A Family Thought They Adopted A Rare Dog, But They Ended Up With Something Else Entirely

Adopting a puppy should be one of the most exciting times for a family. This family was ecstatic to be growing their family with a new little puppy, a rare and specific breed that they had done some research about. They were so excited to bring him home and raise him to be their loyal and loving dog. However, their excitement quickly turned to worry and then to fear when they began noticing that the dog was not acting in a manner fitting a canine, as well as beginning to look a little different as well.

Many people adopt dogs without necessarily knowing the exact breed that they are getting as the dog was left in a shelter and it is sometimes hard to tell. In this case, the family wanted a specific breed and went to the adoption location with this specific breed in mind. They certainly did not get what they were after, which they learned the hard way as the dog was growing and growing. This may just be a family's worst nightmare when it comes to the outcome of having a dog join the family. All they wanted was a furry best friend to have so they could love it and it could love them right back. Dogs are some of the most loyal animals around, and this one was supposed to be that way for this family, but it turned out very differently. 

An Innocent Start

Su Yun is a wife and mother of two. She is a hard worker who kept her life busy with all of the elements that a working mom has on her plate. She always felt like she had her plate full with raising her two kids and finding the time to spend with her husband one-on-one. Su Yun and her family live in Kuniming City in the southwest province of China. 

They lead a very normal and quiet life and wanted to add a dog to their family to shake things up and bring new life into their home. 

Life-Changing Trip

As many families do, when they feel like life is getting a little overwhelming, they decided to pack up the kids and go away on a short family vacation. Su Yun booked the family some time off together in the region. They were all very excited to have some much needed time off and quality time as a family. 

As prepared as Su Yun was for this trip, there were always things that come up that one does not expect. However, there was no way for this family to know what they were getting into when they spotted this sweet little animal. 

Meeting the Puppy

Su Yun and her family's vacation had finally arrived after months of planning and anticipation. One day, during a family walk, they came across a few puppies that were being put up for adoption. Su Yun's kids have wanted a dog for a very long time and begging the parents to finally cave in and get one. 

Su Yun usually was the one to turn it down but she saw these puppies and was falling in love with them as much as her kids. This time, Su Yun finally agreed to adopt a pet. It would not be long before Su Yun would learn that she had bitten off much more than she could chew. 


The man giving the dogs away for adoption warned the family that this was a Tibetan Mastiff, a very large breed of dogs that can grow to weigh as much as 180 pounds and reach over two feet in height. The family did not mind the fact that the dog was going to be large and adopted him anyway, naming him "Little Black." 

The name was pretty straightforward as he was a little black ball of fur when they got him. This little fur ball was going to grow up to be much more than this family bargained for, possibly creating some legal trouble for the family. 

Normal Beginning 

Throughout their vacation, the family fell more and more in love withe Little Black. When they returned from their vacation with the dog they sat down as a family to talk about how they were going to raise this little guy. The weather in Kunming City was temperate enough that many dog owners kept their dogs outside in their yards. 

However, Su Yun and her family decided to keep the dog inside their home so he could be right next to them. Little Black quickly assimilated into the family, showing his ever-growing appetite as he ate his meals. However, as the time marched on, the family started noticing some strange things about Little Black. 

Something Strange

Just like the man who gave Little Black away said, he was going to be a big dog. It made sense too since Little Black would always be hungry. Su Yun never had a dog before, so her dog's diet was also kind of strange. He would eat boxes of mixed fruits and two buckets of noodles in a day. 

This is not the normal dog food we all know for our pets. Little Black was able to eat these foods without incident, despite it making other dogs sick. The amount of food that he was eating was growing and growing and getting a bit out of hand. 

Ever-Growing Little Black

Little Black continued to grow, and so did his appetite. The family was happy he had a healthy appetite at first, but by now they were getting a little worried. Su Yun and her family were ready for a big dog, but Little Black was much more than a big dog. 

As Little Black turned two, he weighed in at 250 pounds and three feet in height! while his size was without a doubt shocking, this would be the least of the family concerns as they begin noticing even more peculiarities about their beloved adopted dog. 

Kitchen Incident 

Dogs tend to get into some trouble at home, that is not out of the ordinary. However, despite the size of their dog, the family did not worry too much until one day Su Yun saw something particularly worrying in the kitchen, something that sent warning bells off in her mind. Su Yun walked into the kitchen to see Little Black standing on his hind legs. 

While some dogs do that for moments, Little Black was standing there for a while. It was this sighting that had Su Yun realize that there was something very off about the dog. 

Troublesome Peculiarities 

The kitchen incident was the first of many peculiarities that the family began to notice about Little Black. Many times Su Yun would come into a room and see Little Black standing again. This was making Su Yun very uncomfortable and worried for her and her family's safety. She started to also notice other peculiarities.

Little Black had these huge teeth that grew out of nowhere. The family thought that it was normal. Another feature that he was growing into was a larger and sharper snout. Despite all of these signs, Su Yun was shrugging off her gut instinct to be concerned.   

