A Man Tried to Carjack A Family, But A Little Girl Did This Unbelievable Thing

Biggest Mistake

Brandie Weiler, a mother of two, stopped her car to help an accident victim. But she didn't know it would turn out to be the biggest mistake.

It could easily have become a nightmare for life for this woman.

Car Accident

The supposed nightmare for the Weiler family started on an April morning in 2017. The mother of two girls, twelve-year-old Maddie and seven-year-old Mollie was driving to Busch Gardens, a seasonal theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia.

While driving they witnessed a car accident on the highway. 


Brandie decided to stop the car and help the victims. She got out of the car and checked if anyone needed help.

Maddie and Mollie waited in the family van while their mother checked on the victims and called 911. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a man approached the van.

Car Jack

The car crash was apparently caused by the same man, and he had no good intentions.

He attempted to get into the car, but Brandie's 12-year-old daughter, Maddie, was too quick and shut the door. That, however, was useless.

Calling Dispatch

The man somehow got his hand in through a window and opened the door. Following that, he attempted to drive away - with Brandie's two girls still in the van.

Brandie was on the phone with dispatch, yelling, "Someone help me, this guy is in this car with my kids!"

Trying To Drive Away

The man kept yelling, "I need to get to this place" and "Let's go," but the 12-year-fast old's thinking saved the day. Brandie was still away from the car and completely helpless.

It was then Maddie decided to stand her ground and put up a fight.


Molly, who was seven years old at the time, was terrified and cried, but her older sister, reacted instinctively. 

Maddie was adamant about not letting the man drive the van. Maddie shifted the gear right away, preventing the offender from starting the van and driving away.

Younger Sister Escaped

Maddie then began punching and kicking the man with everything she had. The younger sister, thankfully, managed to flee during the chaos.

But Maddie was still in the car engaged in a fight with the criminal.

Cops Arrived

Maddie kept beating and biting the man. It was impossible for him to start the vehicle. Meanwhile, she screamed at the top of her lungs to attract attention to the car. 

Fortunately, the cops arrived quickly, and thanks to Maddie, the criminal couldn't escape the spot.

Hyped On Adrenaline

The suspect was subdued and taken to jail by the authorities. Maddie, 12, was recognised as a hero by her mother and the police afterwards.

”I was so hyped up on adrenaline, so I wasn’t really scared,” Maddie said. Throughout the ordeal she kept thinking about Mollie and that she couldn't let the man drive the car with them in it.

Horse Girl

Maddie is a horse girl, therefore dealing with the violent man was no problem for her because she normally understands how to control a large, wild horse. 

Maddie sustained a shattered wrist as a result of the fight, but she was grateful to be able to defend her family. She was later quoted saying that she would do it again without hesitation.

The Criminal

Salsman, the carjacking criminal, has been previously charged with three charges of criminal carjacking, felony hit and run, and drugged driving. 

According to police, he attempted to steal two other vehicles before they arrived. It was nothing less than a feat for a 12 old year kid to have overpowered an experienced criminal.

Wonderful Daughters

Brandie was relieved to see her daughters again once the family was reunited. "Bones will heal, but I cannot replace my girls!"

Maddie's parents have clearly done a wonderful job raising their daughters.


“Steve [Maddie’s father] and I have both instilled in them that if someone grabs you, or someone tries to take you, you kick and scream,” Brandie Weiler said. 

“You just don’t think it’s going to happen to you. I knew Madison was tough and I knew she could handle a lot, but I had no idea that she could handle this in the manner that she did.”


Throughout the years, we have witnessed numerous instances of children displaying bravery. 

This story proves that just because you're a youngster doesn't mean you can't fight for what's right, be courageous, and you might be able to save lives.