him towards her. 

He convinced and explained a lot to her, hoping to finally bring a smile to her face. But Nguyen was still a bit shocked at the discovery.

Sensing that Nguyen was still kinda mad at him, the guy did something she wouldn’t have imagined. He got down on one knee in front of everyone, held his ears, and apologized to her. 

Everyone who was present there couldn’t believe what they were seeing but they were still intrigued. How would Nguyen react now?

Nguyen started crying at that time but she wasn’t sad anymore. She was smiling at him and hugged him right after he got up. “I forgive you.” She said to him in a hushed tone. 

The guy was overjoyed and lifted Nguyen in his arms as everyone clapped, sensing that the young couple were finally back on the same page. What a major relief!

Their story is a big, big testimony to the fact that true love conquers all. If there was someone else who would have been at Nguyen’s place, she would have even thought of breaking up with the guy. 

But Nguyen knew that the guy she fell in love with, was worth her love and then some more. The guy felt the same for her.

The guy later revealed that he is the manager of a very popular fashion brand in the whole country. He knew many local elites personally and that is the reason why they were all invited to their wedding. 

He also told Nguyen that he was planning to reveal his true identity right after their marriage. Yep, to everyone out there!

Their wedding was quite something! Of course, the guy wanted to make the day memorable for Nguyen and he managed to do so. He freaking invited her favourite band to play at their wedding! 

Moreover, many celebrities marked their presence at their wedding, and Nguyen too, looked like an angel that day. It was a dream come true, only much better!

Currently, Nguyen and her loving husband live in a huge mansion and have two loving kids. Her husband has stayed true to his words and takes utmost care of Nguyen. 

They even travel a lot and now, they are ticking off all the exotic and expensive places this world has to offer. Talk about a fairy tale ending!

Nguyen’s story might remind of you Cindrella’s and it wouldn’t be wrong if we said that it is sort of a modern interpretation of that fairy tale. She got the guy of her dreams and now, she’s living her life like a queen. 

She stayed true to her beliefs and values her whole life and look at how it all paid her off in the end! So, what did you think of this story?


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