Too Big 

Su Yun may have been concerned but her kids loved Little Black and were very happy that he was the largest dog in the neighborhood. People around town started to hear stories about the huge dog that the family adopted. Taking Little Black for a walk became a show for everyone outside. 

As Little Black grew, it got to a point where he was just too large to be inside. The family built him a dog house outside that would be his own. Putting him outside did not mean that Su Yun was worry-free by any means, there was still something wrong here. 

Little Black's Strange Extra Behavior

There was one major behavior that Little Black was showing that dogs do not normally show to this extent and that was his temper. Little Black started to act out at the family that adopted him. While no one ever got hurt, the family began getting a little scared of Little Black. 

It was then that Su Yun realized she had never heard Little Black bark - ever. He would growl all the time but it was even deeper than that, almost like a roar. The family was getting more and more fearful of their dog. 

Growing Dog, Growing Fears

As Little Black hit the age of two, he was officially a source of fear for Su Yun. He was living outside in the backyard due to his size but it was also making the family more comfortable that he was not in their direct area. Su Yun had a hard time keeping Little Black on his leash during their walks. 

It was then that she started researching online to see what was wrong with her dog, since this was no ordinary Tibetan Mastiff. However, when she found out what her dog really was, she was even more fearful.  

The Truth About Little Black

Su Yun's research came in very handy when she put in the various oddities that Little Black had - his size, teeth, standing on his hind legs, and temper. She was stunned to learn that what she thought and what her family thought to be a Tibetan Mastiff was not at all what it was. 

Su Yun and her family had, in fact, adopted a black bear! Su Yun could not believe her eyes. She had no idea what to do with this information but she was also incredibly fearful for herself and her family. 

Pet Bear

Su Yun kept her cool and kept researching about black bears. Little Black, it turns out, was not a regular black bear but rather an Asiatic Black Bear, known as a Himalayan Bear or a Tibetan Bear (at least they got the Tibetan part of his breed right). This bear is said to be medium sized of the family, yet even a medium bear can get to 400 pounds and six feet in height.

These bears re known to be plant eaters but have been also known to be aggressive towards humans when they get riled up. Su Yun started researching what her options were as owning a bear was a crime in China, despite them not being aware Little Black was even a bear. 

Calling the Zoo

Su Yun adored Little Black but knew she did not have any choice but to get rid of him. She tried to find a solution as to what to do. She could not give him to another family, she needed to find him a proper home, one that can handle him. Su Yun decided to call the local zoo to see if they had room for him.

The zoo said they needed a birth certificate to even think about taking him in. It was then that Su Yun knew she needed to do something that could jeopardize her and her family but had no choice.  

Calling the Police

Su Yun had no option but to call the local authorities and tell them what her and her family had gotten themselves into unknowingly. A few moments later, the resident wildlife experts and authorities at the Forest Public Security Bureau were at her home to meet Little Black.

Su Yun wa cooperating with everyone fully. She said in an interview that “the more [Little Black] grew, the more like a bear he looked.” She said she was also a little fearful of bears, which is a totally normal response. The police had no idea just how big he was until they saw him for themselves. 

Living with Little Black, the Bear

The police and wildlife officials went to the backyard to see Little Black for themselves. As soon as they walked in they were overwhelmed by his sheer size. They knew immediately that this was no dog. They went on to inspect him and confirmed that he is indeed a bear.

Police then started asking Su Yun about the adoption and where they got Little Black. She told them about the family vacation and how they came upon the man with the box of puppies that evidently were not puppies. Would this be enough to get her off the legal hook?

Moving Little Black 

As the police were questioning Su Yun, the wildlife authorities were looking over Little Black. They checked to see if he was malnourished or hurt in any way. Su Yun was nearby standing with the police answering their questions and worrying about the kind of consequences there would be for owning a bear.

After their initial check, the officials saw that the bear was happy, well-fed and healthy. Now they needed to figure out how to get him to their facility safely. He was tranquilized for the move. However, the question still remained as to Su Yun's consequences. 

Little Black's New Home 

As soon as Little Black was in his new home at the wildlife facility, the authorities confirmed that he was indeed a bear. Su Yun had unknowingly raised an Asiatic Black Bear in her home. As soon as it was confirmed, there was a lot of media attention and there were many who were wondering how the family did not know that they had a bear in their home.

National Geographic even wrote a story about this. What was more surprising were the amount of comments that came from families who adopted animals that ended up being a wholly different animal than they thought. 

Little Black's Aftermath

Su Yun cooperated with the police every step of the way. Despite it being illegal to own a bear in China, the authorities did not charge her and any penalty that was to be given was to be reduced as she was nothing but cooperative and they saw that she had no knowledge of Little Black being a bear when she adopted him.

The family was totally stunned by the whole ordeal. They miss their pet but are also relieved that they are unharmed and out of trouble with the authorities. They can visit Little Black at the reserve whenever they want.