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A Female Truck Driver Posted About Hauling Lethal Loads – And Her Message Soon Went Viral

Such was the positive impact of Delaney’s posts, in fact, that her rise to online fame was picked up by Canada’s CTV in August 2016. “As far as just interaction on a regular basis, we’ve all pretty much gone to our cellphones,” she told the network. “And so the videos have really helped out a lot, because it gives a little bit more of a personal touch than just a text message or phone call.”

“I have a lot of people who follow me, and I get a lot of private messages that are just, ‘Thank you for being so upbeat,’ ‘Thank you for taking us along the ride with you,’” Delaney explained. And likely as a result of her videos, the trucker already had thousands of followers on Facebook.

Delaney’s post also included a shocking image of a wrecked truck, showing the damage that this cargo can cause when something goes wrong. “This is a coil,” the trucker wrote on Facebook. “It’s considered one of a truck driver’s most lethally dangerous loads.”

From there, Delaney gave some interesting insights into a truck driver’s mindset when hauling such dangerous loads. “We leave a big pocket of space in front, our front end and your loved ones, a lot of coils weigh 45,000+ pounds, and we need a lot to stop,” she added. “These are only held down by chains… and enough stopping inertia can snap those chains.”

“We’re forced to either commit suicide or take out whatever is in front of us that just forced us to slam on our brakes… that would be you,” Delaney continued. “It’s not a comfortable ultimatum, and one we ask you not to ask us to choose. Feel free to share this, and let’s educate our highways.”

Unfortunately, just 11 months earlier in March 2017, an incident had occurred in Rolling Prairie, Indiana, where a truck driver carrying a 50,000-pound metal coil had collided head-on with another vehicle. And while the trucker had swerved his rig in an attempt to avoid a crash, his efforts weren’t successful; tragically, the resulting collision caused the deaths of all three people in the oncoming car.

Meanwhile, Delaney’s post has since earned more than 14,000 shares on Facebook as well as over 2,800 likes from online readers. The overall reaction in the comments section has also been mostly positive, with many people supporting the trucker’s sentiments on the matter of driving with metal coils.

“The trailers should be custom built for hauling coils,” Westra wrote. “Don’t try to rig something up on a flatbed trailer. Build a trailer with a pocket of some sort in the middle to keep the driver and other people safe. Engineer the problem away.”

But while the metal coil debate rumbles on between motorists across the country, Delaney continues to engage with her followers on Facebook. And luckily for her viewers, the trucker hasn’t stopped posting live videos and images from her travels on a regular basis. As a result, then, she is still giving social media users a unique insight into her unusual lifestyle.


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